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The Ultimate Guide to Loans with MoneyFy App

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Moneyfy by Tata Capital revolutionizes mutual fund and SIP investing with its user-friendly interface and secure data management, making financial management simpler and more proactive. Whether you’re considering a one-time investment or a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Moneyfy offers a hassle-free, 100% digital platform. To encourage first-time mutual fund customers, investments can start with an amount which is as low as Rs 100. Moneyfy offers various types of loans such as personal loan car loan, business loan, property loan and more. For customers who are more regular investors, starting a new SIP or selecting a health insurance is simple, fast and hassle free. The app enables you to begin investing in a wide range of top-rated mutual funds and SIPs based on your risk tolerance and financial objectives. Moneyfy is registered by SEBI. This platform has 4.1/5 rating by 13.4k reviews along with more than 5 million downloads.

Moneyfy enables both new and experienced investors to maximize returns and achieve long-term financial goals by providing resources such as SIP calculators, goal-based investing strategies, and expert assistance. Furthermore, the app allows for smooth control of other financial components such as loans, credit cards, fixed deposits, and more, all in one spot. Moneyfy’s partnerships with prominent NBFCs and AMCs provide access to a diverse choice of financial products, as well as responsive customer service for any investment inquiries. Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group unveiled an exclusive digital wealth management offering – Moneyfy by Tata Capital. This smart and simple Do- it- Yourself App provides an array of wealth management services such carrying out investments, assist to financial goals, buying insurance and loans. The Moneyfy application, designed for digitally savvy users, simplifies money management and goal planning. Based on each customer’s chosen parameters and goals, the App’s smart algorithm creates financial plans tailored to his or her investment style. Customers can also establish their own goals, such as purchasing a new home, saving for a new automobile, or arranging a vacation abroad, and the app will help them find appropriate investment possibilities. Start a systematic investment plan with as little as Rs. 500, and reap the benefits of the mutual fund economy indirectly. You can invest in all types of mutual funds and SIPs, such as:

  • Equity funds
  • Hybrid funds
  • Debt funds
  • ELSS mutual funds

AMC partners:

  • Tata Mutual fund
  • ICICI Prudential Mutual fund
  • Quant Mutual fund
  • HDFC Mutual fund
  • Axis mutual fund
  • PPFAS Mutual fund
  • Mirae Mutual fund
  • SBI mutual fund
  • Kotak Mutual fund
  • Motilal Oswal Mutual fund


Moneyfy offers quick access to the most often used financial products, including:

  • Mutual funds:

Customers can invest in a broad suite of well-researched plans tailored to each individual’s unique financial goals.

  • Insurance Plans:

The app provides a variety of protection plans to cover all types of risks, including vehicle insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and more.

  • Tata Capital Loan Offerings:

A loan for any purpose is accessible, including personal loans, two-wheeler loans, home loans, and others.

Moneyfy’s innovative features enable customers to sign up in minutes. Furthermore, the software customizes financial plans and allows consumers to design their own portfolios based on their own needs. The App’s unique ‘My watchlist’ function enables consumers to track their portfolio in real time. To encourage first-time mutual fund customers, investments can start at Rs 100. Starting a new SIP or purchasing health insurance is easy, quick, and hassle-free for regular investors.

Key Features of the Tata Capital MoneyFy App

  • Users can easily track the performance of their mutual fund investments in real time.
    The app provides a wide range of mutual fund strategies to suit individual financial needs and risk profiles.
  • Investors can explore and view thorough information about each fund, allowing them to make more informed investing decisions.
  • The Tata Capital MoneyFy app includes an easy-to-use SIP calculator that allows users to see how their money will grow gradually over time.
  • Users can stay informed about NFO.
  • Individuals may manage their investments, including insurance, loans, and SIPs, in one spot.
  • The platform offers 24/7 customer support for a smooth user experience.

Pros of Moneyfy

  • Users appreciate the app’s intuitive design and easy navigation.
  • Moneyfy offers a range of features for budgeting, tracking expenses, managing investments, and applying for loans, making it a one-stop solution for financial needs.
  • Users mention receiving real-time updates on market trends, which can be beneficial for investment decisions.
  • The app provides customer support via email and phone, although some users have reported mixed experiences with the support team.

Cons of Moneyfy

  • Several users have reported encountering technical issues such as slow performance, bugs, and crashes, especially after app updates.
  • Some users have faced challenges with payment processing, loan disbursement delays, and issues with loan applications.
  • A few users have expressed concerns about data privacy and the security of their personal information stored in the app.
  • While the app offers customer support, some users have mentioned dissatisfaction with the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support team in resolving issues.

Benefits of Tata Capital’s MoneyFy App

The Tata Capital MoneyFy App enables people to take charge of their financial destiny by providing a variety of materials and tools to assist them make informed investing decisions. The app caters to each user’s specific financial aspirations and risk tolerance by offering a hand-picked selection of mutual fund schemes as well as professional coaching, ensuring that their investing plans fit with their objectives. Tata Capital provides simple investing processes through its platform, allowing individuals to begin their investment journey with simplicity. The app is more than simply a transactional tool; it also serves as an instructional platform, providing users with the knowledge and insights they need to make the most of their investments. And the best part? Tata Capital Moneyfy prioritizes user happiness with 24-hour customer assistance that responds to any queries or problems swiftly. The Tata Capital MoneyFy App is available for download on Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide spectrum of consumers. Users are already praising the app for its user-friendly design, ease, and added value to their investment journeys.

Corporate Fixed Deposits
An investment solution for you that combines the protection of a Fixed Deposit with better returns than a traditional Bank FD. Guaranteed refunds without hassle!

Benefits Details
Higher and Fixed Returns Provides consistent returns
Minimum Deposit Starts at just ₹25,000
Flexible Tenure Options of 1 to 5 years
Senior Citizen Benefit Extra 0.25% interest for seniors

Personal Loan
A personal loan is an unsecured loan that allows you to cover your short-term financial demands. Apply for an unsecured personal loan ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lakh with our trustworthy partners.

  • A fully digital process
  • Instant disbursement
  • Online Verification.

Now meet all your personal wants promptly with loans supplied by Moneyfy.

Home Loans
A home loan is simply a quantity of money obtained from a financial organization to buy a house. Moneyfy’s Home loans, available through our trusted partners, will help you realize your dream of owning a property.We also provide Loan against Property and Hybrid Loans for Plot and Property Construction.

Credit loan

Credit cards provide a convenient way to pay for bills, may be used for both offline and online purchases, and make spending more rewarding. Swipe the card now and pay your bill later!

Used Car Loan
Used car loans allow you to purchase a used car at a reasonable payment rate. You can also enjoy flexible repayment terms and financing up to 100% of the car’s value. A used car will cost less than a new car, lowering the cost of insurance.

Business Loan
A business loan is a loan that is expressly designed for commercial objectives, such as raising working capital, growing the business, or purchasing new machinery. Apply for an unsecured business loan.

  • A fully digital process
  • Instant disbursement
  • Online verification with minimal documents from our authorized partners.

Now, you can meet all of your personal demands right away with loans from Moneyfy.

Loan Against Property
A loan against property is one in which you use your commercial or residential property as security. The loan is offered as a proportion of the property’s market value. Banks generally lend between 50% and 60% of the property’s worth.

Loan against Securities
Loan against Securities (LAS) is a secured loan against equity shares, mutual funds, or bond/debt securities for instant liquidity. The acceptable loan amount is determined by the value of the securities you pledge to Tata Capital, which can range from 50% to 70% depending on the type of collateral. This is an overdraft facility for meeting your cash needs on the fly. For your convenience, the application process is completely digital and seamless.

Potential Risks

  • Technical Issues:

Users have reported encountering technical issues such as slow performance, bugs, crashes, and glitches, especially after app updates. These issues can lead to frustration and impact the user experience negatively.

  • Payment Processing Problems:

Some users have faced challenges with payment processing, including delays in loan disbursements and issues with loan applications. This can cause inconvenience and affect users’ financial transactions.

  • Data Privacy and Security Concerns:

A few users have expressed concerns about data privacy and the security of their personal information stored in the app. Any breaches in data security can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive financial information.

  • Market Volatility:

Investing in mutual funds and SIPs involves market risks, including volatility and fluctuations in fund performance. Users should be aware of these risks and consider their risk tolerance before making investment decisions through the app.

  • Loan Repayment Risks:

Taking loans through the Moneyfy app comes with the risk of repayment, including interest rates, penalties for late payments, and potential impact on credit scores if payments are missed or delayed.


Moneyfy by Tata Capital presents a comprehensive and user-friendly digital solution for managing a wide range of financial services, including mutual fund and SIP investments, various insurance plans, and an assortment of loan products tailored to individual needs. With its focus on simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility, Moneyfy democratizes financial management and investing, offering tools and features that cater to both novice and seasoned investors. Moneyfy’s innovative approach, from a low investment threshold to a personalized financial planning algorithm, combined with the convenience of managing investments, insurance, and loans in one integrated space, positions it as a key facilitator in the journey to financial independence and security. While the app offers significant benefits such as low investment thresholds, diverse investment options, and responsive customer support, it also comes with potential risks such as technical issues, payment processing challenges, data privacy concerns, market volatility, and loan repayment risks. Despite these risks, Moneyfy’s emphasis on simplicity, accessibility, and tailored financial planning positions it as a valuable tool for individuals looking to take control of their financial future, provided users are vigilant and conduct thorough research before making financial decisions through the platform.

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