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Investing.com is a financial information website as well as app which provides real-time data, quotes, and charts for a broad spectrum of financial instruments. It offers complete coverage of stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The platform is user-friendly, with customisable watchlists and community features that allow traders and investors to share ideas and connect.

Investing.com is a renowned global financial platform that provides a variety of tools, information, and insights to help investors at all levels. In this assessment, TU specialists will look at the platform’s features, usability, instructional resources, and overall experience for investors.


Investing.com offers quick global data, accurate information, portfolio tracking, personalized watchlists, live updates from 70+ exchanges, and simplified trading processes, benefiting investors and traders alike. This platform has 4.6/5 ratings with 658k reviews along with more than 50 million downloads.

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More about Investing.com

Aspect Details
Platform Investing.com
Offerings Real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, news, analysis
Coverage 250 exchanges worldwide, 44 language editions
User Base 46 million monthly users, 400 million sessions
Financial Instruments Covered 300,000+
Tools and Features Real-time quotes & alerts, customized portfolios, personal alerts, calendars, calculators
Market Coverage Stock Markets, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Currencies, Bonds, Funds, ETFs
Mobile Apps Available on iOS and Android, highest rated on Google Play for 5 years
Advertising Opportunities For global and local exposure, across all platforms
Establishment and Locations Founded in 2007, offices in Tel Aviv, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, Mumbai, Seoul, Shenzhen

Features of Investing.com

  • Markets:

Investing.com offers a comprehensive platform for investors and traders with information on many asset types. Whether consumers are interested in stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, Forex, bonds, funds, interest rates, ETFs, futures, or options, Investing.com provides thorough information. Users can browse multiple marketplaces and sub-categories within each asset class to find popular trading and investing opportunities. This extensive coverage allows consumers to access a wide range of information while staying current on market trends and developments.

  • News

Investing.com’s News section provides significant market information and articles, making it a popular part. Users can filter the news by asset class or relevancy, allowing them to focus on the most important information for their trading activity. This section contains a variety of topics, including quick market updates, in-depth analysis, and expert perspectives. By remaining up to date on the newest market happenings, traders may make informed decisions and adapt their strategy accordingly.

  • Analysis

Investing.com’s Analysis area provides useful insights from industry experts, CEOs, and experienced traders. This part gives you a better grasp of market dynamics, trends, and viable trading methods. Traders can gain professional insights on certain markets and discover fresh opportunities thanks to dedicated analysis for different asset classes and sub-categories. It also assists traders in assessing market circumstances, identifying potential risks and rewards, and making sound decisions based on accurate information.

  • Charts

Investing.com charts provide traders with comprehensive tools for technical analysis and visualization of market data. Users can use a variety of customisable charts to monitor price movements, track trends, and discover potential entry and exit points for trading. The user-friendly design and rich functionality serve to both new and experienced traders. Whether reviewing historical data or monitoring real-time market swings, the Charts area offers vital insights that help traders make better decisions and enhance their tactics.

  • Technical:

Investing.com’s Technical area is great for technical traders, since it provides a wide selection of technical indicators, patterns, and analytical tools. Traders can use technical factors like chart patterns and trend indicators to help them with their trading methods. This section focuses on emerging patterns, evaluates their trustworthiness, and provides insights into prospective trading opportunities. Traders can create filters based on their preferred indicators, timeframes, and market conditions, allowing them to use technical analysis to make more informed trading decisions.

  • Brokers:

Investing.com’s Brokers area helps traders find the proper broker and trading platform. It offers thorough information about various brokers, such as their features, costs, rules, and consumer feedback. Traders can analyze several possibilities and make informed choices depending on their preferences and needs. While the Brokers section provides useful information, traders should undertake extensive research and evaluate their specific needs when choosing a broker that matches their trading style and goals.

  • Education:

Investing.com’s Education section offers extensive learning resources for traders of all skill levels. It offers a wide range of educational tools, such as insightful articles, video tutorials, webinars, trading instructions, and market analysis. The Education area provides a wide range of topics, allowing traders to improve their understanding of fundamental ideas, learn various technical analysis techniques, experiment with new trading strategies, and remain up to date on the latest market trends. The Education area is intended to provide traders with the knowledge and abilities required to properly navigate the financial markets.

Tools of Investing.com

  • Economic Calendar: Displays upcoming economic events and announcements, allowing traders to stay up to date on market-moving events such as economic indicators and political developments.
  • Holiday Calendar: Provides information about future holidays and market closures in various nations, allowing traders to plan their activity and be prepared for potential disruptions.
  • Earnings Calendar: Displays the scheduled release dates for publicly traded firms’ earnings reports, allowing traders to watch and forecast financial performance.
  • Currency Correlation: Determines the statistical link between different currency pairs, allowing traders to measure the impact of currency fluctuations on their holdings and manage portfolio risk.
  • Pivot Point Calculator: Uses price data from the previous day to calculate crucial support and resistance levels, assisting traders in identifying potential turning points and determining appropriate entry and exit levels.
  • Profit Calculator: Estimates a trade’s potential profit or loss based on entry and exit prices, position size, and relevant trading costs, assisting traders in determining risk-reward ratios.
  • Margin Calculator: Allows traders to calculate the required margin for initiating or sustaining a position while taking leverage and contract size into account, allowing for effective leverage management and an awareness of margin requirements.

Free and Paid Versions of Investing.com

Feature Free Version Ad-Free Subscription (InvestingPro+)
Availability Free with advertisements Ad-free experience with subscription
Subscription Options N/A 2-year plan at $4.49/month billed biennially, yearly plan at $5.99/month billed annually, monthly plan at $7.49/month
Benefit Access to features with ads Ad-free experience, enhanced usability, reduced distractions

Pros of Investing.com

  • Users love the app’s comprehensive market information, which includes real-time quotations, charts, news updates, and analysis.
  • The program allows users to create watchlists and track personal portfolios, which they find useful for making investing decisions.
  • Investing.com provides handy resources such as economic calendars, currency converters, and earnings calendars to improve users’ trading and investment experiences.
  • The free version of the app provides access to essential functionality, making it available to a wide range of users.
  • The app’s customer care is responsive and willing to address consumer problems, which improves the entire user experience.

Cons of Investing.com

  • Many users have complained about full-screen adverts and obtrusive ads, which cause aggravation and a terrible user experience.
  • Some users have reported app crashes, sluggish loading times, and flaws that affect usability and reliability.
  • There have been complaints concerning subscription troubles, such as adverts displaying despite active subscriptions and difficulties resolving payment-related concerns.
  • A few users have reported issues with the app’s user interface, such as navigation, widget operation, and news article readability.
  • Users have experienced performance difficulties such as delayed loading times, particularly when using mobile data or VPN services, which have an impact on the entire app experience.

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Customer Support

Users can contact Investing.com by submitting any requests in their portal by choosing

  • Report a problem
  • Give a suggestion
  • Ask a question
  • Delete Account


Investing.com stands out as a comprehensive and globally renowned financial platform, offering real-time data, market quotes, analysis, and a wide range of tools for investors and traders. Its broad coverage of financial instruments, individual watchlists, and community features make it user-friendly and adaptable to a variety of trading strategies. The platform’s news, analysis, and educational tools offer vital insights, allowing users to make informed decisions. Users have expressed concerns about obtrusive adverts, occasional app performance issues, and subscription-related problems. Overall, Investing.com’s strong features, market coverage, and responsive customer service add to its popularity among investors, despite occasional shortcomings.

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