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Tickertape: Best stock analysis website India

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Tickertape is an entire set for enthusiastic investors who wants to be updated regarding investment decisions. It is an application that provides knowledge to investors through analytical research on the different financial securities like Mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, Indices, etc., widely used in the Indian financial market and it is registered by SEBI.

Tickertape seek to aid investment decisions by assessing numerous stocks in the stock market using fundamental and technical parameters. They also utilize the market mood index to gauge the sentiment of the Indian stock market. Tickertape Learn can assist people learn basic financial and economic terms.


Tickertape has 4.3/5 rating with 62k reviews along with more than 5 million downloads.

Owner of Tickertape

Tickertape is owned by Anchorage Technologies Private Limited, a private corporation headquartered in Bangalore.

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How does Tickertape work?
Tickertape has a number of tools and features meant to assist investors in making sound financial decisions. Tickertape offers the following features:

  • Market mood index.

The uncertainty that comes with joining the market is one of the most concerning aspects for all investors. A tool known as the Market Mood Index is available to assist investors in making informed decisions. MMI predicts whether the market is bullish or bearish. Checking the index can help you decide whether or not to enter the market at that time.

  • MMI considers six activities for determining market sentiment.
  • Net open interest of FIIs in Index Futures on NSE.
  • Volatility and Skewness
  • Momentum
  • Market breadth
  • Price Strength
  • Demand for Gold
  • Screener by Tickertape.

Tickertape allows you to screen stocks using over 200 different filters. Mutual funds include pre-loaded sets of filters such as AUM, historical performance, and expense ratio. More than 50 filters can be applied depending on scheme information, rate of return, risk appetite, portfolio mix, and ratios.

  • Stock Deals Ideas

The section on stock dealings provides information on large-scale purchasing and selling operations. They can utilize filters to track stock transactions on the capital markets via the “ideas” feature.

Features of Tickertape
Aside from the main tools of Tickertape, one can also use the following features:

1. Share Price Ticker:
A share price ticker displays real-time fluctuations in the share prices of 4600+ stocks on the stock market.
2. Stock Screener: Tickertape offers a thorough checklist, peer-to-peer comparison, stock-related news, bargains, forecasts, and corporate financials, allowing investors to easily sort through the numerous stocks. They feature a screen library that contains pre-built screens based on the most common analytical procedures.
3. Mutual Fund Screener: Tickertape offers fund manager histories, investing checklists, AMC profiles, NAV charts for several periods, asset allocation, and other tools to help you choose the best mutual fund.

Aspect Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Lump Sum Investment
Minimum Investment Amount Rs. 500 Rs. 5,000
Capital Requirement No huge capital requirement Initial investment of Rs. 5,000
Costs Involved Nominal costs (expense ratio) No commission or brokerage
Additional Fees/Charges None None
Investment Frequency Regular monthly investments One-time investment

4. Market mood index: It is a tool that tracks real-time sentiment in the Indian stock market and helps investors make judgments.
5. Portfolio Scorecard: Tickertape also generates a scorecard for various asset classes such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and so on, to assess their profitability and investment potential. A stock’s scores are calculated using a variety of criteria such as ROE, net profit margin, and cash flow margin. Mutual funds are compared to other funds based on performance to determine which is superior.
6. Forecasts: Many external trading houses offer Tickertape with forecasts for certain equities. Tickertape offers the greatest, lowest, and median forecast estimates on their platform.
7. Stock-related information: Tickertape updates stock-related information like stock deals, the company’s financials, etc.

Subscription Charges

Subscription Duration Payment Frequency Price
1 month Charged monthly ₹249
3 months Charged every 3 months ₹699
12 months Charged once ₹2399

The Tickertape Pro trial lasts for 14 days – after which, it gets automatically renewed for the next 1 month at a fee of Rs. 249.

Key Features of Premium Version:

Like every other stock screening website, ticker tape is divided into free and premium options. The ones we covered before are free, while the premium features are listed below.

  • Advanced Screening: Includes features such as premium screens, unlimited custom filters, and more.
  • Data Export: This section allows you to download financials, ownership history, and other information.
  • Investment Insights: You will receive investment insights based on growth score, default probability, and other factors.
  • Stock Deal Insights: This section contains insights based on stock deal trends, as well as filters based on categories and transaction types.
  • Stock Forecasts: As the name suggests, you can check for forecasts of price, revenue, and earnings per share.
  • Mutual Fund Insights: Here you can research mutual funds.

Pros of Tickertape

  • Tickertape’s ability to screen stocks for investors using numerous filters is one of its most useful features. This helps them to swiftly narrow the market down to stocks that satisfy their unique investment criteria.
  • The wealth of data it provides, including current and historical stock prices, financial statements, key ratios, earnings and dividend information, and much more. Having access to such information allows traders to conduct transactions based on accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Tickertape provides investors with high-quality analytical tools for conducting in-depth stock analysis. Users can view financial statistics, company comparisons, stock performance charts, and other analytical insights. These methods may assess a company’s financial health, predict future growth, and determine the worth of its shares.
  • Tickertape allows users to create customizable watchlists and receive alerts when prices change for stocks that interest them. Users can keep track of the value of these stocks and be notified when predefined conditions are reached, etc. Investors can respond quickly to market movements if they monitor their holdings in real time.
  • Tickertape provides up-to-date market and stock news, as well as insightful analysis from industry professionals. Staying up to date on company announcements, industry changes, and market trends can help investors make better decisions.

Cons of Tickertape

  • An investor uses stock market research platforms to simplify their study and investment, but Tickertape’s interface makes finding the right stocks difficult.
  • Tickertape research focuses on quantitative results such as ratios, profitability, and so on, but does not include the qualitative components of a company’s operational efficiency, which determine if those stocks are superior in the long run.
  • Tickertape is inconvenient for new investors who are unfamiliar with the mechanics and lingo of the stock market. However, Tickertape is a complete platform that cannot provide investment convenience to all types of investors.
  • Users have complained about expensive subscriptions, citing a lack of value, specious recommendations, and equivalent free info available elsewhere.
  • Criticism about UI changes that rendered the program less user-friendly, particularly for portfolio tracking and stock research.
  • Some users are concerned about the app’s data collecting tactics, particularly the necessary phone number login and potential data sharing.

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Customer Care

Gmail- support@tickertape.in

Contact number – not disclosed

Help and Support will direct you to all Queries regarding this platform.


Tickertape emerges as an extensive investment tool designed to empower educated choices for investors in the Indian financial market. Its features, such the Market Mood Index, which predicts market sentiment, and the vast stock and mutual fund screeners, provide consumers with a plethora of data and analytical skills.

The platform’s capacity to give real-time stock price updates, personalized watchlists, investment insights, and projections improves the whole investing experience. However, some users have expressed concerns about the platform’s UI, qualitative analysis features, and membership costs, indicating potential for improvement.

Overall, Tickertape is a helpful resource for investors looking to understand the complexities of stock and mutual fund investing, with the premium version including enhanced screening features, data export choices, investment insights, and more.

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