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Angel One Mutual Fund Review

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Table of Contents

Angel One Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Investment Process

Angel One Mutual Fund Features

Angel Bee Mutual Fund SIP

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Online Charges

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Advantages and Disadvantages

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Customer Care


Angel One introduces Angel Bee, an online platform designed specifically for investors seeking mutual fund opportunities. With Angel Bee, you can effortlessly invest in a mutual fund of your preference and begin your investment journey within minutes. The platform provides a diverse range of mutual fund categories to cater to the unique investment requirements of our clients. All the available plans on the Mutual Fund platform of Angel Bee are regular schemes.

You have the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of mutual fund schemes across different categories, including debt, growth, tax-saving options, and ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme), to build a well-rounded mutual fund investment portfolio.

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Angel One Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Angel One acts as a distributor for mutual fund schemes from various fund houses. Unlike traditional brokers, no trading account is needed for mutual fund investment. Angel Bee MF provides a free, paperless, and instant account opening process.

With KYC verification, you can start investing within 60 seconds, without any minimum balance requirement.

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Angel Bee Mutual Fund Investment Process

To invest in mutual funds through Angel One, you can utilize the dedicated Angel Bee Mutual Fund platform, which is a mobile app designed specifically for online investment in mutual fund schemes.

To invest in Angel Bee, follow these steps:

  1. Complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
  2. Visit the official website of Angel Bee.
  3. Click on the “Invest Now” tab located in the main menu.
  4. Choose the desired scheme and provide your mobile number and email address.
  5. Enter your PAN card and bank details.
  6. Select the payment method from options such as net banking or debit card.
  7. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  8. Click on “Transfer funds” to complete the investment process.

Angel One Mutual Fund Features

The platform of Angel One mutual fund offers a diverse range of mutual fund schemes to help individuals diversify their investment portfolios effectively. It provides a mutual fund and SIP calculator, enabling users to plan their investments accurately based on their financial goals. For a better understanding of mutual fund investments, users can access the Angel One mutual fund knowledge center, which offers valuable insights and resources.

The Angel One mutual fund platform caters to investors with different risk profiles, ensuring that there are suitable schemes available for everyone. It offers systematic investment plans (SIP), systematic transfer plans (STP), and systematic withdrawal plans (SWP), allowing users to choose the investment method that aligns with their specific requirements.

Investing is made convenient with the Angel Bee Mutual Fund App, as users can initiate investments from anywhere and at any time. The platform provides a single unified dashboard, making financial management hassle-free and easily accessible.

With instant mutual fund investment facility, users can swiftly execute their investment decisions. They have the option to choose from more than 1000 mutual fund schemes, ensuring a wide range of choices to meet their investment needs.

Angel One provides access to approximately 1000 mutual fund schemes from various fund houses through its online platform, Angel Bee. No offline mutual fund investment facility is available. It is important to note that Angel One operates on a commission-based model, where customers indirectly pay commissions through the fund expenses charged by the fund house. For each investment made through the Angel Bee app, Angel One earns a commission from the respective fund house.

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Angel Bee Mutual Fund SIP

Investing in Angel One mutual fund through SIP is quick and easy. You can initiate your SIP investment within 60 seconds by downloading and installing the Angel Bee Mutual Fund App. Start your mutual fund SIP journey effortlessly with Angel Bee.

To invest in SIP through Angel One’s Mutual Fund, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Angel Bee app.
  2. Click on the mutual fund category for investment.
  3. Choose the desired scheme.
  4. Click on “Start SIP.”
  5. Enter details such as the date, investment amount, payment method, etc.
  6. Submit the form to initiate your mutual fund investment through SIP.

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Online Charges

  • Account Opening Charges: No charges
  • Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges: No charges
  • Mutual Fund AMC Fees: No charges
  • Mutual Fund DP Charges: No charges
  • Mutual Fund Commission: Charges a commission of 1% to 1.5%
  • Other Charges: No charges

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Advantages and Disadvantages

Know about the top advantages and disadvantages of Angel One mutual fund:

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Pros:

  1. Free account opening: It offers free account opening, allowing users to start investing without any initial charges.
  2. No brokerage and transaction fees: It imposes zero brokerage or transaction fee, thus enabling investors to save on additional expenses.
  3. Wide selection of mutual funds: With a choice of over 1000 mutual funds, Angel Bee provides investors with a diverse range of investment options to suit their preferences and financial goals.
  4. Dedicated mutual fund platform: It is a specialized platform focused solely on mutual funds, offering a streamlined and efficient investment experience.
  5. Investment across multiple fund houses: Angel Bee allows investors to invest in mutual funds from various fund houses, providing access to a broad range of fund choices and strategies.
  6. Quick SIP investment facility: It offers a convenient 60-second SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investment facility, enabling investors to set up regular investments effortlessly.

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Cons:

  1. No direct mutual fund schemes: It does not offer direct mutual fund schemes, which may impact investors looking for a direct investment route without intermediaries.
  2. No in-house mutual funds: Angel Bee, as compared to some other platforms, has no in-house mutual funds of its own. This limits the options available for investors seeking proprietary fund offerings.
  3. Indirect commission charges: Customers of Angel Bee Mutual Fund indirectly pay for commissions, which can reduce overall profits.

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Customer Care

New customers can contact the customer care team at 022-44443333.

Existing customers of Angel One mutual fund can reach out for assistance by dialing 022-50515151022-44114411.

Additionally, Angel Bee offers customer support through email. You can send your queries to support@angelbee.in for prompt assistance.

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Angel One’s Angel Bee platform offers a convenient way to invest in a diverse range of mutual funds. With features like calculators and a knowledge center, it caters to different risk profiles and investment methods. While no direct schemes are available, the Angel One mutual fund platform provides access to numerous mutual funds.

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