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Unbiased Fello App Review: Is This the Ultimate Virtual Networking Tool?

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Fello is a unique savings and investment platform that allows users to increase their money while earning excellent rates and receiving exciting benefits. Fello Flo, a certified RBI P2P asset, can provide consumers with returns of up to 12%, outperforming traditional savings options such as Fixed Deposits. Fello is registered by SEBI also making it safer to use.

This peer-to-peer model reduces risk while increasing growth potential, making it a popular choice for more than 100,000 people. Fello also offers Digital Gold and Gold Pro investments, which provide consistent returns of up to 15.5% while maintaining the safety and purity of gold assets. Fello has 3.7/5 rating with 4.3k reviews along with more than one million downloads.

More About Fello

The app’s user-friendly UI and simple KYC process make it available to Indian individuals aged 18 and up with a bank account. With Fello, saving and investing become not only rewarding but also fun, with weekly draws offering rewards of up to Rs. 1 Crore. The app claims to help you grow your savings by up to 12% returns by investing in assets like digital gold and Fello Flo (a P2P lending product in association with an NBFC partner). The mobile app is available on Android and iOS Play Store and has millions of downloads. Fello runs on a simple yet clever premise: save to earn. When you use the app to save in protected assets, you obtain Fello tickets. These tickets can be used to play games in the app and earn rewards. Additionally, for every Rs. 500 saved, you receive a weekly ticket, which opens the door to even more prizes. Fello particularly doesn’t charge any fee on the app. But there is a 3% GST incurred on digital gold as per the RBI norms.

Founders of Fello

Fello, founded by Shourya Lala and Manish Maryada and backed by Y Combinator, has recently secured INR 4 million USD in funding, with leading contributions from Courtside Ventures in the US, supported by Entrepreneur First, Y Combinator, Kube Venture, and Upsparks. This funding round also saw participation from prominent angel investors such as Kunal Shah of Cred, Lalit Kishore from Groww, and notable figures like Charlie Songhurst, Dafeng, and Alan Rutledge. This significant investment underscores Fello’s promising potential in the financial technology sector and highlights investor confidence in its innovative approach to savings and investment solutions.

Features of Fello

The Fello app is jam-packed with features that elevate it to the status of a really unique financial platform. Here are some of the important elements that set it apart:

  • Game-Based Savings:

Fello’s game-based savings system makes saving a fun activity. Users are awarded with FELLO tickets, which can be used to play games and win prizes, making the saving process more enjoyable.

  • Weekly Rewards: 

Save Rs. 500 on the app and receive a weekly ticket to win enticing rewards.

  • Fello Scratch Cards: 

Earn scratch cards for milestones, referrals, and weekly prizes, adding a surprise aspect to your savings journey.

  • Fello Flo: 

Our RBI-certified P2P fund relationship with LendBox allows customers to earn higher returns than typical savings solutions.

  • Digital Gold Investment: 

The app allows users to diversify their investment portfolio and increase wealth.

Fello Flo

Fello Flo is the app’s peer-to-peer investing product, delivered in collaboration with its NBFC partner, Lendbox. There are essentially three plans that can yield up to 12% profits. There are the following:

Flo Name Min Investment Returns Tenure
12% Flo Rs.10000 up to 12% 6 Months
10% Flo Rs.1000 up to 12% 3 Months
8% Flo Rs.100 up to 12% 1 Week


Total amount (₹) Commissions per annum (paid out monthly)
< 25L 0.5%
25L – 50L 0.75%
50L – 1Cr 1%
1Cr+ 2%

Pros of Fello

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Fast and responsive app.
  • Informative features.
  • Good customer support.
  • Interesting games that make saving fun.
  • Transparent transactions and processes.
  • Weekly rewards and incentives.
  • Options for investing in digital gold.
  • Continuous updates and improvements.
  • Combination of savings and entertainment.

Cons of Fello

  • Some users faced issues with withdrawal delays.
  • Technical glitches in games and app loading.
  • Limited options or restrictions on withdrawal amounts.
  • Complaints about changes in lock-in periods and reward systems.
  • Issues with customer service response time for certain queries.
  • Concerns about the app’s reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Complaints about difficulties in withdrawing funds or gold.

Terms and Conditions of Fello

  1. For verification, the winner must provide us with their payslip, rental agreement, and the latest three months’ rental slips.
  2. If a winner fails to share these documents, the reward will not be given.
  3. If a winner is determined to have committed any malpractice on the app or when providing (false) papers, the winner will not be awarded the prize.
  4. The rent we will reimburse cannot exceed the amount you saved with the 12% P2P coupon code ‘FLATMATE’ throughout the offer period. For example, if you saved ₹15,000 and your rent is ₹20,000, we will only cover ₹15,000.
  5. The customer will receive rewards instantly in the form of winnings on the Fello app or will be credited to the bank account mentioned in the rental agreement.
  6. The maximum cap on the rent we will cover is ₹50,000.
  7. All decisions taken by the Fello team are final.


Fello stands out as a unique and innovative savings and investment platform, offering users the opportunity to grow their money through various avenues like Fello Flo and Digital Gold investments, with returns of up to 12% and 15.5% respectively. The app’s game-based savings method, weekly incentives, and scratch cards make the saving process more exciting and entertaining for users. Despite some reported concerns, such as withdrawal delays and technological glitches, Fello’s user-friendly layout, educational features, and frequent updates reflect the company’s dedication to provide a transparent and enjoyable financial experience. However, users should be aware of the terms and regulations, particularly those pertaining to document verification for awards and the maximum cap on covered rent. Overall, Fello offers a compelling blend of savings, investment opportunities, and entertainment, making it a noteworthy option for individuals looking to enhance their financial well-being.

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