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ICICI Direct Market’s App 2024: Top Features to Know About

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Top Features of ICICI Direct Markets’ App 2024


For investors and traders alike, it is essential to have a reliable and feature-rich trading app. They need a user-friendly app that helps them in the dynamic world of financial markets, and conduct trades in a jiffy! The ICICI Direct Market’s App has been out for some time now. It is being used by thousands of traders and investors who need convenience in trading in stocks every day.

Read and find out about some of the top features of the ICICI Direct Market’s App, and what makes it a comprehensive solution for users across various asset classes.

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Top Features of ICICI Direct Markets’ App 2024

These are some of the standout features that make the ICICI Direct Market’s App a must-have for anyone venturing into the world of investments.

Live Streaming Charts

You can stay on top of market trends and get real-time market insights with Live Streaming Charts. It is an invaluable feature for those who seek timely and accurate information. With real-time updates, you can make informed decisions based on the latest market movements. The ICICI Direct Market’s App provides you with accurate data about the market position, and you can decide your strategies based on the same.

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Flash Trade

It allows you to conduct instant options trading. This is a world where speed is crucial, and trades need to be carried out quickly. The Flash Trade feature in the ICICI Direct Market’s App allows F&O traders to execute trades with lightning speed. You can get a single-screen interface for charting. It lets you maintain focus with a distraction-free trading plan.

There is the chance to set auto-exit timers, track real-time profit and loss, and make quick entries and exits with this user-friendly feature.

OI Graphs on Option Chain

It is easy to make Options Open Interest analysis with Open Interest (OI) Graphs on the Option Chain. The ICICI Direct Market’s App offers this feature for options traders. It aids traders in identifying potential trends, get insights into the positions of market participants, and make more informed decisions in the options market.

Swipe to Buy-Sell

If you need quick transaction execution, the ICICI Direct Market’s App makes it possible easily. With the Swipe to Buy-Sell feature, your transactions can become even more seamless. It is an intuitive function, which allows users to place buy or sell orders swiftly with a simple swipe. It can enhance the overall efficiency and speed of your trading activities.

Trading View Charts

You can get a Multifaceted Trading Experience with the Trading View Charts feature in the ICICI Direct Market’s App. It offers you the ability to choose from over 100 indicators. It helps you enhance the monitoring experience by providing a multi-chart layout. It allows you to view up to 8 charts on a single screen.

The inclusion of volume profiles with Fixed & Visible Range in the ICICI Direct Market’s App is the icing on the cake. It aids you in making informed predictions using long/short prediction and measurement tools.

Order Slicing

It helps you to enjoy precision in market orders. Execution Algos, or Order Slicing, is a powerful tool. It lets you execute large orders with precision. There are algorithms like TWAP that allow you to slice orders into smaller bits, and get the chance to execute each slice at fixed time intervals. This approach not only deals effectively with market volatility. It also minimizes human errors and reduces trade slippage.

Basket Orders

Did you know that multi-order placement gets more streamlined with this feature? The Basket Orders functionality simplifies the process of placing multiple orders with a single click. As an F&O trader, you can save time by simultaneously executing a number of orders. You can create and save baskets with multiple contracts. It makes the entire process fast and straightforward in the ICICI Direct Market’s App, and allows you to enhance efficiency while trading.

Personalized Watchlist and Pre-defined Lists

This is a helpful feature for tailored monitoring in the ICICI Direct Market’s App. You can use Personalized Watchlist and Pre-defined Lists to customize your trading experience. There is the opportunity to track specific stocks or sectors of interest by tailoring your dashboard. You can get instant access to the information that is most relevant to your investment strategy.

Consolidated P&L across Asset Classes

There is holistic portfolio management due to this feature in ICICI Direct Market’s App. You can conduct Consolidated Profit and Loss (P&L) tracking across different asset classes, in order to get a comprehensive view of your investments. This is a powerful feature that goes a long way to simplify portfolio management for investors. It can provide you with a holistic overview of financial performance across various investment categories.

Easy Options

This is a useful feature that makes it easier for you to deal with the various complexities of options trading. This ICICI Direct Market’s App feature simplifies the options trading process, and more number of investors who may be new to the world of derivatives, can access it with the Easy Options feature.


This is another amazing feature. With ICICI Direct eATM, you can bypass the usual wait of T+2 working days to receive funds. This feature eliminates the waiting time and gives you a rapid and cost-free method for accessing funds from share sales. Investors can encash their shares quickly, within just 5 minutes of selling them from their ICICI Direct demat account.

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Biometric-Based Login

When it comes to advanced security measures, the Markets App from ICICI Direct does not lag behind. Security is a top priority with ICICI Securities, as you probably know already. Thus, the app ensures a secure login process with biometric authentication. You can access accounts easily, using fingerprint or facial recognition. It just adds an extra layer of protection to your financial data.

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As you can understand, the ICICI Direct Market’s App boasts of an array of features designed to help investors and traders out there, and cater to the diverse needs that they have. Be it personalized tracking, simplified trading options, advanced charting tools or security measures, this app can be a versatile and indispensable tool for your needs with its bells and whistles. You can download the ICICI Direct Market’s App today, to navigate the financial markets with confidence. Use it and unlock a myriad of features that redefine your trading experience.

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