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Should I open my demat account with Zerodha?

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It depends on your expectations from the demat account with Zerodha. If you want to trade and consider Zerodha only for zero brokerage, you are making a mistake, because there’s more to it which can change your opinion. So what questions need to be answered to get the answer?

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Are there hidden charges from the demat account with Zerodha?

No, there aren’t any hidden charges of Zerodha to professional investors, However, a new trader’s demat account with Zerodha Might show some of the charges as hidden, as it is not advertised, actively during the marketing of Zerodha.

Zerodha actively markets its no brokerage charges, ₹20 brochure charges on intraday and FPO, and zero fees on direct MF. However, it is peculiar to notice that the charges divisions between equity currency and commodity vary the charges for account opening for equity and equity and commodity also vary for online, offline, and arri and in partnerships.

To sum it up, there aren’t any particular hidden charges in zero. However, there are unadvertised charges in zero the. click here to read more about it.

Is the demat account with Zerodha scam?

No, in legal terms Zerodha is not a scam, it is safe and trustable among the stock traders community of India. Zerodha. as a brokerage platform is audited by SEBI and the exchanges (NSI, BSE) regularly. In addition to it, no major legal violations have been reported by Zerodha. This is the reason why Zero da is in the market for more than a decade.

Is the demat account with Zerodha scam?

Among Indian customers, however, the image of Zerodha can be spoilt because of various unadvertised charges and lack of Service provision to customers as promised therefore, causes major disruptions throughout the customer base and can earn them the infamous tag of scam. Therefore, he should go through the charges chart of Zerodha carefully.

How is the Customer Support Base of Zerodha?

For the customer care services, it is good which is testified by YouTubers, bloggers, and financial influencers with calling Zerodha customer services reliable. The waiting for a call is as short as one minute. There is also the customer’s customer care support from the business side, rather than the customer side. Overall, it is reliable.

How is the Customer Support Base of Zerodha?

However, the case with the customer support base isn’t the same story.

Zerodha provides no chat support, plus, the gestation period for complaints is also quite long on the platform.

Do the demat account with Zerodha shut down during trade?

The short answer of it is yes. However, it is common around the platform whether small or big.

A famous example of it would be three years ago when a major technical glitch on zero the have shaken the base of all the traders on the platform, while the available on the brokerage platform.

They were major outrage, however, Zerodha took notes from them and improved quite a lot there. However, ruling out technical fields on zero would be foolishness.

Will Demat Account with Zerodha allow you to buy Foreign Stocks?

No As of now, zero, doesn’t allow and doesn’t provide its Customer the facility to buy or trade in foreign stocks, and that is a major setback for the platform as other platforms, such as Angel One, up stocks, provide it. Provides the facility In the market.

By taking all into account, if you are still interested in opening the. Count on the platform, Sirota check it out Zerodha

If you are looking for other trustable online brokers to trade with, discover them AngelOne, Upstox, Paytm money and Groww.

If you are not going for Zerodha, still looking for a zero commission platform, read the article given below – Use These Platforms for Zero Commission Demat Account in 2023

Should I open my demat account with Zerodha?

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