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Angelone Refer & Earn 5000 Daily

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Angel One is a leading online brokerage firm in India, providing a cutting-edge trading platform and a wide range of investment services. But Apart from that you can also generate serious source of regular income from angelOne, what to know how? keep reading. 

Angelone refer  and Earn

The AngelOne refer and earn program encourages current AngelOne clients to recommend the platform to their friends and relatives. When someone they refer establishes a trading account with AngelOne, both the referrer and the new account holder gain benefits. This incentive campaign attempts to encourage more people to join AngelOne by using the existing customer base to spread the news and attract new users.

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The AngelOne referral program is a simple way for existing clients to earn rewards for recommending new customers to the platform. This is how it works.

  • Share the Referral Code/Link:

As an existing AngelOne client, you will receive a unique referral code or link. Share this code or link with your friends, family, and anybody else who is interested in opening an AngelOne trading account.

  • New Account Registration:

When opening a new AngelOne trading account, the person you refer (the referee) must enter the referral number or link supplied. This needs to be done within 30 days after receiving the referral.

Once the referral has successfully completed the account opening process, which includes all required papers and verification, the referrer will be eligible for a reward.

  • Receive the Reward:

As a mark of appreciation, AngelOne will provide the referral a Rs. 300 vouchers.

AngelOne refer
Benefits of Reference

  • Free Demat and Trading Account: By enrolling in the Angel One referral program, you can open a Demat cum trading account with no account opening fees.
  • Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery Trades: With zero brokerage fees, you can drastically reduce your transaction costs.
  • Brokerage Reversal: Receive a brokerage reversal of up to Rs. 500, allowing you to save money on trades.
  • MTF Interest Cashback: For the first 30 days after opening your account, you will receive a cashback of Rs. 500 on Margin Trade Funding (MTF) interest, increasing your initial earnings.
  • Free ARQ Prime Membership: Receive a one-month free membership to ARQ Prime, a platform that provides stock recommendations and essential insights for investment decisions.

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How to Refer

To share your referral link and refer friends and family to our app, complete these steps:

  • Visit the “Refer & Earn” Section.
  • Choose to share your link on WhatsApp or another network.
  • Alternatively, you can copy your referral code and share it with your contacts.

Angel One referral code- SANEA

Referral link

Partner with AngelOne

Previously, Angel One offered a Digital Referral Agent (DRA) program in which individuals received 50-60% of the brokerage as a lifetime share. Now, Angel One hires authorized persons who earn a commission depending on the transactions made by their clients.

An authorized person’s earnings are determined by two factors: the proportion of Angel One’s commission and the number of clients they can get. As a result, an authorized person’s income is largely determined by their ability to attract and maintain clients.

An authorized person’s income is earned from commissions on each transaction completed for their clients. This depends on the brokerage fee. For example, if the brokerage price is 0.5% on a Rs 10,000 order, the total brokerage will be Rs 500.

Angel One pays a commission of 50% to 70%, therefore the authorized person would earn between Rs 250 to Rs 350 from this transaction. To earn Rs 50,000 per month, the authorized person must manage transactions worth Rs 20 lakh.


Angel One’s “Refer and Earn” program is a simple way for existing customers to earn incentives by referring new users to the network. Existing customers can promote Angel One to friends and family by providing them with a unique referral code (SANEA) or link here.

When the suggested individual opens for a new trading account using the referral code within 30 days and completes the account opening process, the referrer receives a Rs. 300 voucher as compensation. This incentive plan not only benefits existing clients but also helps Angel One grow its user base through personal referrals.

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