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Opstra Vs Sensibull: Trading Platform Comparison

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Opstra Vs Sensibull: Comparison of Trading Platforms


Options Trading is a complex and dynamic field that requires traders to make informed decisions in real-time. To succeed in this arena, traders need access to cutting-edge trading platforms that offer advanced tools, analytics, and risk management features. Opstra and Sensibull are two popular options trading platforms, each with its unique strengths and capabilities. Here, we compare Opstra and Sensibull to help traders make an informed choice about which platform is best suited for their needs. Check out our Opstra Vs Sensibull comparison article and find out which of these platforms is a better option.

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Opstra Vs Sensibull: Comparison of Trading Platforms

Here is a point-wise comparison of Opstra and Sensibull trading platforms based on various aspects:

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Features

There are quite a few differences:


  • Offers comprehensive analytics, including gamma, delta, and theta.
  • Provides a trade optimization tool to refine trading strategies.
  • Offers advanced automation tools for options trading.
  • Supports options trading for stocks and ETFs.
  • Offers a wide range of tools for options analysis.


  • Provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Offers options chain analysis and implied volatility charts.
  • Has a trade optimization tool for personalized trading strategies.
  • Offers educational resources for traders.
  • Focuses primarily on options trading.

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Opstra Vs Sensibull: Pricing

There are some pricing variations as well.


  • Pro version pricing options: ₹7999 + GST for a 365-day subscription or ₹799 + GST for a 30-day subscription.
  • Brokerage charges cover the subscription fee, making it effectively free.


  • Offers three pricing plans: Free, Lite, and Sensibull Pro.
  • Pricing ranges from Rs. 0 for the Free plan to Rs. 640 per month for the Pro plan.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Risk Management

When it comes to risk management in Opstra and Sensibull, there are some variations to note.


  • Offers real-time alerts and notifications for risk management.
  • Provides risk analysis tools to mitigate potential losses.


  • Offers a range of risk management tools and real-time alerts.
  • Focuses on helping traders proactively reduce risk exposure.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Backtesting

Here are the distinctions:


It provides options backtesting tools for strategy evaluation.


It offers a limited backtesting tool for assessing options trading strategies.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Trading Options

These are the differences:


It supports options trading for stocks and ETFs.


It primarily focuses on options trading in the Indian market.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Charting and Technical Analysis

These are the variances:


It offers a wide range of technical analysis tools and charts.


It focuses more on options trading tools than extensive technical analysis.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Data Dependency

There are some differences to notice.


It depends on external data providers for market data.


It operates seamlessly with Indian brokerages.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Asset Classes

Find out about the differences:


  • Primarily focuses on options trading for stocks and ETFs.
  • Limited asset class coverage.


  • Specializes in options trading in the Indian market.
  • Offers options for various stocks and indices.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Customization

These are the variations:


  • Provides advanced tools for customization of trading strategies.
  • Suitable for traders who prefer personalized approaches.


  • Offers customization options but may not be as extensive as Opstra.
  • Designed to cater to a broader audience.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Education and Resources

There are some differences:


  • Offers a range of options-related educational materials.
  • Suitable for traders looking to enhance their options trading knowledge.


  • Provides educational resources, including articles and webinars.
  • Focuses on supporting traders, including beginners.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Subscription Models

The differences are:


  • Offers a subscription-based model for the pro version.
  • Subscription cost can be offset against brokerage charges.


  • Offers a range of subscription plans, including a free option.
  • Provides flexibility in choosing the plan that suits your needs.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Technical Indicators

Know the differences:


It provides a wide range of technical indicators for in-depth analysis.


Offers some technical indicators but may not be as extensive as Opstra.

Opstra Vs Sensibull: Risk Analytics

  • Opstra: Offers risk analytics tools to evaluate portfolio risk.
  • Sensibull: Provides risk management tools and real-time risk alerts.

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Which one is better: Opstra or Sensibull?

Determining whether Opstra or Sensibull is the better option for your options trading needs requires a close examination of your specific preferences and trading goals. Both platforms have their unique strengths, and the choice ultimately boils down to what aligns best with your requirements.

Opstra, provided by Definedge, stands out for its comprehensive options analysis and trading capabilities. It caters primarily to experienced traders seeking to refine their strategies. Opstra offers advanced features such as in-depth analytics, strategy building and backtesting, real-time data, risk management tools, and educational resources. If you prioritize a robust set of analytical tools and have a penchant for complex options strategies, Opstra might be the preferred choice.

Sensibull, on the other hand, is known for its versatility and user-friendly interface. It is a great option for traders of all levels, particularly those who value simplicity and ease of use. Sensibull offers in-depth analytics, a strategy wizard for simplified strategy execution, risk management tools, and educational content. If you are looking for an accessible platform with a clean interface and want to get started with options trading or prefer straightforward strategies, Sensibull could be the better fit.

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Both Opstra and Sensibull platforms are strong options for traders, but they cater to slightly different needs. Opstra provides extensive analytics and features for advanced options traders but may have a steeper learning curve. Sensibull offers a user-friendly interface and focuses on options trading, making it suitable for a wide range of traders, especially those new to options. Your choice between the two should depend on your trading experience and specific requirements.

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