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MarketsMojo: Live Stocks & Sha

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MarketsMojo is a top platform that provides comprehensive stock market research, expert advice, and investment recommendations to help you optimise your portfolio. MarketsMojo provides current market information, unbiased stock analysis, and a variety of useful tools to help you make smart investing decisions. Whether you’re watching market indices, analysing individual companies, managing your portfolio, or looking for investing ideas, MarketsMojo has a simple interface and trustworthy data to help you succeed.

Markets Mojo is an algorithm based FinTech research platform for investors. The company has developed its own algorithm which tracks all the 4000 companies which is not done presently by any of the broking houses thereby allowing these companies to expand their research horizon.

  • Markets Mojo’s headquarters is located at 506/606 Sheetal Enclave, Mumbai.
  • Markets Mojo has raised $300K over 1 rounds.

Founder of Marketsmojo

Dr. Mohit Batra, Founder and CEO of MarketsMojo, is a well-known name in the banking and investment industries. With a thorough understanding of market dynamics and investor demands, he has guided MarketsMojo to become a top stock market advisory platform. Dr. Batra’s vision and leadership have helped to transform MarketsMojo into a top destination for investors looking for comprehensive stock market data, expert guidance, and investment ideas. MarketsMojo, led by Dr. Batra, offers live market updates, unbiased stock analysis, and a variety of useful tools to help investors make informed investing decisions. His dedication to providing high-quality services and valuable insights has garnered him several accolades, including the Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia Award. Dr. Mohit Batra’s expertise, strategic vision, and dedication to investor success continue to drive MarketsMojo’s growth and success in serving millions of investors’ needs across the market.


  • Live Market Updates and News:

Real-time market news includes updates on the Sensex, Nifty, BSE, and other market indices, top gaining and losing businesses, corporate results, events, and national and international business news.

  • Stock Analysis: 

Conduct an in-depth examination of firms listed on the BSE and NSE using four major parameters: quality, valuation, financial trends, and technical analysis. Analyse quarterly and annual firm results, including the profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flows, shareholding, returns, and more. Compare your performance to those of your peers.

  • Portfolio Management:

Receive a full analysis and recommendations for your current portfolio, including Sell/Hold/Trim modifications. Track your portfolio’s return, risk, liquidity, quality, valuation, and financial trends. Stay up to date with 24/7 monitoring of company performance and tax implications.

  • Stock Watchlist:

Create and monitor a stock watchlist to track their performance and conveniently add them to your portfolio as part of your investment strategy.

  • Results Corner:

Analyse equities with the best outcomes over the last two quarters, utilising filters to uncover trends such as good, negative, or flat financial performance depending on numerous criteria.

  • Mojo Professional Services:

Get access to advanced features like Mojo Stocks with strong “Buy” signals, Portfolio Optimizer for personalised investment advice, Investment Ideas based on successful themes, Examiners with over 500 research parameters, Model Portfolio creation and management, Stock Research with updates in real time, Stock of the Month recommendations, Verdict reports with an 82% success rate, and SwitchER to find better stock options.

Pros of MarketsMojo

  • Provides thorough stock analysis and research across a variety of characteristics, including quality, valuation, financial trends, and technical analysis.
  • Get live market updates, news, and insights on Indian stock markets, including indices like the Sensex and Nifty.
  • Assists in analysing and managing portfolios by making suggestions for sell/hold/trim modifications, tax consequences, and 24-hour monitoring of assets.
  • Users can monitor share prices and performance, add stocks to their portfolios, and track mutual fund holdings.
  • Provides screeners with over 500 research parameters, model portfolios for stock management, and investment suggestions based on pre-defined topics.

Cons of MarketsMojo

  • Users encounter frequent login prompts despite checking in from their devices, causing annoyance and aggravation.
  • Even premium users see full-page adverts and promotional banners, which detracts from the user experience.
  • The app is said to be slow, sluggish, and drains the battery quickly, limiting usability.
  • Complaints regarding bad customer service, sluggish query answer, and difficulty receiving refunds or assistance.
  • Some users believe the subscription rates are excessive for the services given, particularly without real-time stock recommendations or human interaction.

Process Disclosure: Stock Call Change

Mojo will notify you via email and notice whenever the Mojo Call on any of your portfolio or watchlist changes. This is done for all of their clients simultaneously. For example, suppose a stock you own goes from Buy to Hold. This communication is initiated when the broader call changes, rather than when the call changes within a category. Communication will not be triggered when a stock transitions from Buy to Strong Buy or Sell to Strong Sell, or vice versa. Mojo have also included a cooling off period, so that if the call on the stock changes, it will remain in the category for at least 5 working days. This would not apply to changes in outcomes (financial trend or quality) or dramatic price movements. This update was designed to eliminate volatility in the call when a stock score is very close to the threshold and daily price ups and downs can affect the call.

Mojo Stock Updates

Stocks enter and exit the Mojo Stocks list in the evenings of trade days, after market hours. They use the most recent accessible pricing at the time to effect this adjustment, thus the end-of-day price serves as the entry or departure price from the list. They sent out a notification about this adjustment the next morning before market hours. The next morning, stocks may open higher or lower than the previous day’s close price, based on a variety of factors over which we have no influence, such as global indexes, sector movement, sentiment, and so on. They continuously use day-end prices in Mojo Stocks Changes.

Model Portfolio

Start a discipled model portfolio approach with investment size of Rs. 1 Lac Onwards. Make up to 5 model portfolios across various risk profiles. A model portfolio creates a stock list of the top rated stocks at that point in time and will guide you at every step of the way by telling you what to buy, when to sell and what to buy after that

With Model Portfolio, you get

  • Get curated stocks to invest basis your risk profile
  • Get alerts when to buy and sell with a detailed rationale
  • Suggestion on how to optimally add or remove investments from your list

Portfolio Optimizer

We will monitor your stocks 24/7 and give buy/sell/trim calls to strengthen your holdings. Get the answer to the biggest question in these uncertain times. Will my portfolio perform?

With Portfolio Optimizer Advisory, you get

  • Define your Portfolio Objectives
  • Making Portfolio Construct right
  • Making Stock Selection right

MarketsMojo adds Abbott India to its highly coveted Mojo Stocks list

MarketsMojo, a leading stock market analysis platform, has added Abbott India to its highly coveted Mojo Stocks list. The company has shown strong financial performance, with a score of 9 and impressive growth rates. Mojo Stocks is a list of top-rated stocks, constantly evaluated and updated for profitable investments.

Stock Name Industry Price (as of 14th March 2024) Change since Inclusion Financial Metrics Performance Metrics
Abbott India Healthcare Rs 28,292.15 Positive trajectory PAT (HY) Growth: 21.78% Operating Profit to Net Sales (Q): 26.98%
Trent Retail N/A 128.2% growth in 7 months PBDIT (Q): Rs 387.69 crore Top-performing stocks with significant growth
Jupiter Wagons Logistics N/A 98.88% growth in 9 months PBT less OI (Q): Rs 366.55 crore in the Mojo Stocks list
Bank of Maha Banking N/A 82.54% growth in 14 months N/A N/A


MarketsMojo is a leading stock market analysis website that provides thorough information, expert advice, and investment suggestions. MarketsMojo helps investors make informed decisions by providing current market updates, unbiased stock analysis, and a suite of useful tools such as the Model Portfolio and Portfolio Optimizer. Abbott India’s presence on the prestigious Mojo Stocks list demonstrates the platform’s commitment to finding high-performing stocks and delivering vital insights for profitable investments. MarketsMojo, led by CEO Dr. Mohit Batra’s vision and skills, continues to provide millions of investors with trustworthy data and effective advice, positioning it as an expert resource in navigating the complexity of the stock market.

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