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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Hedge Investment

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Hedged is an innovative Inves Tech platform that offers a comprehensive range of research advisory services, both free and paid, for both long and short-term investment strategies.

What sets Hedged apart is its utilization of trained algorithms that combine machine learning with human expertise to curate actionable investment ideas. Hedged has more than 100k downloads in play store and reviews are not disclosed.


  • Algorithmic Hedged Options Trades:

Get free algorithmic options trades every day of the year that are designed to maximize your investing prospects.

  • Live Funds:

Discover India’s first micro-sized investment fund with built-in hedges, which offers a novel approach to investment management.

  • Hedgeometer (Nifty Crash Meter):

Discover breakthrough technology that warns you about future market crashes, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Hedged TV:

Hedged TV allows you to easily navigate the multitude of financial content available on channels such as YouTube. Hedged TV provides a dedicated location for trading and investment knowledge, making educated decisions easier.

More About Hedged

Topic Details
HedgedTM HedgedTM is an Algorithm and A.I-based research advisory platform designed for the retail population in India. It aims to solve common barriers to stock market participation such as lack of knowledge, time constraints, and risk aversion.
Who is Hedged for? Hedged is for traders looking to improve their results, investors seeking better returns, and beginners eager to start but unsure how.
Pricing on the app Services under the free section are completely free. Paid subscriptions offer advanced features, learning resources, and premium trades.
Hedged Prime Subscription Includes low-risk Bank Nifty trades, access to trade logic, and premium Live Funds.
Crown Subscription Offers professional-grade trading ideas from industry experts, unique algorithms, and safer trading strategies.
Sign-up Process Download the app, register with basic information, and start trading within 60 seconds.
Capital Requirement Minimum capital for equity trades is Rs 1000, and for Hedged Options trades, it’s Rs 20,000.
Hedged TV An OTT platform dedicated to trading and investing, providing educational content.
Customer Care
Tracking Trades Free users need to track trades for notifications; premium users (Prime/Crown) receive automatic notifications.
Placing Orders Direct order placement from the app is a feature in development.
Subscription Process Subscriptions (Prime/Crown) can be purchased within the app using various payment methods.
Refund Policy No refunds are available once a subscription to Hedged Prime or Hedged Crown is made.

Pros of Hedged:

  • Free daily algorithmic options trades can maximize investing prospects.
  • India’s first micro-sized investment fund with built-in hedges offers a unique investment approach.
  • Alerts users about potential market crashes, helping them stay ahead of market trends.
  • A dedicated platform for trading and investment knowledge, simplifying informed decision-making.
  • Easy sign-up process and intuitive interface cater to traders, investors, and beginners.
  • Offers step-by-step guidance, educational content, and detailed research reports.
  • Free services with options for advanced features through paid subscriptions.
  • Provides a mechanism for resolving investor complaints and ensuring transparency.

Cons of Hedged:

  • Direct order placement from the app is still in development.
  • Users may encounter technical issues or slow performance, impacting the user experience.
  • No refunds are available once a subscription to Hedged Prime or Hedged Crown is made.
  • Users need to monitor updates, especially regarding stop loss hits, for timely actions.
  • Investing involves market risks, and users should exercise caution and do thorough research.
  • Concerns about data privacy and security may arise, especially regarding personal and financial information.
  • Some users may face challenges with payment processing or delays in loan disbursements.
  • The responsiveness of customer support may vary, affecting query resolution experiences.
  • The platform reviews are not mentioned in google play store.

Potential Risks

  • Market Risks:

Investing in the stock market involves inherent risks such as market volatility, unexpected downturns, and potential losses. Users should be prepared for fluctuations in their investments and understand the risk associated with trading.

  • Data Security Concerns:

There may be concerns about data privacy and security, especially regarding the storage and protection of personal and financial information shared on the app. Users should ensure that they are comfortable with the app’s data handling practices.

  • Payment Processing Challenges:

Some users may experience difficulties with payment processing, such as delays in transactions or challenges in payment methods, which can impact their ability to access premium features or services.

  • Limited Order Placement Features:

Direct order placement from the app is still in development, which means users may have limited options or functionalities related to placing orders directly within the app.

  • Responsiveness of Customer Support:

The responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support may vary, impacting the resolution of queries, technical issues, or complaints raised by users.

  • Lack of Platform Reviews:

The absence of platform reviews on popular app stores like Google Play Store makes it challenging for users to gauge the overall user satisfaction, reliability, and performance of the Hedged app based on user feedback and ratings.


Hedged, an InvesTech platform by Octanom Tech, offers a range of research advisory services leveraging trained algorithms and human expertise. Its strengths include free algorithmic options trades, innovative micro-sized Live Funds with built-in hedges, and a market crash warning system (Hedgeometer). The platform caters to traders, investors, and beginners, providing educational content through Hedged TV and a user-friendly interface. However, potential risks include market volatility, data security concerns, payment processing challenges, limited order placement features, varying customer support responsiveness, and a lack of platform reviews for user feedback. Users should weigh these factors when considering the use of the Hedged app for their investment needs.

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