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Opstra Trading Platform Review – Features, Pros, Cons and More

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Table of Contents

Opstra Trading Platform Features

Opstra Trading Platform Charges

Opstra Trading Platform Pros

Opstra Trading Platform Cons


Are you looking for a complete Opstra trading platform review? Opstra, the renowned platform provided by Definedge, is highly favored for its options analysis and trading capabilities. For experienced traders seeking to refine their options trading strategies, Opstra presents an all-encompassing solution with a diverse array of features, catering to their specific needs and optimizing their overall trading proficiency. Go through our Opstra trading platform review and know all about its features, pros, cons and more.

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Opstra Trading Platform Features

Opstra provides a complimentary basic version for users. Alongside the free option, Opstra trading platform also offers a premium version with expanded functionality.

The pro version encompasses all the features present in the free version while introducing various additional capabilities, such as:

  • Strategy charts: The Opstra trading platform provides visually informative charts that display various trading strategies and their potential outcomes.
  • Volatility skew: Opstra offers tools to analyze and visualize the differences in implied volatility levels across various option strike prices.
  • Futures intra-day: Opstra enables real-time monitoring and analysis of intraday movements and trends in futures contracts.
  • Options backtesting: Traders can test their options trading strategies against historical market data to assess their performance using Opstra’s backtesting feature.
  • Options algorithm: Th Opstra trading platform utilizes advanced algorithms to assist traders in identifying potential options trading opportunities based on market conditions and user preferences.
  • Intraday IV charts: Opstra provides intraday charts that illustrate changes in implied volatility throughout the trading day.
  • Options simulator: The platform offers a simulated environment where users can practice and refine their options trading strategies without risking real money.
  • Volatility surface: Opstra presents a comprehensive view of implied volatility values across different maturities and strike prices, helping traders identify patterns and opportunities.
  • Open interest charts: Traders can analyze the open interest data for various options contracts using Opstra’s interactive charts.
  • PCR (Put-Call Ratio): The Opstra trading platform includes a Put-Call Ratio indicator, which helps traders gauge market sentiment by comparing the volume of put options to call options.
  • Straddles: Traders can explore straddle options strategies, which involve simultaneous buying of both put and call options with the same strike price and expiration date, using Opstra’s tools.
  • Historical TOI (Total Open Interest): Opstra allows users to review historical total open interest data for options contracts.
  • Put-call OI dynamics: Opstra helps traders analyze and understand the dynamics between put and call options’ open interest.
  • Total open interest: Opstra displays the total number of outstanding options contracts in the market, providing insights into overall market sentiment.
  • Options activity: Traders can track and analyze the overall activity in the options market, including volume, open interest, and price movements, using Opstra’s features.

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Opstra Trading Platform Charges

Opstra’s pro version comes with a unique benefit – your brokerage charges cover the entire subscription fee, making it effectively free to use.

The subscription cost will be credited to your Definedge Securities wallet and can be easily applied towards your brokerage charges.

To gain access to the Opstra trading platform, users are required to establish a Demat account with Definedge Securities and then log in to the platform, enabling them to trade seamlessly using the Opstra trading terminal.

For those interested in the Opstra pro plan, the pricing options are as follows:

  • ₹ 7999 + GST for a 365-day subscription or
  • ₹ 799 + GST for a 30-day subscription.

Opstra Trading Platform Pros

The Opstra trading platform benefits include:

In-depth analytics

The Opstra trading platform provides comprehensive analytics regarding portfolio performance, encompassing gamma, delta, and theta. Through this, traders can evaluate their options positions and pinpoint potential areas of risk and opportunity.

Armed with a deeper understanding of their portfolio, traders can make more informed choices when it comes to selecting options trading strategies.

Optimization of trades

Traders can leverage Opstra’s trade optimization tool to refine and enhance their options trading strategies based on their individual risk preferences and trading objectives. Employing sophisticated algorithms, the platform evaluates potential trading scenarios and provides recommendations for executing optimal trades.

By harnessing this tool, trading experts can execute transactions with maximum precision and effectiveness.

Management of risks

The Opstra trading platform offers a range of risk management tools to support traders in minimizing potential losses and effectively managing their risk exposure. The platform’s real-time alerts and notifications are invaluable for traders, enabling them to take proactive measures to mitigate risk as soon as specific risk criteria are breached.

This feature becomes particularly advantageous during volatile market conditions, where swift decision-making is crucial.


Opstra’s options backtesting tool enables traders to assess the effectiveness of their options trading strategies by analyzing past data. This tool proves invaluable for traders seeking to refine their tactics and enhance overall performance.


Opstra equips traders with advanced automation tools, empowering them to effortlessly implement their options trading strategies. This streamlined approach not only enhances efficiency and speed but also ensures more successful and timely execution of trades.

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Opstra Trading Platform Cons

The Opstra trading platform disadvantages include:

  • Learning curve: Opstra comes with intricacies that may require a certain level of expertise to wield effectively. Novices and traders unacquainted with options trading might perceive the platform as daunting.
  • Costly: Opstra is a premium platform with a cost that might be prohibitive for certain traders, especially beginners. Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize that the price could be warranted for seasoned traders seeking to enhance their trading strategies and boost their overall success.
  • Limited trading options: Currently, Opstra trading platform exclusively supports options trading for stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As a result, traders interested in trading options on other asset classes like commodities or currencies will need to utilize alternative platforms.
  • Dependency: Opstra’s dependency on external data providers for market data introduces a potential vulnerability, as any disruption or downtime on the data source could become a critical weak point.
  • Minimal customer support: Opstra’s customer service is quite limited, which can pose challenges for traders seeking necessary assistance during platform issues.

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All in all, Opstra stands as a robust platform meticulously designed to furnish traders with a comprehensive set of analytics and automation tools, empowering them to make astute decisions and elevate their trading performance in the realm of options. Users can conveniently engage in futures and options trading across equity, currency, and commodities segments, benefiting from up-to-the-minute price updates for their positions. The Opstra trading platform stands out with its distinctive array of features tailored for crafting and evaluating options strategies, establishing itself as an indispensable instrument for traders.

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