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How To Create A Stock Trading Plan with Stratzy

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Stratzy is an innovative investment platform built for Indian market aficionados that offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. The app offers a range of current investment products without any additional cost, such as simplified stock ideas, historically battle-tested strategies, and real-time trading signals for F&O, Intraday, and Swing traders.

Users have complete control over their investments, transparent tracking, and the option to link with established brokers such as Zerodha, 5Paisa, AngelOne, Paytm Money, Dhan, and Edelweiss. This platform has been regulated by SEBI.

Stratzy is a trustworthy platform with over 100,000 users and over ₹10 crore in investment activity. Investors may start with as little as ₹100 and earn regular profits while minimizing risk.


This platform has 3.1/5 ratings with 933 reviews along with more than 100k downloads.

  • Money stays in your account, giving you full ownership and management. You can redeem your funds anytime.
  • Real-time transparency for investment tracking. You can review your portfolio at any moment using your phone or the web dashboard.
  • Lower risk. Consistent returns- Stratzy carefully select investment methods that have consistently provided returns throughout the years while keeping you within your risk tolerance.
  • Connect with your existing broker; we currently support Zerodha, 5Paisa, AngelOne, Paytm Money, Dhan, and Edelweiss.
  • Compare your portfolio to indices such as NIFTY 50.

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  • Simplified Investment Ideas:

Stratzy simplifies investment ideas by providing explicit explanation for why buying a specific stock makes sense, as well as notifications for ideal entry and exit timings and portfolio rebalancing advice.

  • Battle-Tested Strategies: 

The app provides historically proven investment strategies that are constantly rebalanced, using insights from an in-house research and investing team, catering to various investment horizons (short, medium, and long term).

  • Real-Time Trading Signals: 

For active traders, Stratzy provides real-time research calls in F&O, intraday, and swing trading, as well as simplified options trading for beginning traders.

  • Complete Control and Transparency: 

Users retain full control of their funds, which remain in their brokerage account. The software uses a comprehensive dashboard to track and compare investments in real time to indices such as the NIFTY 50.

  • Broker Integration: 

Stratzy integrates effortlessly with major brokerage accounts such as Zerodha, 5Paisa, AngelOne, Paytm Money, Dhan, and Edelweiss, allowing for quick account connecting and investment administration.


  • One of the Stratzy app’s assets is its user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible and simple to navigate for those new to financial trading. This simplicity can help new users feel more at ease and confident when using the app to research investment opportunities.
  • The app includes lessons, articles, and guidelines to help users comprehend different financial approaches, strategies, and market trends. These resources can be useful for learning and expanding one’s understanding about investing.
  • Stratzy offers a range of financial tactics and ideas, catering to different trading styles and preferences. This variety enables consumers to investigate and select methods that are consistent with their investing objectives and risk tolerance.
  • While some customers have reported losing money, it’s worth remembering that algorithms, when properly handled, have the ability to yield long-term profits. The effectiveness of algorithms can depend on various factors, including market conditions, strategy implementation, and risk management.


  • Despite the possible long-term effectiveness of algorithms, some users have suffered loss. This demonstrates the inherent dangers of algorithmic trading, such as market volatility, execution problems, and strategy performance.
  • Algorithmic orders may not always be completed at the desired price. Users have claimed concerns with algorithmic order execution, claiming that orders are not filled at the appropriate price or as expected. This can have an impact on trading results, necessitating attentive monitoring and strategy adjustments.
  • Accurate entry and exit points are essential for effective trading. Reports of issues with the accuracy of these points hint to potential difficulties in plan execution and performance consistency.
  • While the app provides valuable features and services, the subscription fee may be considered expensive for certain users, especially those who are cost-conscious or have limited budgets for trading tools and platforms.

Subscription Fee- Starts @81/ day

Subscription Features

  • F & O Signals

Real-time F&O trading data, including index option spreads. Receive exit prompts immediately via WhatsApp.

  • Premium Telegram

You may get all Stratzy signals on your Telegram app. Use the URL in the message to execute transactions with a single click!

  • Algos

Sit back and relax as your quant models trade automatically. Pre-built algorithms with great accuracy.

3x Your Profits With Access To Our Premium Investing Products.

  • Flagship Strategies

Stock baskets designed using fundamentals and quantitative methods. Regular stock rebalancing to achieve consistent returns.

  • Premium Ideas

Our research team has picked stocks that are likely to move quickly. Good time to enter and exit prompts are offered.

  • Stock insights

Deep study insights on over 500 equities are easily understandable. Each stock is assessed using our proprietary MOST structure.

  • WhatsApp Updates

Receive regular updates and exit alerts for your invested Ideas and Strategies directly on WhatsApp!

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Customer Service

Phone number- +91-6206211015

Mail- Not Available

Chat Support- Not Available


To summarize, Stratzy provides a user-friendly investment platform with useful features such as simplified investment ideas, battle-tested tactics, and real-time trading signals for diverse trading styles. Its interaction with major brokers and transparent tracking increase its desirability.

Users should be aware of potential hazards, such as reported losses with the app’s algorithms, occasional delays in customer care answers, accuracy concerns with order fulfillment, and subscription rates that may not be appropriate for all users.

since Stratzy is a very new software, it may take few years to fully develop and improve their technology. Overall, while Stratzy provides important tools, users should be aware of its potential downsides and have a good understanding of their financial objectives and risk tolerance.

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