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Invest in US Stock Market with Appreciate – Features & Benefits

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Appreciate is an Indian start-up that allows users to buy US stocks directly through the app. The assets of this app include US stocks, FDs/RDs, and ETFs apart from that, Appreciate allows you to easily open a zero-balance savings account and invest in US stocks like as Apple, Google, and Amazon, whether you’re a beginner in personal finance or a seasoned investor searching for new opportunities. There is no minimum amount limit in the app.

Appreciate also provides goal-based savings options. You can even participate in purchasing micro-SIPs and micro-investments. It also provides thousands of premium reports and analysis to its subscribers to assist them in making the right decisions. The app’s transactions do not include any commission fees or hidden charges. This platform has 4.4/5 rating with 813 reviews along with more than 100k downloads

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Founder of Appreciate

Subho Moulik, CEO and co-founder of Appreciate, offers extensive experience and vision to the company’s aim of simplifying global market investing for Indian investors. Subho, who has a background in banking and technology, is the founder of Appreciate, which focuses on using digital innovation to help customers navigate the intricacies of foreign investing. His strategic thoughts and leadership are driving Appreciate’s commitment to offering a simple and rewarding experience for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on global market opportunities.

Features of Appreciate

From goal-based savings to world-class security features, Appreciate promises to deliver. Here are the app’s primary features.

1. Goal-Based Saving and Investing

A unique feature of Appreciate allows you to set goals for anything. If you want to buy a car, a gadget, or even a trip, it allows you to establish your goals, and the app’s exclusive AI helps you make the best decisions. The AI provides portfolio recommendations that can boost your returns and finally bring you closer to your goals. Appreciate even offers the option to purchase Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) directly through the app. You can make tiny investments every week, month, or even quarter. All these investing recommendations and portfolio diversification assist the users achieve their financial goals with ease.

2. Change investing.
This functionality is game-changing for the users. With the shift in investment, Appreciate rounds up your transactions and invests the surplus in US stocks. For example, if you completed a transaction worth Rs.36, Appreciate will deduct Rs.40 from your bank account and invest Rs.4. You may easily set it up by looking the app. However, this is not a required feature, and it is up to the user. This tool allows you to make little investments on a regular basis, which can add up to a large sum in the future.

3. Fraction Investments

Many people avoid investing in the markets because they lack funds and savings. Appreciate eliminates this obstacle by allowing fractional investing. This tool allows you to invest as little as Rs. 1 in US stocks. This implies you can even buy Amazon and Google stock based on your financial situation. You can even receive a return on your fees if you promote your fraction investments to someone else and they purchase the same fractions based on your advice.

4. Pro Trading Tools & Features

If you are a trader who is tired with the problems and limits in your trading software, Appreciate could be your new friend. It allows you to trade without any commissions. All you have to do is pay a little charge each time you make a deal. The app’s many features and AI provide valuable insights into the financial markets. There are no subscription models available for this or any other app feature.

Security Measures for Appreciate

1. AI Fraud Alerting.

Appreciate provides users with a dynamic AI fraud alerting function. This allows you to track all transactions 24/7. Whenever you engage in an activity, the AI continuously monitors it and flags any questionable activity using its patented AI methodology.

2. Portfolio Insurance.
Portfolio insurance, which is not commonly found on apps, allows you to protect your investment portfolio. You can easily choose US-backed insurance for accounts valued around $500,000. However, it does not shield you from evident trading losses.

3. Compliant With All Laws & Regulations
Appreciate is completely regulated by FEMA and RBI. This adds the highest level of protection and safety to the app. The software allows you to simply participate in the regulated US stock markets.

Charges in Appreciate

Min Investment ₹ 1
Maximum investment specified by RBI
AUM Fee 0.75%
Transaction Fee 0.05% or ₹5 whichever is higher
Withdrawal Fee ₹0
Subscription Fee ₹0
Remittance Fee ₹0
Platform Fee ₹1/unit or ticker
For SIP of ₹1,000 ₹1013

US Stocks Charges

Min Investment ₹ 1
Transaction Fee 0.05% or ₹5
whichever is higher
Withdrawal Fee ₹0
Subscription Fee ₹0
Remittance Fee ₹0
Platform Fee ₹1/unit or ticker
For stocks worth ₹1,000 ₹1,006

Benefits of the premier experience

  • Zero-balance account
  • Zero fixed fees for FX remittances
  • No account charges
  • Instant trading capability
  • Up to 6% interest on cash in account
  • Fully digital experience

Pros of Appreciate

  • The UI is user-friendly, making it straightforward for newcomers to navigate.
  • Comprehensive instructional resources to assist people comprehend stock market principles.
  • Profits, losses, and investments in various assets can be tracked seamlessly.
  • Quick and responsive customer service personnel that resolves issues quickly.
  • Plans to provide exotic assets in the future indicate the possibility of more diverse investment possibilities.
  • Positive feedback on the app’s financial functions, including reports, transaction processes, and remittance.

Cons of Appreciate

  • Challenges with the VKYC procedure and account creation, causing user dissatisfaction
  • Trading issues, such as delayed or pending orders, particularly during the selling process.
  • Technical issues include app crashes and device registration failures.
  • Some consumers experienced hidden fees and issues withdrawing funds.
  • Lack of clarity or delays in handling client inquiries and concerns.
  • There have been mixed comments about the app’s reliability and performance, as well as bugs and usability difficulties.

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Customer care

Mail- helpdesk@ppreciate.com

Phone- +91 70393 25849


Appreciate is an Indian start-up that is transforming global market investment for Indian people by providing direct access to US stocks. Appreciate welcomes both new and seasoned investors with its zero-balance savings account setup, no minimum investment requirement, and commission-free transactions. The app’s goal-based savings tool, AI-powered portfolio suggestions, and micro-SIP options make it simple to set and meet financial objectives. Fractional investing allows for tiny investments in US stocks such as Apple and Google. Advanced trading tools, AI fraud detection, and regulatory compliance offer a safe and easy investing experience. However, obstacles such as VKYC troubles, trading glitches, and sometimes customer service delays highlight places for development. Overall, Appreciate’s innovative features and aim to simplifying global investment make it an attractive platform for Indian investors.

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