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Dominate the Market with Fisdom-Stocks, Demat & IPOs Strategies Revealed!

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Fisdom is a comprehensive digital wealth management platform designed to empower Indian investors of all levels. With a diverse product universe covering NSE and BSE listed stocks, derivatives, IPOs, ETFs, SGBs, and more, Fisdom offers a one-stop solution for investment and trading needs. What differentiates Fisdom is its cost-competitive structure, which includes the industry’s lowest brokerage, no account opening fees, and digital KYC powered by DigiLocker for a hassle-free experience. Fisdom’s mobile app, web app, desktop terminal, and call-n-trade option provide investors with market access at any time and from any location. With investors’ increased interest in various stock market investment products, it decided to step up its game in 2021, offering consumers the ability to participate in stocks and F&O, IPOs, Mutual funds, ETF, non-convertible bonds, and gold bonds.

About Fisdom

Details Information
Founded in 2015
Number of active customers 91,999
Backed by Naspers
Partnered with 9 Indian banks in addition to 8 digital platforms
Functional from 120+ Indian cities
Trading segments Mutual funds, Equity, Gold Bonds, Commodity, Currency, Future & Options, IPOs
Registered on NSE, BSE, and CDSL
Active complaint percentage Zero

Founder of Fisdom

Subramanya S V is the Co-founder and CEO of Fisdom, a prominent figure in the financial technology sector known for his vision to democratize investing and wealth management in India. With a background in engineering and a passion for finance, Subramanya has played a pivotal role in shaping Fisdom into a leading digital wealth management platform. His mission from the outset has been to make investing simple, accessible, and trustworthy for all, reflecting in Fisdom’s user-centric approach and innovative solutions. Under his leadership, Fisdom has garnered recognition for its commitment to transparency, customer empowerment, and technological excellence. Subramanya’s strategic insights and entrepreneurial acumen have propelled Fisdom to become a trusted partner for millions of investors seeking financial independence and growth.


Fisdom offers three different brokerage plans:

  • Fisdom DIY
  • Fisdom Classic
  • Unlimited trading plan.

Fisdom DIY brokerage plan is a discount brokerage plan, while Fisdom Classic is a traditional one. The Fisdom DIY plan will charge the customer a maximum of Rs 20/order. In the Fisdom Classic plan, brokerage charges will be percent based. In a subscription-based plan, the brokerage is fixed for a specific period, and clients can trade unlimited trading.

Broker Type Discount Broker
Active Clients 68,000+
Account Opening Charges Free (Limited period Offer)
AMC Rs.299 per Year + GST
Delivery Charges Rs.20 per Trade
Intraday Charges Rs.20 per Trade

Brokerage Charges

Trading Segment Brokerage
Equity delivery Rs 20 per trade
Equity Intraday Rs 20 per trade
Equity futures Rs 20 per trade
Equity options Rs 20 per trade
Currency futures Rs 20 per trade
Currency options Rs 20 per trade

Fisdom Subscription Plan

Although like any other stockbroker, Fisdom charges flat fees of ₹20 per trade. But, the broker comes up with subscription plans where you can gain the leverage of zero brokerage crosswise segments.

Subscription Plan Validity Brokerage
Rs 2499 60 days Zero charges crosswise segments
Rs 5999 180 days
Rs 9999 365 days

Other Fisdom Charges.

Aside from the charges listed above, there are other additional charges.

  • Rs 20 per executed order for Call and Trade support.
  • Fee of Rs 50 per order for RSM auto square off
  • Payment gateway charges are Rs 9 + GST each transaction.
  • When selling shares from your Demat holdings, you will be charged Rs.15 in transaction fees.
  • The Fisdom Classic brokerage plan does not include call and trade, RMS auto square off, or payment gateway expenses.

Mobile App Rating

The mobile app is available both on the Google play store and the App Store for users to download. It has a 4.4 rating with more than 10 lakhs on the Play store and 4.6 ratings on the app store. The app gives you multiple features such as

  • Risk analyzer
  • Save
  • Tax Calculator
  • Financial Health check
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Market screener
  • Watchlist

All of these elements make your overall trading experience easier and more rewarding. These tools can help you make better trading decisions and increase your profits. Despite the fact that the app’s poor pace and insufficient charts and indicators may prove to be an issue and might ruin an otherwise enjoyable trading experience. It allows investors and traders to invest in a wide range of options from a one location.

Other Products by Fisdom Mutual Funds

  • Mutual funds

Fisdom mutual funds allow you to start a SIP with as small as Rs 500 each month. The minimum amount for lumpsum investment is Rs 1000. Fisdom allows you to invest in both constant mutual fund schemes and new fund offers (NFOs). In addition, you can pause and cancel the SIP at any time.

  • Pension Funds

You can invest in the NPS (National pension system) through Fisdom. You can make the contribution in any mode – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. Also, you can increase or decrease the contribution amount in the subsequent years.

Why should you open a Fisdom Account?

  • To begin, the platform allows you to jumpstart your trip with Fisdom’s tempting offer of no-account opening fees.
  • The second reason to trade with Fisdom is its user-friendly apps for many online and desktop terminals. They provide you the freedom to choose your trade course.
  • Furthermore, Fisdom understands the balance, therefore they charge only Rs. 20 per deal for delivery and intraday. Not too low, not too high; just right.
  • Margin funding and pledge options allow you to maximize your trading potential.
  • You can easily navigate the global market and swap currencies.
  • Finally, rely on Fisdom’s excellent customer service.

Fisdom Demat account Opening

  • To open a Demat account, complete the form in the section below with your information.
  • After receiving your information, the broker representatives will contact you to clarify the procedure.
  • Submit all required documentation.
  • Once your verification is complete, you will be contacted and given your login information.
  • After that, you’ll be ready to delve into the stock market. Fisdom’s app makes it as simple as pie, providing convenience to your fingertips.

Pros of Fisdom

  • Multiple brokerage plans tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Unlimited brokerage plans are available.
  • Open a free demat and trading account.
  • Free AMC costs for the first year.
  • Opening an account without any hassle
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • Highly rated mobile app.
  • Reduced number of complaints.

Cons of Fisdom

  • The commodity segment is not available for trading
  • Call and trade charges of Rs 20 per executed order
  • RMS auto square-off charges of Rs 50 per order
  • New in the industry compare to other stock brokers

Potential risks

  • Poor Customer Service:

Several users have reported dissatisfaction with Fisdom’s customer service, citing issues such as unresponsiveness, lack of proper resolutions, and long waiting times for support.

  • Technical Issues:

Users have encountered technical issues with the app, such as bugs leading to app crashes, errors during KYC processes, and difficulties in updating account details like IFSC codes.

  • Limited Support Hours:

Some users have mentioned that Fisdom’s customer support hours are not adequate, making it challenging to get assistance promptly, especially during urgent situations.

  • Delayed Account Activation:

Instances of delayed account activations have been reported, leading to frustrations among users who are unable to access essential features like trading and portfolio management.

  • Lack of Transparency:

There are complaints regarding the lack of transparency in communication and processes, including delayed updates on portfolio changes and insufficient information on account-related issues.

  • Functionality Issues:

Users have highlighted functionality issues within the app, such as difficulty in canceling SIPs, challenges in modifying account details, and limitations in managing investments independently.

  • Inconsistencies in Service Quality:

While some users have praised certain aspects of the app, such as its user interface and investment options, others have expressed disappointment with the overall service quality, including misleading information and inadequate support for critical functions like instant redemptions.

  • Limited Product Offerings:

Fisdom’s app may have limitations in terms of product offerings, such as the absence of the commodity segment for trading, which may not meet the diverse investment needs of all users.

Fisdom Customer Care

Even though Fisdom has an active complaint percentage of zero at the moment, it is important for a stockbroker to have a competent customer service team that can resolve whatever issue a customer faces while using its services. The broker often resolves the problems of customers in two ways.

Contact Method Details
Phone call +91 96425 96425 (9 AM – 5:30 PM)

For phone call service, you need to call Fisom on their given number from Monday to Friday and between 9 AM and 5:30 PM to get a reply. You can also place a trade order by calling this same number. Your trade order will be updated in your online account. For the email service, you can mail to them anytime and the chosen team will revert to you as soon as possible.


In conclusion, Fisdom presents a comprehensive digital wealth management platform with a range of advantages such as multiple brokerage plans, user-friendly apps, competitive pricing, and a focus on customer service. The platform’s offerings, including stock trading, mutual funds, pension funds, and user-friendly account opening procedures, make it appealing for investors of varying experience levels. However, there are notable risks and disadvantages to consider. Issues such as poor customer service, technical glitches, limited support hours, delayed account activations, lack of transparency, functionality issues, inconsistencies in service quality, and limited product offerings could impact the overall user experience negatively. Despite these challenges, Fisdom’s strengths, including its cost-effective structure, diverse investment options, and commitment to transparency, position it as a viable option for investors seeking a simplified and accessible investment experience. It’s essential for users to weigh the pros and cons carefully and consider their individual investment goals and preferences before choosing Fisdom as their wealth management platform.

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