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Angel One Smart API

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How Does Angel One Smart API Work?
Angel One Smart API Features
Angel One Smart API Advantages
Angel One Smart API TOTP (Time-based One Time Password)
Angel One Smart API Importance

Angel One provides Algo traders with a complimentary Smart API, enabling them to develop and automate their personalized trading strategies. Algo traders have the flexibility to select from various programming languages and more to construct their strategies using the Smart API. Open an account in Angel One. Read and know all about the Angel One Smart API.

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How Does Angel One Smart API Work?

Angel One Smart API is a revolutionary platform that offers a comprehensive set of REST-like HTTP APIs designed to empower investors and traders in the stock market. Whether you are a retail investor, sub-broker, or startup, Smart API empowers you to automate and enhance your trading capabilities.

The Angel One Smart API serves as an extensive API marketplace, facilitating the execution of diverse order types in real time. Additionally, it empowers users to do the following:

  1. Effectively manage portfolios,
  2. Receive live market data through WebSocket streaming, and
  3. Access other valuable features.

For comprehensive guidance on integrating programming languages and WebSockets into trading platforms, the API Documentation serves as a valuable resource, enabling traders to design their platforms seamlessly.

It provides well-documented plug-and-play functionalities, enabling users to stream live market data, access historical data, execute trades, and manage portfolios seamlessly.

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Angel One Smart API Features

Angel One’s Smart API offers quick, easy, and free APIs to help you build your own trading and investing platforms without the need for a brokerage license. To access Smart API, developers are issued an API key and are required to register a redirect URL where users are directed after the Angel One Smart API login flow. This ensures secure and streamlined access to the platform’s features.

Real-time streaming

One notable feature of Smart API is its ability to stream real-time market data and provide historical data for testing and backtesting strategies. By offering comprehensive documentation and a highly active forum, Angel One Broker supports developers in tackling unique challenges encountered during their trading endeavors.

Structured data delivery

Smart API stands out by delivering data in a structured and easily consumable JSON format. This simplifies data retrieval and manipulation processes, enabling users to focus on making informed trading decisions.

Pre-built client libraries

To facilitate integration and development, Angel One Broker provides pre-built client libraries for Smart API in various programming languages, including Python, Java, NodeJS, R, Go, C#/.NET, and PHP. These libraries allow developers to interact with the APIs without the need for raw HTTP calls, simplifying the process and reducing development time.

Varied capabilities

With Angel One Smart API, users can access a wide range of capabilities to build complete investment and trading platforms, including:

  1. Real-time order execution for equities, commodities, and mutual funds,
  2. Portfolio management, and
  3. Live market data streaming via WebSockets.

Real-time assistance from a large community

You can open up your platform to Angel One’s 10 million+ clients, benefit from real-time assistance, and seamlessly integrate live market feed with your strategies.

Angel One Smart API Advantages

Explore some of the top Angel One Smart API benefits:

User-friendly approach

One of the key Angel One Smart API advantages is its user-friendly approach. All requests and responses are formatted in JSON, a widely used data format that can easily be manipulated. Additionally, the API endpoints are cross-site request enabled, allowing for direct calls from web browsers.

Angel One Broker aims to eliminate concerns related to bugs, complex code, and integration issues, allowing users to automate their trading strategies with ease while ensuring the best tools are at their disposal. The availability of Smart API as a NodeJS library further enhances its capabilities, enabling the development of cutting-edge trading applications on the web without compromising user experience.

Simplifies algorithmic trading

Angel One Smart API simplifies algorithmic trading by providing intuitive and easy-to-deploy APIs that expose critical functionalities. It enables users to automate trade execution based on their algorithmic signals, empowering them to focus on their trading strategies rather than dealing with complex programming and integration challenges.

Helps build feature-rich trading platforms

With Angel One Smart API, users can tap into Angel Broking’s extensive client base of over one million loyal customers without the need to obtain brokerage licenses. This empowers developers to build feature-rich trading platforms and implement unique strategies tailored to their specific approach.

Free of cost

What is the Angel One Smart API pricing – are you asking that? Angel One Smart API is available free of cost, making it accessible to a wide range of traders and investors.

Works for everyone

Whether you are a retail investor with programming skills or a startup seeking to launch a trading platform, Smart API caters to everyone.

Very helpful knowledge center

The platform’s detailed and easily understandable Angel One Smart API documentation, available at, makes it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. You can consider this documentation as the definitive and reliable source of information for all matters related to Smart API. When seeking information about Angel One Smart API, this documentation should be regarded as the ultimate and most trustworthy resource available online.  

You can also use other assistive resources, such as:

Angel One Smart API TOTP (Time-based One Time Password)

How to get Angel One Smart API Enable TOTP? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to log in to SmartAPI using a password and TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password):

  1. Go to
  2. Provide your Angel One client ID and trading terminal password or MPIN.
  3. Enter the OTP sent to your registered email and mobile. Once the OTP is entered, a QR code will appear on the screen.
  4. Open your preferred authenticator app.
  5. Use your authenticator app to scan the QR code generated on our website.

Once you have scanned the QR code with your authenticator app, it will automatically generate a TOTP code every 30 seconds. To log in to SmartAPI using your password and TOTP, you need to include the TOTP code in the existing loginbypassword API endpoint (/rest/auth/angelbroking/user/v1/loginByPassword). You can do this by sending a new “totp” parameter in the request body.

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Angel One Smart API Importance

Rule-based trading has gained significant attention from traders and technology leaders as market conditions and driving factors continue to evolve. Today, it has now become an area of interest beyond institutional investing. Notably, rule-based trading has made progress in the Indian retail investor market, moving beyond speculation.

It is to meet this growing demand for intelligent and effortless trading that Angel One has introduced the SmartAPI that aims to redefine rule-based trading in India. The goal of this game-changing platform is to make rule-based trading accessible to all, regardless of programming expertise. It caters to a wide range of individuals, including experienced investors, fintech companies, advisors, novice traders, and tech enthusiasts.

As Angel One’s Smart API is free to use, it allows users to sign up and leverage its capabilities immediately. The platform prioritizes accessibility and user-friendliness, empowering users to focus on their strengths and passions rather than getting caught up in coding. SmartAPI currently supports Python, PHP, Java, C#, R, Go, and NodeJS, with plans to add more language modules in the future.

Angel One Smart API excels in enabling quick entry into the world of rule-based trading. By signing up for free and creating an app through the intuitive dashboard, users can immerse themselves in rule-based trading within hours.

The platform offers unparalleled visibility and support through its secure implementation architecture. It caters not only to everyday retail traders but also to companies aiming to develop innovative applications and services that can disrupt the market. Whether building desktop applications, mobile apps, or modular web applications, Angel One Smart API proves to be the ideal choice.


Angel One’s Smart API revolutionizes algorithmic trading by providing a user-friendly and comprehensive platform. Its critical functionalities, intuitive APIs, extensive language support, and structured data format make it an invaluable tool for traders and investors. By offering free access and unparalleled support, Smart API empowers users to make smart trading decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Sign up for Angel One Smart API today and embark on a journey to smarter and more successful trading.

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