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Screener.in review | Pros and Cons of Screener in App

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Screener.in is a stock analysis Website and app which enables you to generate your own customized screening criteria and obtain a list of stocks that meet that criteria. Screener.in provides consumers with accurate data in the form of financial ratios, yearly statements, balance sheets, cash flow, investor information, and more.

Screener.in is simple and straightforward website effectively attracts both new and existing investors. You can even learn about the company’s essential points, such as its revenue breakdown, products and services, and more. Screener was created by Ayush and Pratyush Mittal (brothers) in 2009. This platform is registered with SEBI.


Screener has 4.5/5 rating with 1k reviews along with more than one million downloads.

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Screener.in Features.
Screener.in offers two subscription plans: Basic and Premium. Here’s an overview of both of these plans:

  • Screener.in Basic Plan 

The basic plan is best suited for beginners and hobby investors who want to start their investing journey. The Basic Plan is free; however it has some limitations on features such as investor selection and the amount of listed companies (stocks) that can be followed. Let’s see which tools Screener.in’s basic plan includes

1. Stock Screening: Screens of varied dimensions are available for investors to browse and compare equities of their choosing. Screens can be chosen based on popular books, such as Piotroski Scan, or by price or volume, such as Darvan Scan. There is also the opportunity to construct your own screen, allowing customers to go about their investment journey in their own manner.
2. Feed (Watchlist): When a user visits Screener.in, the first thing he or she sees is the watchlist feature, also known as the feed. The feed is unique to each investor and contains a list of all the stock firms searched for. Feed also provides immediate access to announcements, quarterly results, exchange filings, and numerous other services.
3. Tools: This part empowers investors’ creative styles by providing a tool for creating stock screens. Whether you’re seeking for a company based on market capitalization or ROCE for a specific ratio, a simple search query will yield results. Based on your question, the stock screen will provide a list of all firms that meet the specified parameters. Users can begin their investing adventure with a wealth of information by utilizing the tools available on the Screener.in website.

  • Screener.in Premium Plan

The premium plan is for active investors and costs ₹4,999 per year. So, if you’ve acquired traction in the investment area and want to take it seriously, this is the opportunity for you. This upgrade to premium includes tools that provide customers with exclusive tools and benefits, such as

  • Exporting/importing trade data;
  • Searching shareholders and accessing the latest announcements;
  • Custom support for queries regarding features, tools, analysing charts, etc.

Features of Plans

Features Basic Plan Premium Plan
Follow Companies Up to 50 Companies Unlimited
Excel Automation Available Available
Detailed Peer Comparison Not Available Available
Fundamental Charts Available Available
Stock Alerts 10 600
Key Insights 20 per month Unlimited
Concall Notes 10 per month Unlimited
Segment Results Not Available Available
Quick Ratios 18 60
Stock Screens Available Available
Custom Ratios Available Available
Screen Alerts 2 75
Comparison Columns 15 55
Download Results Not Available Available
Industry Filter Not Available Available
Search Everywhere Available Available
Phrase Alerts 2 50
Follow People 2 200
One-Click Filters Not Available Available
Email Delivery Delayed Prioritized
Multiple Watchlists Not Available Available
Trends of 10,000+ products Not Available Available
Priority Support Not Available Available

Pros of Screener.in

  • The interface is very easy to use making it easy to operate. The platform features a clear layout with minimal additional clutter, making the tiresome chore of seeking information less difficult.
  • Screener.in has a wealth of data that can be used for stock analysis. The graphical depiction, ratios, and statements presented assist investors in developing an understanding of the company’s operations.
  • The newest announcements function provides daily updates on the companies listed in a user’s feed. Thus, assessing corporations based on current activity, such as quarterly reports or shareholding patterns, becomes easier. Because the value of a stock is heavily influenced by the company’s present operations, this type of data will assist an investor in making sound decisions and tracking their portfolio.
  • Screener.in provides support through a help center and a customer service email address. This is a responsive guide that will assist you with any problems or issues that may arise when using the website.

Cons of Screener.in

  • Although the customer care at Screener.in is excellent, it is only available to premium subscribers. As a result, a first-time user of the Screener.in platform will be unable to obtain assistance with any analysis-related queries.
  • The premium subscription includes a variety of options such as searching for shareholders and viewing the most recent announcements. This means that a membership is required to stay up to speed on the firms you’re interested in.
  • Some users reported that critical ratios and data analysis tools, such as RSI (Relative Strength Index) and DMA 100, were missing, potentially limiting the app’s usefulness for stock analysis.
  • Users experienced issues with data display, jumbled information, and navigating via the app, all of which impacted the overall user experience and usability.
  • Despite the app’s claim to prioritize user privacy by not demanding personal information or trackers, several users have reported worries about data security and spam calls.

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Customer Care

Support Link- https://www.screener.in/register/?next=/support/

Number- +91-9043192221

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Screener.in offers a comprehensive stock analysis tool with customizable screening criteria, financial data, and investor information. Its Basic Plan, designed for beginners, includes useful tools such as stock screening, watchlist features, and innovative stock screenings. The Premium Plan, designed for active investors, includes additional features such as data exporting, shareholder search, and personalized support.

Pros include an easy-to-use interface, extensive data for research, and regular updates on company activity. However, better customer service is only available to premium subscribers, which is a disadvantage for new users looking for analysis-related support without a subscription. Though overall its a useful tool for investors both mobile and web users.

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