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Angel One Trade Web Trading Platform Review 2024 – Features, Pros, Cons Etc

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Angel One Trade Features

Angel One Trade Pros and Cons


The world has moved online in the last two decades, and how! For investors and traders alike, online trading platforms have emerged indispensable. There are plenty of options available today. The web-based trading platform of Angel One is the Angel One Trade. It has become an outstanding, feature-rich and robust solution.

The platform comes with user-friendly interface and a wide range of functionalities. It proves to be useful for both newcomers and seasoned traders. It makes stock market investment trading much easier. Here is a comprehensive review of the Angel One Trade web trading platform, including information about its features, pros, cons, and overall user experience.

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Angel One Trade Features

The Angel One Trade web trading platform stands as the evolved version of its predecessor, “Angel Eye.” As a client, you can get seamless access to

Angel One’s web-based trading platform is the evolution of its predecessor, “Angel Eye.” It provides clients with seamless access to a wide range of trading instruments. These include derivatives, equity, commodity, bonds, currency, IPOs, futures & options, mutual funds, and more. This platform is accessible via trade.angelOne.com. It offers traders the flexibility to execute trades and manage their portfolios conveniently, from any supported web browser.

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Here are some of the key features of Angel One Trade web trading platform:

  1. Consolidated Portfolio Management: From a single platform you can manage all your investments across various segments, including equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency.
  2. Real-Time Portfolio Tracking: The platform enables you to track your investment portfolios in real-time. You can get insights into your investment performance anytime, anywhere.
  3. Customized Watchlists: You can create personalized watchlists to monitor stock movements efficiently, which can help you with timely decision-making.
  4. Advanced Charting Tools: Angel One Trade provides a variety of technical charts to analyze market trends. You can get options for customization, which can suit your individual preferences.
  5. Stock Screener and Market Data: The platform features a state-of-the-art stock screener and provides access to research reports, market data, and news. It can empower you with valuable trading insights.
  6. Alerts and Notifications: You can set up alerts and notifications via email or SMS. It can let you stay informed about market developments and changes in portfolio.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: With a simplified and intuitive interface, it offers ease of use. It can be easily accessible to traders of any level of experience.
  8. Model Portfolio and Online Calculators: You can leverage model portfolios and online calculators available on the platform, making informed investment decisions.
  9. Live Market Streaming Quotes: The platform offers live market streaming quotes, keeping you updated with real-time market data.
  10. Multi-Account Management: With a single login, you can manage multiple accounts, including those of family members. It can help enhance efficiency and convenience for you.

Angel One Trade Order Types

Different order types are supported by the Angel One Trade web trading platform, including:

  • Market Orders,
  • Limit Orders,
  • Stop Loss Orders, and
  • GTT Orders.

These can be placed for Margin, Delivery, and Intraday trades, offering excellent choices as well as flexibility to traders.

Angel One Trade Advanced Option Chain Features

The platform offers advanced option chain features, displaying both Call and Put options data in a single view. Users can filter options based on their preferences and access detailed information for each strike price, including Open Interest (OI), Last Traded Price (LTP), Implied Volatility (IV), Volume, Greeks, and more.

Further, users can choose options data for different expiry periods, facilitating comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Angel One Trade Charting Features

TradingView charts are integrated into the web trading platform. These offer various chart types, which include Heikin Ashi formats, baseline, hollow candles, bar, area, line, candlestick, and more.

It has robust charting functionality, which lets traders carry out in-depth technical analysis as well as easily detect trading opportunities.

In order to begin using the Angel One Trade web trading platform, you have to simply open up an Angel One demat account. Next, you have to log in to access the web platform, and enjoy a smooth onboarding experience.

Angel One Trade Web Trading Platform: Additional Features

In addition to the core features mentioned above, Angel One’s web trading platform offers a host of supplementary features, including access to portfolio viewing, multiple watchlists, order placement, stock picks by Angel One advisory, and integration with external services such as Vested, Sensibull, smallcase, and Streak. Furthermore, users can access Angel One’s learning center, tailored to their investment persona, enriching their trading knowledge and skills.

Angel One Trade Pros and Cons

While the web trading platform of Angel One Trade boasts a plethora of features and functionalities, it is essential to consider both its strengths and limitations:

Angel One Trade Pros

Its top advantages include:

1. Comprehensive Portfolio Management Tools: Angel One Trade offers robust tools for managing diverse investment portfolios efficiently, catering to the needs of traders across various asset classes.

2. Real-Time Portfolio Tracking and Alerts: With Angel One Trade, users can track their portfolios in real-time and receive timely alerts, enabling proactive decision-making and portfolio optimization.

3. Advanced Charting and Option Chain Analysis: The platform provides sophisticated charting capabilities and in-depth option chain analysis, empowering traders to conduct comprehensive technical analysis and identify trading opportunities.

4. User-Friendly Interface with Multi-Account Management: It features an intuitive interface that facilitates seamless navigation and multi-account management, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

5. Integration with External Services and Learning Resources: Angel One Trade seamlessly integrates with external services and offers access to a wealth of learning resources, empowering traders with valuable insights and educational materials.

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Angel One Trade Cons

Angel One Trade may pose challenges for beginners due to its complexity, requiring time and effort to understand the platform fully.

Despite its advanced features, it may lack extensive customization options, limiting flexibility for experienced traders.

Its functionality is reliant on stable internet connectivity and compatible web browsers, posing potential disruptions to trading activities.

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As you can understand from our Angel One Trade review, this web trading platform turns out to be a versatile, robust solution for traders who need a comprehensive online trading experience. It comes with advanced tools, intuitive interface, and diverse features, and allows traders to make informed decisions. As a trader, you can make informed decisions and effectively navigate the financial market complexities. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor, you can get the tools and resources needed to support your investment journey.

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