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how to transfer shares from upstox to zerodha ? Best Way to Transfer shares in 5 steps

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if you want to change your stock broker but at the same time dont want to sell your holdings, transferring shares from one demat to another is the best option to consider.

  1. Transfer stocks from Upstox to Zerodha, you will need to follow below given steps-

2. Get one DIS booklet from upstox (download here -https://upstox.com/files/new-dis-booklet-application-form.pdf ) where you need to mention few details about the stocks which you want to transfer from upstox to zerodha (such as the name of the security, ISIN, quantity) and the demat account number where stocks are to be transferred. Mention execution date as the date on which you want the transfer to happen.

3. fill the DIS booklet and courier it to

Harishchandra Sawant (Upstox),
30th Floor, Sunshine Tower,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Dadar- W,
Mumbai – 400013

Thats how your transfer process gets initiated, you can also inform about this on customer care and generate one ticket for quicker action.

  1. After upstox have rceived your DIS slip they will coordinate with cdsl and CDSL will now send you one otp by which you have to validate the transfer which you can do by your phone itself. but if you miss this chance you have to repeat the entire process form filling and sending dis slip again.
  2. After upstox receives your courier it takes minimum 24 hours to complete this process. As the process completes your stocks will be transferred to zerodha. Depository charges will be applicable which are nominal.

plz note that the process mentioned here is a general procedure for transferring from upstox, so exact procedure may vary slightly depending upon the receipient broker.

thats how to transfer shares from upstox to zerodha or to any other broker demat account.

before opening demat account you must have a look on its review (pros and cons) in this article- https://dematdive.com/zerodha-review/

if you want to open demat account in zerodha, you can open it from here-https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=UQB419

account opening procedure for zerodha is explained here-

open demat account –
Upstox – https://upstox.com/open-account/?f=23AV3U
Angel One – https://angel-one.onelink.me/Wjgr/45108rvq


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