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Zerodha Brokerage Charges 2024 | New Zerodha charges

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You May be shocked to know zerodha may charge double brokerage (40 rupees) as Zerodha brokerage charges 2024, you know why? ( read the full article )Zerodha is a popular discount brokerage firm in India known for its low brokerage charges and innovative trading platforms. If you are considering opening an account with Zerodha, it is important to understand the fees and charges in zerodha involved. You can also find the 2024 Zerodha charges list here.

Table of Contents

Zerodha Trading Account Opening Charges & AMC

Zerodha Brokerage Plan

Zerodha Brokerage Charges List 2023

Zerodha Demat Account Charges

Hidden Charges and Fees


Zerodha Account Opening & AMC Charges

When you open a trading or demat account with Zerodha, you will need to pay a one-time account opening fee. The fee for opening a trading account is Online Rs 200 (Equity +Currency) and Rs 300 (Equity +Currency +Commodity). This fee covers the cost of setting up your account and providing you the access to Zerodha’s trading platforms and other services.

Woman confirming about Zerodha Trading Account Opening Charges & AMC on phone

In addition to the account opening fee, you will also need to pay an annual maintenance charge (AMC) to maintain your account, which is charges quarterly (details given below). As you pay an annual fees for your debit or credit card or bank locker, this AMC charge is Zerodha’s annual charge for maintaining your account and providing you with customer support, stocks buying selling facility and other investment related services.

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Zerodha Brokerage Charges 2024 ; Equity

Zerodha brokerage charges are zero for equity delivery i.e. if you buy shares for long term (delivery) you will be charged zero from zerodha’s side, though other regulatory charges may still be applicable which are described below.

In case of Equity Intraday brokerage of up to 0.03% of transaction amount or Rs 20 (whichever is lower) is being charged as of today. which means the maximum brokerage in this segment are capped at maximum 20 rupees per executed order.

please note here that charging 0.03% instead of flat 20 will cost cheaper in the small amount of trades.

for example 1- if you buy 100 shares at the price of 10 rupee each, your total transaction amount on buy side will be 1000 rupee. Now the brokerage calculated by 0.03% will come out as 0.3 rupee which is now compared with 20 rupees (because the lower one has to be charged). after comparing we know that 0.3 is lesser than 20 so the brokerage charged will be 0.3 Rs. only.

For example 2- if you buy 10,000 shares at the price of 10 rupee each, your total transaction amount on buy side will be 1,00,000 rupee. Now the brokerage calculated by 0.03% will come out as 30 rupee which is higher than 20, so now the brokerage charged will be 20 rupee only.

for Equity futures brokerage charges are same as equity intraday segment. i.e. 0.03% of transaction amount or 20 rupee whichever is lower.

zerodha charges flat Rs. 20 per executed order for all kind of options trades. i.e. same for equity, currency and commodity. please note here that option trading is going to incur more cost as compared to futures because of flat 20 rupee rates in options while the cost will save in futures when you trade with low capital because the actual brokerage will be calculated on the basis of 0.03%.

The following zerodha charges table provides an overview of the Zerodha brokerage charges for each segment of equity.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges 2024; Currency

for Currency futures zerodha charges Rs. 20 or 0.03% of transaction amount, per executed order, whichever is lower. And for Currency Options Zerodha charges flat 20 Rupees per executed order.

Thus if you are trading with small amounts, Futures Trading on zerodha platform will incur less cost than options. Do pay attention to this % figure because that will be the actual charge if you trading with low capital.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges 2024; Commodity

for Commodity futures zerodha charges Rs. 20 or 0.03% of transaction amount, per executed order, whichever is lower. And for Commodity Options Zerodha charges flat 20 Rupees per executed order.

Read this article if you are confused between Zerodha and Angelone.

Regulatory Charges

The charges and taxes that are added to the Zerodha brokerage fees include transaction charges, STT (Securities Transaction Charges), GST, stamp duty, and SEBI charges. These charges are levied by various regulatory platforms like NSE, BSE, MCX, SEBI, CDSl or others. So thery do not belong to stock brokers.

The amount of these charges varies depending on the segment you are trading in like major changes happen when you shift the segment like from equity intraday to futures or from futures to options but these charges also change minutely asset wise i.e. different charges for equity different for currency and different for commodity. To be short and specific I am explaining only equity category regulatory charges. you can refer to zerodha official website to know the exact regulatory charges for currency and commodity categories.

  • STT (securities transaction Tax)- 0.1% in equity delivery on both buy and sell side, 0.025% in equity intraday, 0.0125% in futures and 0.0625% in options. STT is charged on sell side only for intraday, futures and options segment. This percentage is calculated on total transaction amount.
  • SEBI Turnover charges– Rs. 10/crore or 0.0001 % on transaction amount in all segments (delivery, intraday and F&O).
  • Exchange Transaction Charges– it is charged on both buy and sell side and is different for NSE and BSE because this charges is levied by Exchange. This fee is maximum in case of Options 0.0495 % of transaction amount on both NSE and BSE. for Equity delivery and equity intraday it is around 0.00322% on NSE. (BSE data not available in these two segments). For futures it is zero on BSE and 0.00188% on NSE.
  • DP Charges– Rs. 13.5+ gst per scrip sold transaction only in case of delivery segment.
  • Stamp Duty Charges– It is charges on buy side only and this amount goes to state govt. For Equity delivery it is 0.015%, for intraday it is 0.003%, for futures 0.002% and for options it is 0.003%.
  • GST– 18% on the sum of brokerage + Exchange transaction charges + SEBI FEE

These Zerodha brokerage charges are subject to change, so subscribe to our blog to get timely updates.

Equity and mutual fund investing with Zerodha are entirely free of charge. Which are available on theri “COIN” App. Please Prefer Direct Mutual funds over Regular ones for better Returns.

It is worth noting that if you buy and sell shares using the CNC product type but not on the same day, it will be considered an equity delivery trade, and the brokerage charge will not apply. However, government taxes and charges will still be deducted. However, brokerage charges do apply to other segments, such as equity derivatives, commodity and currency tradings, and equity intraday trades.

At the end of each day, the brokerage charges of zerodha for all the trades you have made are deducted, which are emailed to you in the form of “Contract Note“. It is important to note that brokerage charges are only applied to completed or executed orders. There are no brokerage charges for cancelled or rejected orders.

Zerodha AMC Charges

In addition to Zerodha trading charges, Zerodha also charges fees for opening and maintaining a demat account and AMC fee of 300 rupees per year which is deducted on quarterly basis a sum of 75+gst. The fees for opening a demat account are given above.

Woman checking Zerodha Demat Account Charges
Zerodha Demat Account Charges 2023 - Table

Zerodha has a quarterly Account Maintenance charge (AMC) for non-BSDA accounts. For BSDA accounts, the zerodha charges zero AMC if you have only one Demat account and the holding value is less than 2 lakhs. The AMC charges for non-BSDA accounts are Rs 75 per quarter for Individuals, HUFs, and Partnership Firms; Rs 125 per quarter for NRIs; and Rs 250 per quarter for Corporate entities such as LLPs and Private & Public Companies.

Hidden Charges and Fees

Zerodha offers easy and seamless banking services to its clients. You can transfer funds from your trading account to almost 25 different banks, with a nominal fee of Rs 9 for instant credit facility and this charge goes to your bank. Zerodha does not impose any minimum deposit requirements for opening a trading and demat account. You will only be charged zerodha opening charges for account and demat amc charges in zerodha.

All plan details and charges are transparently specified in the account opening documents, and there are no hidden fees associated with Zerodha’s services.

Few other Service charges which are clearly mentioned on zerodha Official website are briefly mentioned here-

  1. call and trade charges – 50 rupee per order
  2. pledge creation charges – 30 Rs. + GST per pledge request
  3. Delayed payment charges – 0.05% per day on outstanding amount or negative balance/debit balance.
  4. debit balance charges – brokerage will be charged double i.e. 40 rupee instead of 20 rupees if your account balance is shown negative.


Opening a trading account with Zerodha is easy and affordable, specially its great for long term investors because of free equity delivery. My own demat account is with zerodha and i hold around 5 lacs rupees worth of investment in that for last 4 years. Its customer care service is also the best in india where your call connects within 3 minutes or so and the training level of their executives is excellent. There seems no reason to avoid zerodha demat account. Go for it now. click here to open demat account in zerodha. you can follow below steps in the video to open your account.


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