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Sensibull Review – Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing and More

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Table of Contents

Sensibull Pricing Plans

Sensibull Features

Sensibull Pros

Sensibull Cons

Sensibull Customer Support


Sensibull is a versatile platform for options trading, equipping traders with an array of tools and features to refine their strategies effectively. With its user-friendly interface, in-depth analytics, and robust risk management capabilities, Sensibull serves as an exceptional choice for traders seeking to elevate their options trading performance. Check out our Sensibull review and get an understanding of its features, pros, cons, pricing and more.

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Sensibull Pricing Plans

It presents three pricing options for its options trading platform: Free, Lite, and Sensibull Pro.

  • The Free plan covers essential features such as the stock results and events calendar, option chain, stock data and MF Plus Beta.
  • By upgrading to the Lite Paid plan, users gain access to all Free plan features, as well as additional functionalities like Virtual Trading, Easy Options, Strategies Wizard, FII DII Buy Sell Data, Options Screener, and Positions (Grouping).
  • For the most comprehensive experience, the Pro Paid plan encompasses all the features of the Lite Paid plan and introduces advanced tools like the exclusive USD INR Currency Options (available only on Zerodha, MOFSL, and 5Paisa), Custom Strategy Builder, Multi-Strike OI, Open Interest Analysis, IV Chart, Option Price Calculator, and Technical Signals.

The pricing for the Six Monthly Plan is:

  • Rs. 0 for the Free plan,
  • Rs. 480 per month for the Lite plan, and
  • Rs. 640 per month for the Pro plan.

For the Monthly Plan, it is:

  • Rs. 0 for the Free plan,
  • Rs. 590 per month for the Lite plan, and
  • Rs. 800 per month for the Pro plan.

In general, Sensibull offers a diverse range of pricing options that cater to the requirements of various traders, accommodating both beginners and seasoned traders seeking advanced functionalities.

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Sensibull Features

  • Sensibull’s options chain analysis tool provides traders with the capability to explore options chains related to specific stocks or underlying assets. This valuable tool can be particularly beneficial for traders seeking potential options trades and opportunities.
  • It provides traders with comprehensive statistics concerning their option holdings, encompassing delta, gamma, and theta. This empowers traders to evaluate their portfolio’s performance and identify potential areas of risk or opportunity.
  • It offers a modest options backtesting tool that permits traders to assess their options trading strategies using past data. While the tool may not be as advanced as certain other options trading platforms, it can still prove beneficial for traders seeking to refine their tactics and enhance their overall success.
  • Sensibull offers a diverse range of risk management tools aimed at helping traders effectively handle their risk exposure and mitigate potential losses. If risk levels exceed predefined thresholds, the platform can promptly issue real-time alerts and notifications, empowering traders to proactively reduce their risk exposure.
  • It presents an array of options trading strategies, including straddles, strangles, and iron condors, to empower traders in managing risk and protecting their investment portfolios.
  • It provides an array of instructional services designed to empower traders in enhancing their options trading abilities and expertise. These services encompass articles, tutorials, and webinars, catering to the needs of both seasoned and novice traders, with a particular focus on supporting newcomers venturing into the options market.

Sensibull Pros

There is a wide array of Sensibull advantages.

  • It boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, catering to both beginners and seasoned traders. The platform offers an array of tools and resources, such as options chain analysis, implied volatility charts, and real-time options pricing, enabling traders to make informed decisions about their options transactions.
  • The platform aids traders in gaining a deeper understanding of their options positions and their sensitivity to fluctuations in the underlying asset’s volatility, price, and time decay.
  • By evaluating potential trading scenarios and employing sophisticated algorithms, the program offers recommendations for executing the most favorable trades. Its trade optimization tool empowers traders to experiment with and fine-tune their options trading strategies based on their individual risk tolerance and trading objectives. This valuable tool aids traders in recognizing and leveraging market opportunities while effectively managing risk exposure.

Sensibull Cons

These are some Sensibull disadvantages:

  • While Sensibull offers some basic charting capabilities, its primary emphasis lies in options trading and may not provide the extensive array of technical analysis tools found in other trading platforms. As a result, traders who heavily rely on technical analysis techniques might find its effectiveness somewhat constrained.
  • Sensibull’s backtesting functionality is comparatively limited when compared to other options trading platforms. Traders are restricted to backtest historical data for a maximum of three months, which could prove inadequate for those seeking to evaluate longer-term strategies. Some traders who crave greater flexibility and customization in their trading strategies may find that the platform’s tools and features are somewhat limited and predefined.
  • It operates on a subscription model, requiring traders to pay a monthly or yearly fee to unlock its array of features and capabilities. The platform offers a range of sensible membership plans, presenting an opportunity for traders aiming to minimize their trading expenses.
  • Another aspect to consider is that the Sensibull customer service response times may be slower, which could be frustrating for traders seeking prompt assistance.

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Sensibull Customer Support

Sensibull provides customer support through multiple channels, such as social media and email. You have the option to reach out to the customer support team via either the “Contact Us” page on the Sensibull website or the dedicated “Support” section within the platform. As per feedback from traders, the customer support team is known for their helpfulness and responsiveness.

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Overall, Sensibull serves as an extensive and easy-to-use platform designed for options trading in India. Its diverse array of tools and features, seamless trade execution by partnering with Indian brokerages, and commendable customer support collectively establish it as a favorable option for numerous traders. Nonetheless, it is crucial to thoroughly assess whether Sensibull aligns with your specific requirements and risk tolerance, while also staying mindful of the inherent risks associated with options trading.

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