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Nirmal Bang Review – Services, Pros, Cons, Charges and More

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Table of Contents

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Charges

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Services and Features

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Pros

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Cons

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Margin Exposure

Nirmal Bang Accounts: Nirmal Bang Demat and Trading Account

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Trading Software

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Customer Care


Looking for the best Nirmal Bang Review? Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt Ltd., established in 1986, is a leading full-service broking house providing a wide range of financial products and services. With memberships in top Indian exchanges and depository participant status, it offers stock trading, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds, currencies, IPOs, investment banking, insurance broking, and many other services.

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Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Charges

When it comes to account charges, Nirmal Bang offers a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to start trading and investing.

Opening a trading account is completely free, and there are no charges for the annual maintenance of the trading account either.

Similarly, the process of opening a demat account is also free of charge.

However, for the demat account, there is an annual maintenance charge of Rs 200.

There is no additional charge for maintaining the trading account.

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Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Services and Features

The services offered by Nirmal Bang include:

  1. Equity Trading: Nirmal Bang provides services for trading in equities, allowing customers to buy and sell stocks listed on various exchanges.
  2. Derivatives Trading: The brokerage house facilitates trading in derivatives, including futures and options, enabling customers to hedge their positions or speculate on price movements.
  3. Commodity Trading: Nirmal Bang offers commodity trading services, allowing customers to trade in commodities such as agricultural products, energy, metals, etc.
  4. Currency Trading: The broker provides currency trading facilities, enabling customers to trade in foreign exchange and take advantage of fluctuations in currency exchange rates.
  5. IPO Services: Nirmal Bang assists customers in participating in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), allowing them to invest in new issues of shares in the primary market.
  6. Mutual Fund Investments: The brokerage house enables customers to invest in mutual funds, providing access to a wide range of schemes managed by various asset management companies.
  7. Insurance Services: Nirmal Bang offers insurance services, helping customers choose and purchase insurance products such as health insurance, life insurance, and general insurance.
  8. Margin Financing: The broker provides margin financing facilities, allowing customers to leverage their investments and trade with borrowed funds.
  9. Portfolio Management Services (PMS): Nirmal Bang offers portfolio management services, where experienced professionals manage customers’ investment portfolios based on their financial goals and risk appetite.
  10. Research & Advisory Services: The company has a dedicated team of fundamental researchers and technical analysts who provide comprehensive research reports and advisory services. These include fundamental equity reports, technical calls, commodity research, derivative research, macroeconomic research reports, currency research, and mutual fund research.
  11. Online and Offline Trading: Nirmal Bang serves customers through both online and offline channels. Customers can trade using the web portal, Beyond mobile app, or ODIN desktop trading terminal. Additionally, the company has a network of branches and regional offices across the country for offline trading.
  12. Backoffice Report Portal: Nirmal Bang provides the LD Backoffice report portal, a platform that enables customers to access and manage their trading and investment-related reports.
  13. Risk Management Software: The broker offers LD Rakshak, a risk-management software, which helps customers monitor and manage their risk exposure in their trading activities.
  14. Free Demat and Trading Account: Customers can open a free Demat and Trading Account with Nirmal Bang, allowing them to trade on different exchanges. The brokerage fee charged by the company varies across segments, ranging from 0.02% to 0.20% as a percentage of the transaction value.

Please note that the availability of specific services may vary, and it is recommended to contact Nirmal Bang directly for the most up-to-date information.

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Pros

This full-service broker offers a comprehensive suite of services that encompass broking, portfolio management services (PMS), depository services, and Mutual Funds.

In addition, Nirmal Bang provides robust research services to assist clients in making informed investment decisions.

The broker also grants access to risk management tools and efficient back office software, ensuring smooth operations.

With a strong physical presence across 16 states, Nirmal Bang has established branches to cater to the needs of their widespread clientele effectively.

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Cons

Although a full-service broker, it does not provide a 3-in-1 account facility.

The brokerage rates offered by Nirmal Bang are open to negotiation.

It is worth noting that Nirmal Bang does not offer a brokerage calculator or margin calculator.

Due to its full-service nature, the brokerage charges levied by Nirmal Bang tend to be higher compared to those of discount brokers.

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Margin Exposure

Nirmal Bang offers different margin and leverage options for various types of trading activities.

For intraday trading in stocks, the margin provided is up to 20% of the trade value, allowing for a maximum leverage of 5 times. This margin applies to Equity, Currency, and Commodity trading on the BSE, NSE, and MCX exchanges.

However, for Nirmal Bang F&O carry forward positions and equity delivery trades, there is no additional margin offered. In these cases, the margin requirement is 100% of the trade value, with a leverage of 1x. For F&O trading in Equity, Currency, and Commodities, the margin is based on NRML margin (Span + Exposure) and requires 100% of the margin with a leverage of 1x.

Nirmal Bang Accounts: Nirmal Bang Demat and Trading Account

Residents can open a 2-in-1 account with Nirmal Bang, enabling them to participate in various trading segments. This account serves as a trading account and also as a demat account, granting customers the ability to engage in online trading.

Furthermore, Nirmal Bang grants account holders complimentary access to their extensive range of research reports. As a depository participant of CDSL as well as NSDL, Nirmal Bang facilitates the opening of trading cum demat accounts, empowering customers to trade and invest in:

  • Shares,
  • Commodities,
  • Futures & options, and
  • Currency derivative segments.

Additionally, it provides access to other financial products such as:

  • Mutual funds,
  • IPOs,
  • Bonds,
  • Insurance,
  • Fixed-income products, and
  • NPS retirement product.

Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Trading Software

Nirmal Bang provides various trading platforms catering to different investment styles and requirements.


ODIN is a renowned application-based trading front office solution, known for its compatibility with low bandwidth. It offers a lightweight, downloadable application with features suitable for active traders.


NET NET is a web trading application built on HTML technology, accessible on any web browser. It acts as a comprehensive platform for trading across multiple segments, providing real-time charting, market watch, order book, and fund transfer capabilities.

LD Rakshak

LD Rakshak is a real-time risk management software program connected to both Broking Back-office and DP Back-office, providing live exposure and risk monitoring.

LD-Client Level Software

LD-Client Level Software is a live back-office software platform linked directly to the main database, offering access to reports, customizable layouts, export options, and printing capabilities.

Beyond Mobile App

Beyond Mobile App is a stock trading mobile application enabling on-the-go trading in various markets and offering features like live reports, research calls, and branch locator.

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Nirmal Bang Review: Nirmal Bang Customer Care

Nirmal Bang has a PAN India presence with branches and offices across the country. Customers can visit the nearest branches for offline customer assistance.

It offers telephonic assistance through its centralized helpdesk. Customer care executives at the helpline desk handle various customer grievances, including brokerage-related concerns, account opening issues, and trading platform problems.

Dedicated support is available for mutual fund queries at helpline number 022 6273 9100 and mfsupport@nirmalbang.com. The communication channels include customer helpline email, Whatsapp (91 9082846200), and 24*7 back-office access.

The broker focuses on providing personalized customer care support to ensure high client satisfaction.

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Nirmal Bang is as a reliable and reputable broker, offering a range of services and features that cater to the diverse needs of traders and investors. With a user-friendly platform, competitive pricing, and robust research and analysis tools, it provides a solid foundation for individuals to navigate the financial markets. The broker’s strong track record and positive customer feedback further reinforce its credibility, making it a viable choice, if you are seeking a trustworthy partner in your investment journey.

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