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Upstox Referral Code| Refer & earn benefits

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Upstox Referral Code/upstox Refer and Earn

Upstox is categorically one of the greatest Demat and trading apps in India. Let’s take a look at what makes Upstox the greatest Demat software and how a new user can sign up with an Upstox referral code to receive the new user incentive.

Upstox Referral Code| Refer & earn benefits

Upstox’s simple interface, faster performance, and substantial referral program are some of the features that make it a popular software among traders. Let’s go over the perks of becoming a new member on Upstox, as well as how to get the best discounts when you join.

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Benefits of Reference
Many apps, including Upstox, provide benefits or perks for signing up via a friend’s invitation or referral code. Enrolling using an Upstox referral code or link allows you to enjoy various benefits:

  • Receive free brokerage credit of up to ₹500 for 30 days*.
  • Open a FREE Demat, Trading, and Zero Balance Savings Account.
  • Enjoy free equity delivery trades for life.
  • Refer a friend to Upstox and earn ₹100. Referring a friend earns you an extra ₹100 when they trade.

These offers are very appealing for new users. If you find them appealing and decide to sign up for Upstox, consider using our referral code.

Upstox Referral code

The referral code for new users signing up to get a bonus on Upstox is “23AV3U”

Demat App Codes
Upstox referral code 23AV3U
Eligibility New users only
Bonus for Signup Free Demat, brokerage credit, Lifetime equity delivery.
Platforms Android, iOS, Web App, Mobile
KYC is Mandatory? Online KYC
Country India
Parent company RKSV Securities Pvt Ltd
Referral income Yes

Benefits for Friends

Benefits for Friends Details
Demat + Trading Account Zero account maintenance charges
Mutual Funds and IPO Investing ₹0 commission
Equity, F&O, Currency & Commodity ₹20 per order brokerage


  • There are no account maintenance fees for your friends’ Demat and Trading accounts.
  • There is no commission for investing in mutual funds or IPOs. There are no commission costs when investing in mutual funds or IPOs.
  • A brokerage fee of ₹20 per order applies to trading in Equity, Futures & Options (F&O), Currency, and Commodity segments.

Refer in Version 4.0

Referring someone to Upstox via the Upstox app version 4.0 is very easy. Just do the following:

  • Log In: Install the Upstox app or go to Upstox website, and enter your 6-digit PIN or use your biometric authentication to get logged in.
  • Find the Account: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see ‘Account’.
  • Rewards: Tap on ‘Rewards’.

From here, there are two ways to invite friends:

  • Via WhatsApp: Click on “Share link via WhatsApp”. A pop-up window will show up with a notification that allows you to send this referral link through WhatsApp by all means.
  • Via Other Apps: Click on “Share using other apps”. A pop-up window will show up with a notification that allows you to share this referral link using various other methods.

Important Notes:

  • The referral incentive amount you are eligible for will be displayed on your screen.
  • Once your friend receives the referral link via WhatsApp or another app, they need to click on it, follow the signup process, and complete opening an Upstox account.

Refer in Version 3.0

To refer a friend or family member, follow the steps below if you are using version 3.0 of the Upstox app:

  • Use your six-digit PIN or biometrics to log in to the Upstox app.
  • Scroll down of the page and click on ‘Account’ located in the top left corner.
  • Choose “Refer and Earn.”
  • Select ‘Send invite.’
  • Enter your name and mobile number then you can choose to send an invite or copy referral URL for sharing with friends and family.
  • Once your friend uses your referral link during sign up; as a result, he will become your referrals.


Here are the main things that you should not forget:

  • The reference link can only work within a week(7 days). In this way, your friend must complete its Upstox account opening for you to get rewarded.
  • If your friend fails to open an account within seven days, resending them will not connect them through your referral and instead they will be registered as normal leads without referral in the system.
  • The ‘Refer and Earn’ rewards depend on whatever offer is live at the time in the app with successful OTP (one-time password) verification of mobile number and email address for creating an Upstox account by a referred friend.
  • Referral incentives are limited to ten referrals a month; more than this number made in a particular month do not have any payment following it. A referred person who has finished all steps in creating the Upstox account is considered to be a successful referral.
  • Your friend must sign up with his or her mobile number, confirm their email using One Time Password (OTP) and create their new trading account under your reference link before the expiration of seven days, if you want to benefit from such reference.

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Partner with Upstox to earn cash rewards and lifetime brokerage sharing.

Become an Upstox partner today and enjoy fantastic perks! For each account you refer and successfully open, you can earn up to 700 rupees in cash. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn up to 50% of the brokerage generated by the clients you refer to Upstox for their lifetime. This is an excellent opportunity to register a demat account today with the referral code “23AV3U” and begin earning rewards and sharing in the brokerage generated by your referrals. Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to partner with Upstox!


Among the many trading apps, Upstox is great to use because it contains user-friendly interface, it works fast and has a very good referral program.

For newbies they can take advantage of the Upstox referral code 23AV3U which allows them to gain free brokerage credit, complimentary Demat & Trading & Zero Balance Savings Account and life time free equity delivery trade. Through this referral system, one can also earn cash for every friend they refer to the site as an opportunity to make money on a part-time basis.

It is very convenient for traders because there are no account maintenance fees charged on annual basis. Upstox also listed zero commission mutual funds or IPOs and INR 20 nominal brokerage charges per order in perfect trading environment.

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