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A Beginner’s Guide with MarketWolf

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Introducing MarketWolf, your entry point to an engaging and rewarding trading experience. MarketWolf, a SEBI regulated brokerage firm, provides a unique opportunity to start trading with cheap money. You can trade options with less than ₹999 on index expiry days.

What distinguishes MarketWolf is its dedication to simplicity and ease of use – you can complete a deal with just three taps! Furthermore, with no brokerage fees on losing trades, you may trade with confidence and successfully manage risk. Advanced tools like as candlestick charts and technical indicators can help you better understand market fluctuations. MarketWolf provides a smooth trading experience for traders of all skill levels, with quick withdrawals and round-the-clock customer service.

  • Get Live Commentary & Trade Recommendations.
  • Get recommendations on Indices, stocks, crude oil options and commodities futures.
  • Zero Brokerage if Trade Is Not Profitable.
  • Bid farewell to brokerage fees when your trades result in losses.
  • Start Trading with Low Capital.
  • In BANK NIFTY, NIFTY, and FIN NIFTY options in just ₹299 on expiry.

A Beginner’s Guide with MarketWolf

Vishesh Dhingra is MarketWolf’s founder and CEO, with more than 15 years of trading experience. His trading career has included both successes and disappointments, providing unique insights into the psychological aspects of trading. Vishesh’s experience made him realise the importance of emotions in trading decisions. He cited emotions such as hope and greed as prevalent traps that might result in bad exit strategies and, ultimately, lower profitability.

Vishesh emphasises the need of having a disciplined exit strategy in place for each trade to prevent falling into these emotional traps. MarketWolf’s leadership prioritises risk management and disciplined trading methods. The site aims on listing only the most liquid instruments, avoiding volatile or unreliable stocks. Vishesh’s strategy also includes modifying trading strategies to different market stages, guaranteeing traders can effectively handle changing market conditions. The brokerage structure is one of the most significant characteristics of MarketWolf‘s business strategy, which is consistent with Vishesh’s goal.

The platform only charges brokerage fees on profitable trades, encouraging traders to concentrate on making solid trading decisions and risk management. The aim and strategy of MarketWolf represent Vishesh Dhingra’s devotion to improving traders’ experiences and assisting them in becoming better traders. His commitment to continual improvement and linking business objectives with trader performance exemplifies MarketWolf’s customer-centric approach.


SEBI Registration: 
MarketWolf is a SEBI-registered brokerage firm, ensuring that users trade in a safe and regulated environment.

Low Capital Trading: 
Begin your trading career with low capital requirements. Trade options for less than ₹999 on index expiry days to access the market without a big initial commitment.

Zero Brokerage on Losses: 
MarketWolf provides 0 fee on transactions that result in a loss, lowering the cost of trading and allowing traders to manage risk more effectively.

Easy & Fast Trading: 
Use MarketWolf’s user-friendly platform to execute transactions quickly and easily. With only three taps, you may place trades quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.

Risk Management Tools: 
Use smart reward/risk levels before initiating trades to properly manage risk. MarketWolf offers tools and features that assist traders make informed decisions and protect their capital.

Advanced Technical Analysis: 
Use advanced tools like candlestick charts and technical indicators to analyse price trends and make data-driven trading decisions. Withdrawals are processed quickly, and monies are paid immediately to your bank account, allowing you to receive your gains right away.

Refer and Earn:
Invite your friends to join MarketWolf and earn incentives together. Take advantage of the referral programme to increase your earnings and grow your trading network. 

Pros of MarketWolf

  • MarketWolf is SEBI registered, which gives traders a sense of confidence.
    Some users have commended the app’s user interface, calling it “updated and excellent.”
  • The platform charges no brokerage on trades that result in a loss, which can be advantageous for traders.
  • MarketWolf claims to provide swift withdrawal processes, which can be beneficial for individuals who need immediate access to their assets.
  • The software says 24-hour customer care support, meaning that assistance is available around the clock. 

Cons of MarketWolf

  • Several users reported delays in account activation despite paying the joining fee, which can be aggravating.
  • Users reported app shutdowns, glitches, sluggish loading times, and trade execution delays, all of which had a detrimental influence on their trading experience.
  • Many customers reported issues getting their documents validated, resulting in delays in using the app’s functions.
  • Some users said that emails and messages went unanswered or received delayed responses.
  • Users were dissatisfied with the costs charged for services that did not work correctly or were delayed.

Risks of MarketWolf

  • Market volatility:
    Risks of options trading include market volatility, which can lead to huge losses if the market moves against traders’ holdings.
  • Limited liquidity:
    Some options contracts may have little liquidity, making it difficult to enter and exit positions at desirable prices.
  • Complexity:
    Options trading can be difficult, particularly for new traders, and there is a risk of misunderstanding or misinterpreting options techniques.
  • Capital loss risk:
    As with any trading activity, there is the possibility of losing capital, and traders should only trade with funds they can afford to lose.

Exploring FI Money: An In-Depth Analysis

Risk disclosures on derivatives

Percentage of Individual Traders incurring net losses90%
Average net trading loss for loss-making tradersClose to ₹50,000
Additional transaction costs for loss-making traders28% of net trading losses
Percentage of net trading profits spent on transaction costsBetween 15% to 50%

Brokage Calculation

Trade OutcomeBrokerage Charges
Loss on TradeNo brokerage charged
Profitable TradeBrokerage is 10% of gross profits
Brokerage CapBrokerage capped as per SEBI regulations and exchange limits:<br>- Not more than 2.5% of transaction value<br>- For options contracts, not exceeding 2.5% of premium amount or Rs 100 per lot, whichever is higher


In conclusion, MarketWolf stands out as a SEBI-regulated brokerage firm offering a user-friendly platform with low capital trading options, zero brokerage on losing trades, advanced technical analysis tools, quick withdrawals, and round-the-clock customer support. While these features make trading accessible and convenient, it’s crucial for traders to recognize and navigate the inherent risks of options trading. However, it’s important to note that compared to other regular brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, and Angel One, MarketWolf’s brokerage on profitable trades is significantly higher. Despite this difference, MarketWolf provides robust risk management tools and adheres to SEBI regulations to help traders mitigate potential losses and navigate the markets effectively. Traders should remain mindful of the inherent risks of options trading, including market. volatility, limited liquidity, and the complexity of options strategies, and trade with funds they can afford to lose.

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