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What Are The Drawbacks Of Jar App ?

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Have you ever wondered if your favourite savings app contains any hidden disadvantages? So, let’s talk about the Jar application. Investing in digital gold is an excellent method to increase your money, but there are a few things to be aware of.

Being aware of these challenges can help you make better decisions and avoid unpleasant shocks. Whether you prefer Spare Change Investment, Daily Savings, or a one-time investment strategy, it’s critical to understand the disadvantages. So, let’s look at what you should look out for when using the Jar app.

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What is Jar App?

The Jar app provides a unique approach to conserve digital gold by automatically rounding up your transactions to the next Rs. 10 or Rs. 5. This function allows users to quickly keep spare change. The program, developed by Nishchay AG and Misbah Ashraf, works as a digital piggy bank, allowing users to begin earning gold through ordinary spending.


  • The low minimum investment:

Starting from just ₹10 breaks down entry barriers and gold buying can be accessible to nearly everyone.

  • Suitability:

Jar app is a digital experience that enables the buying, selling, and storing of gold to be done in a seamless manner. By this way, you can invest in gold without having to worry about physical storage or dealing with it physically making it easier.

  • Accessibility:

The App becomes a perfect destination for individuals who are limited to buying on jewelry shops and physical bars. It allows ordinary people have an equal chance at investing in gold by just installing the app.

  • Fractional Ownership:

you can buy small portions of gold in jar app thus, don’t need much money to start off and increase their investment over time. This makes the investment into gold more adaptable and controllable by all its users.

  • Security and Liquidity:

Digital Gold Investments through Jar app are typically supported by actual bullions stored securely away which ensures the safety of such investments. Live gold rate updates are also available in jar.


  • Withdrawal Issues:

Challenges with withdrawing your money saved through the app. They claim that sometimes when you are trying to withdraw or even partially withdraw; the app displays some errors which cause frustrations and mistrust in it.

• Charges on Services:

Because of the service charges, Jar app’s price for gold can be higher than the market price. This means that you might be paying a premium to buy gold from the market directly.

• Buying and Selling Prices:

The Jar app may have a slightly higher purchase price for gold while the selling price could be marginally lower compared to the market prices. Consequently, investors may have to hold on to their investments for an extended period of time in order to achieve a reasonable return.

• Withdrawal Time:

You must wait 24 hours before withdrawing any monies invested in digital gold. For instance, if you withdraw your money on Monday morning, you will only access it by Tuesday morning which could prove difficult in cases of emergencies.

• Technical Bugs and Usability:

such as frequent sign outs, issues with auto-pay, and crashes in the app. These bugs greatly affect both user experience and reliability of the application.

Besides. The value of gold may vary depending on market conditions which can affect investment returns. Therefore, users should carefully read all terms and conditions as well as fees included in this software so that it meets their financial goals and preferences perfectly.

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In conclusion, while the Jar app is a convenient way to save and invest in digital gold, it has several significant downsides. The 24-hour withdrawal period and slow customer assistance can be aggravating, worsened by technological issues that impair usage.

Before investing, users should be aware of these potential hazards, carefully read the app’s rules, and assess whether it corresponds with their financial goals and tastes.

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