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Robo-advisors and Algorithmic Strategies: Impact of Technology on Broking 2024

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What Is Robo-advisory?

Algorithmic Strategies: Importance in Modern Trading


Industry 4.0, which is the 4th Industrial Revolution, has ushered in fast technological advancements. These are having an impact on different sectors, which include the financial sector. With new technologies being introduced almost every month, modern broking has already changed significantly. This is especially the case with algorithmic trading and robo-advisors ruling the roost.

With such types of automated solutions, there is little human error, reduced expenses and better accessibility – which improves the efficiency and transparency of investing.

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What Is Robo-advisory?

It is a digital platform offering automatic brokerage services, which reduces the need for human beings for decision-making tasks.

This technology used in modern broking makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced software algorithms to offer investment tips or manage portfolios.

These allocate assets and manage the same on the basis of the preferences, financial objectives and risk tolerance of an investor.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Robo-advisors?

Robo-advisors are being used by an increasing number of people. Find out about some of the advantages that are leading to the popularity of robo-advisory platforms.


The cost of robo-advisors is lower than human financial advisors, given that they operate in an automatic manner, leading to reduced fees. Generally, yearly fees of less than 0.4% are charged for every managed account. This is much lower than the 1% that is the fee of human advisors.


This is a user-friendly technology being implemented in modern broking. It lets you execute trades easily. Even investors who are noobs and lack enough experience or financial knowledge can use it with success.


Investments are monitored constantly by robo-advisors. This allows for portfolio adjustment based on changes in the financial situation of investors or market situation. With this approach, investment strategy can stay aligned with investors’ risk tolerance over a period of time.


With robo-advisors, investors get the chance to align their financial objectives with their social or ethical values. They can get the flexibility to customize their own portfolios by excluding the names of particular companies.


Robo-advisors offer important details about fund allocations and the investment process itself. The fee structures are simple and straightforward, allowing investors to get clarity in understanding investment portfolio expenses.

Accessible round-the-clock

Robo-advisors let you access investment tools and information round the clock. Investors can access performance reports, monitor portfolios and stay updated about developments in the market at any time.


Investing is made easier by automation, which does away with the need to supervise manually on a constant basis. The approach is hands-free, which makes the investment process much smoother, providing investors with efficiency and convenience.

How to use a Robo-advisor?

Traditional trading methods involve getting in touch with a financial advisor, explaining your needs for investment and then waiting for the execution of trade. The whole process gets streamlined with robo-advisors in place. It lets investors execute trade right from their homes, with just a few clicks.

Do you want to use a robo-advisor? Here is how to do it:

  • First and foremost, you have to register with a robo-advisor platform. During the process of initial setup, you have to offer details about your investment objectives, financial situation and risk tolerance. It is generally done through user-friendly questionnaires or surveys online.
  • The data that you input is then analyzed by the robo-advisor algorithm, to determine optimal allocation of assets for you. In other words, it is all about determining the combination of bonds, stocks and other assets that align with your financial goals and risk preferences.
  • Customization features are available with some robo-advisors which let you go one step ahead with the personalization of your portfolio. You might exclude specific industries on the basis of your preferences or align your investments with particular values.
  • After creating your profile and building your portfolio, the work of the robo-advisor begins. The market and your investments are monitored constantly by automated algorithms. In case adjustment needs to be done, your portfolio is rebalanced automatically by the platform. There is purchase or sale of assets, to maintain the desired allocation of assets.
  • Investors can access real time insights and performance reports via mobile applications or user friendly interfaces. It lets you stay updated about the performance status of your investments at any particular time.
  • With robo-advisors, you can get the power to enter the domain of investment easily. You can begin wealth-building with little impediment.
  • Once you go past the initial setup process, the rest of the steps can easily be handled by the robo-advisor. It is an automated, hands-free investing approach that allows you to get optimal returns with proper risk management.

Algorithmic Strategies: Importance in Modern Trading

Algorithm trading makes use of complex mathematical models and preset instructions to place bulk orders quickly, across various decision parameters and multiple markets.

This modern broking technology helps analyze huge data volume and recognize trends and patterns as well as potential chances that human traders might not notice easily.

Using Algorithmic Trading Strategies: What are the Top Benefits?

Algorithmic strategies are evolving continuously. Know about some of the advantages of this technology, when used in modern broking:

Reduced latency

It ensures precise and immediate placement of trade orders. The timing is precise, which helps avoid major changes in price.

No human error

With algorithm trading, the risk of manual errors related to human traders often, gets reduced. It also lowers the impact of psychological and emotional factors that frequently affect decision-making by humans in the domain of trading.

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Reduced trading expenses

The cost of transaction related to manual trading is reduced with automation. It helps benefit institutional traders as well as individual investors.

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Both algorithmic trading and robo-advisors have helped change modern broking drastically. Algorithmic trading strategies include fast trades driven by data, aimed mostly at gaining over the short term. Robot visors on the other hand are ideal for individual investors. These help in managing portfolios with an emphasis on wealth building over the long term via passive investing methods. The combination of financial expertise in modern broking and cutting-edge technologies such as robo-advisors and algorithmic trading strategies ensure easily accessible and low-cost services for traders.

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