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Part 1: Angel One Vs Zerodha – Best Demat Account in India 2023?

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Welcome to the Angel one vs Zerodha comparison – part 1. When it comes to investing in the Indian share market, choosing the right broker can make all the difference. Here, we will be comparing two popular brokers, Angel One and Zerodha, to help you make an informed decision. Angel one or zerodha, which is better? Both brokers are registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and offer investment opportunities in Equity, F&O, Currency, and Commodities. While the brokerage of Angel One is capped at a maximum of Rs 20 per trade, Zerodha’s brokerage can vary up to Rs 20. Angel One is a full-service broker, while Zerodha is a discount broker.

Although both brokers have an equal overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, Zerodha has a larger active customer base of 63, 92,902 compared to Angel One’s 42,81,951. In this post where we compare zerodha and angel one, the two brokers have been compared over many attributes, including brokerage plans, customer service, trading platforms, mobile apps, and investment options – to help you choose the best broker for your needs. Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced trader, this comparison will help you make an informed decision. Here we compare angel one and zerodha.

Table of Contents

Zerodha vs Angel One Charges: Trading & Demat Account Opening Charges

When it comes to charges comparison between zerodha and angel broking, Angel One and Zerodha differ in their fee structures. Angel One offers free trading and demat account opening, while Zerodha charges Rs 200 for equity and currency account opening and Rs 300 for equity, currency, and commodity account opening.

Both brokers offer free trading account maintenance charges (AMC). However, there is a difference in their demat account maintenance charges (AMC). Angel One charges Rs 286.3 per annum for demat account maintenance, which is waived for the first year. On the other hand, Zerodha charges Rs 300 per annum for demat account maintenance.

In this demat account brokerage charges comparison, it is worth noting that both Angel One and Zerodha provide DP (Depository Participant) services. If you are looking for a broker with no account opening charges and lower demat account maintenance charges, Angel One might be the better option for you. However, if you are willing to pay a small fee for account opening and maintenance, Zerodha is also a viable option.

Zerodha vs Angelone: Comparing Plan Options

When it comes to plan options, Angel One and Zerodha do not offer multiple plans, and they do not have monthly plans or yearly plans. Instead, both brokers offer only a single plan.

In this demat comparison, this means that there are no tiered plans or subscription-based models available, and the trading fees and charges remain constant for all users. This simplicity can be advantageous for novice investors or traders who prefer straightforward fee structures without any complexities or hidden costs.

In terms of plan types, both brokers offer only a single plan, which is suitable for traders of all levels. As a result, there is no need to choose between plans or worry about choosing the wrong plan type. If you are looking for a broker that offers a simple and straightforward trading plan, both Angel One and Zerodha might be a good choice for you.

Zerodha Vs Angel One: Brokerage Charges Comparison

When it comes to brokerage charges, Angel One and Zerodha have different fee structures. Zerodha charges Rs 20 or 0.03%, whichever is lower, for equity Intraday, F&O, commodity and currency on NSE, BSE, and MCX. Meanwhile, Angel One charges a flat Rs 20 or 0.25%, whichever is lower, for equity Intraday, Futures, Options, currency Futures, currency Options, and commodity trading.

Both brokers have no minimum brokerage charges, and there are no hidden charges. Angel One offers a Prime Plan with no brokerage fees for equity delivery trading, while Zerodha offers zero brokerage for equity delivery trading as well.

Zerodha Vs Angel One Brokerage Charges Comparison

In terms of call and trade charges and auto square off charges, Zerodha charges Rs 50 per executable order, whereas Angel One charges Rs 20 per order.

It is important to note in this demat brokerage charges comparison that while Angel One’s brokerage fees may seem lower, their interest rate on funding is 18% per annum, whereas Zerodha does not provide margin for delivery trades. Overall, going by this comparison demat account charges, the choice between the two brokers will depend on your trading needs and preferences.

Angel One Vs Zerodha: Account Features

Here is how Angel One and Zerodha compare in terms of account features:

Account Type: Zerodha offers a 3-in-1 account which includes trading, demat, and bank account, while Angel One offers only a 2-in-1 account which includes trading and demat account.

  • Algo Trading: Both Angel One and Zerodha offer Algo trading/Automated Trading/Robotic trading/Program Trading for equity.
  • Margin Funding: Angel One offers margin funding, while Zerodha doesn’t offer margin funding for delivery.
  • NRI Trading: Zerodha offers NRI Trading while Angel One doesn’t offer NRI Trading.
  • Charting: Both Angel One and Zerodha offer charting.
  • SMS Alerts: Angel One offers SMS alerts, while Zerodha’s status is not available in the information provided.
  • Online Demo: Both Angel One and Zerodha offer an online demo.
  • Online Portfolio: Both Angel One and Zerodha offer an online portfolio.
  • Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity: Both Angel One and Zerodha offer a combined ledger for equity and commodity.
  • Intraday Square-off Time: Angel One’s Intraday Square-off Time is 3:15 PM while Zerodha’s Intraday Square-off Time is 3:10 PM.
  • Other Features: Angel One offers Trading software terminal: ODIN(Angel) diet while Zerodha’s status is not available in the information provided.

Here, we compared Angel One and Zerodha on 5 different parameters. Interested in knowing which is better zerodha or angel one? Read on for Part 2 of this demat brokerage comparison. Meanwhile, also check out my YouTube video on a comparison between the two demat broker giants:


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