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Is it Safe to open demat account in Angel One | Angelone brokerage charges

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Table of Contents

Angel One Demat Account Pros and Cons
Angel One Demat Account Charges
Angel One Demat Account Brokerage Charges
Angel One Equity Delivery Trade Charges
Angel One Demat Account Ratings
Angel One Mobile App
Angel One Demat Account Customer Support

Looking for Angel One Demat Account Review? Get an overview and review of Angel One, a prominent brokerage firm. This review covers various aspects of the Angel One Demat Account – such as fees, brokerage, usability, customer service, and research capabilities based on customer ratings. Additionally, it highlights key features of the Angel One mobile app and customer support services.

Open an account with Angel One.

Angel One Demat Account Pros and Cons

Angel One, a brokerage service, offers several Angel One Demat Account advantages for investors.

  1. They provide full-service brokerage services at low fees, with a brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.03% (whichever is lower) for equity intraday and flat 20 Rs. per executed order for futures and options.
  2. Equity delivery trades are brokerage-free which is not available in groww and upstox.
  3. They offer training and support for beginners, margin trading facilities, and accept securities as collateral.
  4. Also, Angel One does not charge for NEFT/fund transfers and only charges Rs 20 for intraday square-off and call & trade services.
  5. They provide free advisory/tips for stocks and mutual funds which is not provided by other discount brokers and a facility to contact an RM for issue resolution.

However, Angel One Demat Account has some disadvantages such as:

  1. Providing margin funding without notice,
  2. Not offering trading in SME shares,
  3. Cross-selling other products and services, and
  4. Not providing a 3-in-1 account option.
  5. user interface is not so easy as compared to zerodha and groww.
  6. US stock investing facility not available.

Angel One Demat Account Charges

  • Demat account opening charges: Rs 0 (Free).
  • Demat account AMC: Rs 240+GST per year ( charged on monthly basis, Rs 20+gst=23.6 rs. per month). NOTE THAT AMC IS FREE FOR FIRST YEAR. (more details are given below)
  • Demat debit transaction charge: Rs 20 per ISIN (Rs 50 per ISIN for BSDA Client) per debit transaction.

Other Charges:

  • call and trade charges = ₹20 / Order (These charges are applicable when clients place orders over the phone with the assistance of the Angel One support team.)
  • auto square off charges =₹20 / Order
  • Dematerialisation of physical share charges: ₹50 per certificate. + cdsl charges
  • Rematerialisation of demat shares: Rs 50 per certificate
  • Pledge Creation: Rs 20 per ISIN (Rs 50 per ISIN for BSDA Client).
  • Other Charges: Rs 25 per request for additional DIS.
  • cheque bounce charges =350 rs.
  • Failed Transactions: Nil.
  • Pledge Creation Confirmation: Nil.
  • Pledge Invocation: Nil.
  • delayed payment charges/interest charges on debit balance = 0.049% of due payment
  • margin trade funding interest charges=0.049%

Angel One provides a free demat account opening with zero maintenance charges for the first year. From the second year onwards, the applicable Angel One Demat Account AMC charges are as follows:

  • AMC for Non-BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account): Rs. 20 + Tax per month.
  • AMC for BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account) with holdings value between 50,000 to 2, 00,000: Rs. 100 + Tax per month.
  • AMC for BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account) with holdings value less than Rs 50,000: Nil.

you can verify all charges from AngelOne official website https://www.angelone.in/exchange-transaction-charges

Know all about Angel One Charges 2023 – Angel One Account Opening Charges, Angel One Brokerage Charges, Angel One Equity Brokerage Charges etc.

Angel One Regulatory Charges

These charges goes to various govt organizations or private platforms and are equal in all brokers and these charges can not be abolished because these are like taxes which goes to government regulatory authorities like SEBI, NSE, BSE, Depositories, State govt etc.

  1. STT (Securities Transaction Tax): 0.1% of the trade value. This tax is levied on the purchase or sale of securities.
  2. Transaction Charges: NSE (National Stock Exchange) charges 0.00275% of the turnover value as transaction charges.
  3. DP (Depository Participant) Charges: Rs 20 per ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). These charges are applicable only in the case of sell trades.
  4. GST (Goods and Services Tax): 18% GST is applicable on brokerage, DP charges, transaction charges, and SEBI charges.
  5. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) Charges: Rs 10 per crore of turnover. SEBI charges are imposed on every transaction in the securities market.
  6. Stamp Duty: 0.015% of the turnover value is charged to the buyer as stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax levied on the execution of certain legal documents, including share transactions.

Angel One Demat Account Ratings

According to customer ratings, Angel One has received an overall rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 on google play store. The fees and brokerage have been rated at 4.5 stars, indicating an excellent satisfaction level. The usability of the platform has also received a rating of 3.8 stars, suggesting that customers find it reasonably user-friendly. However, the customer service and research capabilities have received lower ratings of 3.2 stars each, indicating that there may be room for improvement in these areas. (These ratings are based on demat dive team research and on the basis of our 30+ parameters checklist we use to review any stock broker)

Angel One Mobile App

Angel One Mobile App is a highly-rated and feature-rich trading app that allows users to trade and invest in the Indian Stock Market conveniently from their smartphones. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the app offers online trading in various asset classes such as currency derivatives, equity derivatives, equity cash, and commodities at MCX and NCDEX. Additionally, users can invest in mutual funds, bonds, and IPOs through the app.

The Angel One Mobile App provides a comprehensive range of features, including:

  1. Real-time streaming stock quotes, news and charts
  2. Over 40 technical chart overlays and indicators for in-depth analysis
  3. Personalized notifications for research reports, trades and ideas, advisory calls etc
  4. Innovative ARQ auto advisory engine for stock advice on-the-go.

Moreover, the app allows users to track their derivatives positions, view their demat account holdings, and conduct real-time online fund transfers through a wide range of banks. With its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, Angel One Mobile App caters to the needs of both beginner and experienced traders, making it a popular choice among millions of customers.

Go through Angel One FAQ – Read Top 50 Frequently Asked Questions about Angel Broking.

Angel One Demat Account Customer Support

You can avail:

24/7 Customer Service:


Email Support:


Online Live Chat:


Phone Support:


Toll-Free Number:

yes (available on our demat directory page )

Through Branches:


Customer Care Number:


Account Opening Process:


Customer Support Email:


Knowledge Center/Education:

Knowledge Center available at https://www.angelone.in/knowledge-center

Angel One Demat Account provides email support, online live chat, and phone support to assist customers. They also have physical branches for customers who prefer face-to-face interactions.

Open an account with Upstox, one of the nearest competitors of Angel One.


In conclusion, Angel One Demat Account offers competitive brokerage fees, a user-friendly mobile app, and multiple customer support channels. Its research recommendations are like free of cost feature which other discount brokers do not provide. Their free equity delivery is usefull for long term investors. Please note that the above charges are subject to change, and it is always recommended to verify the latest brokerage charges with Angel One before trading.

Enlighten yourself with our YouTube video on Angel One Pros and Cons, Angel One Advantages and Disadvantages.

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