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Zerodha Charges, Fees, Plan

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Zerodha Charges

Zerodha is noted for its low brokerage fees, making it a popular choice among traders. The charges for account opening, annual maintenance charges (AMC), as well as brokerage fees are all kept within reasonable limits.

Opening an account with Zerodha is a simple, quick, and safe process that can be performed online in minutes. The account opening charge is Rs 200, although it is free for persons under the age of 25 and covers equity, F&O, and currency trading.

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Direct Charges

Online Account Opening charge

Rs. 200

Offline Account Opening Charge

Rs. 500

NRI account (offline only)

Rs. 500

Brokerage Charges

Equity delivery

Zero Brokerage

Equity intraday

0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Equity F&O – Futures

0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Equity F&O – Options

Flat Rs. 20 per executed order

Currency futures

0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Currency options

Rs. 20/executed order

Commodity futures

0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Commodity options

Rs. 20/executed order

For Example-

Assume you buy shares of Apple Inc. for delivery. Because Zerodha charges no brokerage for equities delivery, you will not pay any brokerage costs for this transaction.
If you choose to trade intraday shares of Google, the brokerage charge will be Rs. 20 on the buy side and Rs. 20 on the sell side, for a total of Rs. 40 per executed transaction. For example, if your trade value is Rs. 1,00,000, the brokerage cost will be Rs. 40.

For trading Amazon futures, the brokerage charge would be Rs. 20 on the buy side and Rs. 20 on the sale side, for a total of Rs. 40 per executed order. If you execute an order of Rs. 2,00,000, the cost will remain Rs. 40, as it is capped at Rs. 40 per order.
If you trade options for Microsoft, the price is a flat Rs. 40 per executed order, regardless of trade size.

Assume you’re trading USD-INR futures contracts. The brokerage cost will be 0.03%, or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is lesser. If the trade value is Rs. 1,00,000, you will pay Rs. 30, although the cost is limited to Rs. 20.

For currency options, if you trade EUR-INR contracts, the charge is Rs. 20 per executed order.

For commodity futures, such as gold contracts, the brokerage cost is 0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is lower. If you execute a trade worth Rs. 2,00,000, the brokerage fee would be Rs. 60; however, with the cap, you would only pay Rs. 20.
Finally, for commodity options, such as silver options, the fee is a flat Rs. 20 per executed order, regardless of the order size.

Regulatory Charges

  • STT

Securities and Commodities Transaction Tax (STT/CTT) is a government tax imposed on exchange transactions. Equity delivery trading incurs a charge on both the buy and sell sides. Intraday and F&O trading makes just a sell-side charge.

  • Transaction/Turnover Charges

Exchanges (NSE, BSE, and MCX) impose transaction/turnover charges based on transaction value.

  • Stamp charges

Stamp charges are imposed by the Indian government under the Indian Stamp Act of 1899 on stock exchange and depository transactions.

  • NRI Brokerage Charges

Futures and options cost Rs.100 each order.
Equity (non-PIS accounts): 0.5% or Rs.100 per order, whichever is less.
Equity (PIS account) fee: 0.5% or Rs.200 per order, whichever is lesser.
Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC): Rs.500 + GST.

  • GST

18% tax on brokerage, SEBI, and transaction charges.

  • SEBI charges

SEBI charges Rs.10 per crore plus GST for market regulation.

  • AMC

Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) for BSDA demat accounts. There are no charges if the holding value is less than Rs.50,000.
Non-BSDA demat account: Rs.300 per year + 18% GST, charged quarterly.

  • Delayed Payment Charges

Interest is charged at a rate of 18% per year, or 0.05% per day, on the debit balance in your trading account.

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Other Charges

Call and Trade

Rs. 50 per order

DP Charges

Rs.13 + GST per scrip

Pledge Charges: 

Rs.30 + GST per request.

Payment gateway charges

Rs.9 + GST

Demat + Courier charges

Rs.150 per certificate (+ Rs.100 Courier charges)


Rs.150 per certificate + CDSL charges + Rs.100 Courier charges


Zerodha is a popular alternative for traders due to its inexpensive brokerage charges and transparent rates. Account opening is inexpensive, costing only Rs.200 online (free for those under 25) and Rs.500 offline. Brokerage fees are low, with no charges for equities delivery and a limit of Rs.20 per executed order for different trades.

Regulatory charges such as STT, transaction fees, and SEBI fees are clearly defined. Fees for DP costs are Rs.13 + GST per scrip, while call and trade services cost Rs.50. Annual maintenance fees are reasonable for BSDA demat accounts with balances below Rs.50,000. Interest on debit balances is charged at 18% per year.

Overall, Zerodha delivers a low-cost and uncomplicated trading experience, making it a popular platform among many investors.

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