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Kfinkart Investor Mutual Funds

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The app KFintech operates the mission-critical requirements of asset managers with clients lasting mutual funds, AIFs (alternative investments), pension, wealth managers and corporates in India and abroad.

This platform offers SaaS-based end-to-end transaction management, channel management, compliance solutions, data analytics, and a variety of other digital services to asset managers across industries, as well as outsourcing services to worldwide companies. Maximize your financial and time resources.

You can do all of these and more with KFinKart where you can link and monitor your family folios across AMCs, invest in NFOs, transact or reinvest, start or stop SIPs. This platform is regulated by SEBI.


KFintech has 3.6/5 rating with 57k reviews along with more than 1 million downloads in playstore.

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Sreekanth Nadella is the CEO and founder of KFin Technologies, leading the transformation of capital markets administration through innovative solutions. Nadella offers a plethora of knowledge to his position from a history rich in complex operations, transformation, business process optimization, strategy formulation, and IT service delivery.
KFin Technologies has produced best-in-class IT and ITES results for clients in more than 50 countries under Nadella’s direction. Over the course of his two decades in leadership, he has worked with some of the world’s top corporations, promoting excellence in ITES and IT services.

Why to choose KFintech?

  • KFintech services 25 out of 47 Indian Mutual Fund AMCs
  •  #1 Corporate Registrar in India, serving 6,071 corporations with a 46.1% market share.
  • #1 RTA In Southeast Asia, became the preferred transaction processing platform for 33 mutual funds and pension managers.
  • KFintech is a leader in the NPS ecosystem, with the quickest account opening time and industry first paperless onboarding.
  • ₹17.4 tn of AAUM & processes over 18 lac transactions each day
  • Maintains and services over 26 crore portfolios, serving as a reliable partner for investors.
  • Serves over 472 AIF schemes formed by more than 100 fund managers


For investors who wish to make direct mutual fund investments, this app is an excellent option. In addition to features like a transaction history and portfolio tracker, it has an easy-to-use interface. The features of the app are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management:

The goal of the mobile app KFinKart – Investor Mutual Funds is to improve and streamline the mutual fund portfolio management process. It is a flexible tool for investors because it provides an extensive feature set.

  • Online Transactions: 

By allowing online transactions, the software simplifies the investing process. Mutual fund units can be easily purchased, sold, or switched by investors, doing away with the need for paperwork and in-person meetings with middlemen.

  • Portfolio Monitoring:

KFinKart has strong portfolio monitoring features. By keeping an eye on the success of their mutual fund investments, investors can make any necessary adjustments on time.

  • Fund Analysis: 

Using in-depth fund analysis, the app gives investors knowledge about different funds and schemes. Investors can use this information to make well-informed decisions that support their financial objectives.

  • Goal Planning:

One useful tool is goal planning, which enables investors to establish personalized financial targets. Investors can use the app to create plans that are customized to these objectives, track their progress, and make any necessary revisions.

  • Personalized Recommendations: 

KFinKart offers personalized investment suggestions and alerts based on the investor’s profile and preferences. This feature makes the user’s experience better by providing timely and relevant information.

  • Additional Purchase.

An investor can select the AMC, folio, and scheme to transact. He or she may decide to invest in an existing program or a new one. If he or she chooses conventional schemes, he or she must additionally enter the broker’s information, EUIN, and declaration. Before he can click Next, he must specify the amount, manner of payment, and bank name.

  • New purchase.

To transact, the user must first select the AMC and scheme. The user can choose between Regular and Direct modes of funding. If Regular mode is selected, distributor information will be gathered. The user can add nominees (up to a maximum of three). The nominees list will be retrieved from My Profile.

The user can select a payment method such as Net Banking or KOTM. If the payment mode is Net Banking, user will be able to select Bank fetched from My Profile bank accounts list.

  • Redemption Robo

This tool will help the investor choose the optimal plan to redeem from by calculating the amount receivable based on the exit load, short term, and long term gains applicable to the folio. This functionality is enabled for both My Portfolio (personal) and Minor Portfolio.

  • Redemption

Investor must select the AMC, folio, and scheme from which to redeem. He/she must specify the redemption kind and mechanism. If the redemption is not complete, he or she must input the remaining amount or units to redeem. When he or she clicks on Generate OTP, a one-time password is generated for his or her registered mobile number.

  • Insta Cash Redemption

This feature is only accessible for folios that offer instant redemption to a bank account.

  • Switch

To switch, investors must first select the mutual fund category and scheme. He/she must pick the EUIN declaration and describe the switch type and mode before inputting the amount of units if the switch is not full. When he clicks on Generate OTP, a one-time password is produced on his registered mobile number.

  • SIP Registration

This feature allows the user to register for a systematic investment plan in an existing or new scheme. To use this service, a user must connect to his account using the username and password that he registered with KFinKart. After logging in, click the “Transact Now” option. Then click “SIP Registration” to begin the procedure.

Update the Scheme details, broker details, and investment details as shown in the screenshot. To accelerate the SIP Registration process, click “Submit” after updating all of the forms.

The portal offers three forms of SIP registration: existing folio, new folio, and new folio with payment.

User can select the mode of registration of SIP for recurring payments as:

1. ISIP (biller registration in net-banking)

2. KOTM (eMandate)

  • SWP

This tool enables investors to gradually remove monies from their existing assets. The withdrawal frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual.

There are two types of withdrawal options: fixed or capital appreciation, which include withdrawing a fixed amount (subject to fund availability) or the amount appreciated throughout the term.

  • STP

This feature enables the investor to move monies from their current scheme to another scheme within the same fund. The transfer frequency can be each day, every week, every two weeks, or quarterly.

There are two types of transfer possibilities (depending on specified schemes): fixed or capital appreciation, in which a fixed amount (subject to fund availability) or the amount appreciated throughout the time is transferred, respectively.


  • Users can invest in mutual funds’ direct plans, which offer lower expense ratios and higher returns than normal plans.
  • It charges no commissions or brokerage fees to users, allowing them to save money while increasing their earnings.
  • Smart solutions such as SmartDeposit, SmartSwitch, and SmartSIP allow customers to optimize their investments depending on their goals and risk profiles.
  • Helps consumers save money by investing in ELSS funds, which feature a three-year lock-in period and provide tax breaks under Section 80C.


  • Does not support all mutual fund schemes and categories, limiting consumers’ options for diversification.
  • Does not provide any advice or research services, therefore consumers must rely on their own judgment and analysis before investing.
  • There are issues with network connectivity inside the app, especially when using services like as tracking mandates.
  • Despite reinstalling the program and updating to the latest version as instructed by the support team, still login and functioning issues will be occurring.

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To download and install this application, any user must have access to the internet via a smartphone. The app is available on Play Store and App store for no extra cost. After installing KFinKart, the App icon will display on the screen and is ready for usage.

Customer Service


Contact number- +91-40-67162222/7961 1000

Chat support- Available


The KFinKart Investor Mutual Funds app, powered by KFintech, stands out as a comprehensive platform for investors looking to manage their mutual fund assets effectively. The app caters to a wide range of investing demands, with features such as portfolio management, online transactions, portfolio monitoring, fund analysis, goal planning, and tailored suggestions.

Its emphasis on direct mutual fund investments, lower expense ratios, and smart solutions such as SmartDeposit, SmartSwitch, and SmartSIP provide value to users trying to maximize their investing strategy.

Nonetheless, KFintech’s track record as a leader in capital markets administration, its extensive industry presence serving numerous AMCs and corporations, and its commitment to innovation make KFinKart a compelling choice for investors seeking a digital solution to manage their mutual fund portfolios effectively.

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