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Is Teji Mandi Free ?

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Teji Mandi

If you’re looking to know if Teji Mandi is free or not, does it have any charges, what features are available in free version then this article is for you..

Teji Mandi is an innovative investment tool that provides selected stock portfolios. Teji Mandi is designed to make investing easier for both new and experienced traders. It offers expert-guided solutions to help you make informed selections. However, one critical question remains: Is Teji Mandi free?

This overview examines the price and features of utilizing Teji Mandi, assisting you in determining whether it meets your investment requirements. To know all these clarifications will get to know what exactly teji mandi is…
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What is Teji Mandi?

Teji Mandi was designed to help retail investors navigate their investment experiences. They continue this aim by providing actively managed portfolios at reasonable flat charges.

Teji Mandi, a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services that is registered with SEBI, combines finance and technology to make stock market investment easier for retail investors.

They offer tailored stock portfolios via their smartphone and keep clients informed with timely rebalancing updates that indicate when to purchase or sell individual equities. This strategy seeks to make investing more accessible and controllable for individual investors, enabling them to make educated decisions and optimize their investment strategies.

Founders of Teji Mandi

Vaibhav Agrawal created Teji Mandi with the goal of making stock market investment more accessible to India’s private investors. Vaibhav has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the London Business School.

With over a decade of stock market experience, he improved his financial talents under the guidance of Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal. Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, co-founder of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, has vast experience in Indian equity capital markets and research.

His contributions include developing the ‘QGLP’ Investment Framework and the ‘Buy Right, Sit Tight’ idea, which affect Teji Mandi’s investment strategies and provide good possibilities for a larger investor base.

Free Features of Teji mandi

Teji Mandi provides a free version with basic features such as market news, stock information, and updates. This free alternative allows customers to acquaint themselves with the app’s interface and capabilities without making a cash commitment.

Users who explore the free section can receive useful insights into market patterns and stock data, no additional charges for rebalancing, no hidden charges or commissions also allowing them to make informed decisions before deciding whether to upgrade to a subscription plan with more sophisticated capabilities.

Apart from Free version Teji Mandi Offer 2 subcription plans with specific features that grants access to advanced features, including personalized investment advice, exclusive market analysis, and comprehensive research reports. Users who choose these premium services will need to pay a subscription fee and these plans are divided as 2 those are

1. Flagship plan

Teji Mandi’s main offering is a Multi-Cap portfolio of 15-20 carefully chosen equities, aiming to contain both tactical plays and long-term winners. This portfolio’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the last three years has been an amazing 44.94%.

The minimum investment is ₹34,057, making it accessible to a wide variety of investors. The portfolio is examined weekly to ensure peak performance and alignment with market trends. Subscribing costs ₹99 per month for a 12-month term and offers access to expert-driven investment techniques at a low cost.

All About Flagship Plan and Features

  • Focuses on small and midcap stocks with excellent fundamentals and prospects for growth.
  • Despite being riskier due to lower market capitalization, these companies have the potential to generate enormous value in the long run.
  • Stocks in the Multiplier portfolio have the potential to provide significant returns.
  • Key Characteristics:
  • Excellent capital allocation track record.
  • Excellent corporate governance.
  • Strong and sustainable competitive advantages.
  • This long-term portfolio is not rebalanced on a regular basis.
  • Ideal for investors with a medium to high risk tolerance seeking aggressive market returns.

2. Multiplier plan
Teji Mandi’s Multiplier portfolio is a carefully curated group of fundamentally excellent small and midcap firms picked for their growth potential. This focused portfolio has a noteworthy 2-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 51.25%, indicating strong performance.

Investors can begin with a minimum investment of ₹37,846, making it affordable for many. The portfolio is examined fortnightly to ensure that it remains consistent with market circumstances and growth prospects. To access this portfolio, customers can subscribe for ₹299 per month, invoiced annually.

All About Multiplier Plan and Features

  • Invests in small and midcap stocks that have good fundamentals and prospects for growth.
  • This portfolio’s stocks have the potential to generate significant gains.
  • Proven track record in capital deployment.
  • Strong corporate governance.
  • Sustainable competitive advantages.
  • There is no fixed rebalancing frequency because it is intended for long-term keeping.
  • Suitable for investors with a medium to high risk tolerance who seek strong market returns.

Subscription Charges
Teji Mandi provides two subscription levels for its portfolios: Flagship Portfolio and Multiplier Portfolio. The Flagship Portfolio offers subscription options of ₹1,188 for 12 months (equal to ₹99 per month), ₹894 for 6 months (similar to ₹149 per month), and no 3-month plan is available.

The Multiplier Portfolio offers three membership options: ₹3,588 for 12 months (₹299/month), ₹2,394 for 6 months (₹399/month), and ₹1,497 for 3 months (₹499/month). These plans enable investors to choose the length and pricing that best meet their investing objectives and preferences.

Why does Teji Mandi charge a subscription fee?
Teji Mandi operates on a fee-only basis, charging a minimal fixed fee for its services regardless of the amount invested. Unlike many other market specialists, Teji Mandi does not receive commissions from third-party companies.

This assures that their main emphasis is on your best interests, offering unbiased advice and services with no conflicting objectives. Teji Mandi’s straightforward price structure ensures that their commitment is solely to you and your financial goals.
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Teji Mandi is not totally free, as it has both free and premium versions with different features. The free edition delivers basic market news, stock information, and updates, allowing users to get to know the program without making a financial commitment.

Teji Mandi is good for long term investors who are having extra money or capital where a person doesn’t want to research about finding stocks. This platform is valuable choice for investing in long term.

Monthly options, such as the Flagship and Multiplier portfolios, include enhanced features such as individualized investing advice, exclusive market analysis, and research reports in exchange for a monthly charge. This fee-only model assures that Teji Mandi is solely focused on serving the best interests of its clients, with no competing interests.


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