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Is trading on Flattrade a wise decision?

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Yes, if one wants better customer care, back office support, leisure statements, and margin notes, then trading on Flattrade is for you. However, it wouldn’t be for you if you were searching for too specific stocks or you require a super-fast & easy technological interface to trade.

If you are thinking for flattrade is perfect for you, or Flattrade isn’t meant for your cup you might be thinking too soon, because flattrade offers a number of services that might be perfect for your needs while at the same time, the offered services at a flat trade might arose some false hope which will ruin your taste for the platform, that is why you need to discover the trading on Flattrade beforehand.

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Advantages of trading on Flattrade

Trading on Flattrade is free of brokerage, which is just too good for any trader. But don’t misunderstand the services offered by them as “free ki cheez”

Because it gives you back-office support with a dedicated team of a dedicated team for better market prediction, calls, and profit-making trades for the client, along with providing impeccable customer care support to the client with again, no brokerage charges.

Apart from it, the services on trading on Flattrade are one of a kind as it provides margin and daily contract notes and laser statements to clients as well.

With the dedicated market tracker and charts flat rate gives the most accurate information possible. On the market and market trends. Which is useful for? Creating and adjusting the sole traders according. According to their own time,

 It provides free account opening and annual maintenance charges

Disadvantages of trading on Flattrade

1. Trading on Flattrade doesn’t offer a variety of investment options for traders compared to its competitor in the market.

2. While it provides the various charts and data accurately. The interface of a flat trade is quite lacking whether it is a website or a mobile application.

3. The options on flat trade of trading are petty. And most often than not, the options for investment and trading are so limited that traders’ desirable stocks aren’t mentioned.

For getting a better hold of the advantages and disadvantages of flat trade in front of other broking platforms. I would suggest to watch the video.

How to register complaints while trading on Flattrade?

While the complainants on flat trade can be registered through the mobile app or through customer care, you can also register your complaint on the official website.

Flattrade dedicates the entire website just to address grievances faced by its clients, towards the application and platform, i.e. ftc@ftconline.in, and for DP related to dp@ftconline.in

Is the flat trade mobile app good?

When it comes to flat trade, the mobile application is their best forte it as it offers much easier navigation and an engaging interface than their websites. However, there are some grievances that arise with the name of flat trade continuously, which include-

  • Frequent laggs and shutdowns, despite having good connectivity.
  • Improper chart disk display.
  • High login time.

Overall, the ratings of the mobile app are mixed, and that is showcased on the Google Play Store rating of the flat rate mobile app. That is 3.9, which is not very lucrative.

Nevertheless, apart from flattrade, there are plenty of prestigious and trustable online brokers to trade on, discover them AngelOneUpstoxZerodhaPaytm money, and Groww.

If you are having similar doubts about Angel One – Heres’s an article to read about it – Is Angel One Good for Intraday Trade in 2023?

Is trading on Flattrade a wise decision?

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