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Mobile Trading Apps in 2024: Comparing Zerodha Kite, Upstox Pro and Angel One App

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Zerodha Kite vs. Upstox Pro vs. Angel One App

Which Mobile Trading App is the Best – Zerodha Kite or Upstox Pro or Angel One App?


In the ever-evolving landscape of stock trading in India, having a robust and user-friendly mobile trading app is essential. With mobile trading applications becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is important to know which one suits your needs the best.

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Zerodha Kite vs. Upstox Pro vs. Angel One App

Here, we compare three of the most popular Indian mobile trading apps in 2024: Zerodha Kite, Upstox Pro, and Angel One App.

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha, India’s premier stock brokerage firm, has left an indelible mark on the trading industry through its Kite mobile trading app. This pioneering app offers an all-in-one trading platform, enabling users to trade in equities, futures and options (F&O), commodities, and currency effortlessly.

With its efficient order placement system, a user-friendly interface, and support for multiple market watchlists, Kite ensures a seamless and intuitive trading experience. The mobile trading app also facilitates hassle-free fund transfers via the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), keeping your trading capital within easy reach.

Further enhancing its appeal are features such as a universal instrument search, advanced charting tools with over six chart types and more than 100 technical indicators, real-time market analysis, and a comprehensive reporting dashboard for tracking profits and losses, portfolio holdings, and capital gains tax reports. Zerodha Kite is a trailblazing solution that caters to a broad spectrum of trading needs.

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Upstox Pro

Upstox, under the significant backing of influential personalities like Ratan Tata, has introduced the Upstox Pro mobile app, widely celebrated for its extraordinary speed and advanced functionalities. In the year 2024, this mobile trading app continues to be a top choice for traders due to its impressive array of features, offering both efficiency and convenience.

A key highlight of Upstox Pro is the flexibility it provides through unlimited market watchlists, facilitating the simultaneous tracking of numerous preferred stocks. Whether you are an active day trader or a meticulous long-term investor, this feature simplifies the process of managing and analyzing multiple assets, making it an essential tool for anyone with a diverse portfolio.

Furthermore, the app streamlines trading across multiple exchanges, including the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), all within a single, integrated platform. This multi-exchange trading functionality empowers traders with the flexibility to diversify their investments and access various asset classes conveniently.

For those who require real-time updates and insights into their chosen scrips, the mobile trading platform offers a watchlist widget, granting quick access to vital details. This real-time access ensures that traders can stay informed and make swift, well-informed decisions without navigating through multiple screens, optimizing the overall trading experience.

Upstox Pro extends its capabilities beyond equities and derivatives by enabling users to apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and invest in direct mutual funds directly through the app. This feature broadens the app’s utility, making it a comprehensive financial tool for both trading and investment purposes, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms for different financial activities.

Moreover, the mobile trading app provides access to an extensive decade of price history, empowering users with the ability to conduct historical analysis. This historical data offers invaluable insights into past market trends and price movements, further aiding traders in making informed decisions and refining their trading strategies.

For those inclined towards in-depth technical analysis, Upstox Pro offers access to over 107 technical indicators and various chart types. This extensive suite of analytical tools enables traders to perform detailed technical analysis, regardless of their level of expertise, ensuring that they have the resources to refine their trading strategies and gain a deeper understanding of market trends.

Angel One App

The Angel One App transcends the traditional concept of a mobile trading app, offering a holistic financial experience enriched with investment insights and personalized advisory services, all driven by cutting-edge ARQ technology. With this application, managing your investments becomes a breeze as it consolidates your portfolio for effortless tracking.

The hallmark of the Angel One App is its innovative ARQ technology, a rule-based investment engine that tailors personalized advisory recommendations to your specific financial needs. Real-time market updates keep you well-informed, offering insights into both Indian and global market indices.

Moreover, the app streamlines your investment journey by enabling direct investments in mutual funds, eliminating the need for external platforms or intermediaries. The convenience extends to fund transfers, supported by a network of over 41 banks, ensuring seamless and efficient financial transactions.

For those inclined towards in-depth technical analysis, the Angel One App provides access to more than 21 chart types and a vast array of technical indicators, allowing you to delve into comprehensive technical analysis. To top it all off, the mobile trading app offers a suite of comprehensive reports, including fund summaries, detailed holdings, profit and loss statements, and contract notes, ensuring that you have all the information needed to make informed financial decisions and manage your portfolio effectively.

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Which Mobile Trading App is the Best – Zerodha Kite or Upstox Pro or Angel One App?

Zerodha’s Kite mobile app, the brainchild of India’s leading brokerage firm, is a versatile all-in-one mobile trading app, facilitating trades in equities, futures, options, commodities, and currency. It excels in user-friendliness, efficient order placement, and supports multiple market watchlists.

Upstox Pro, backed by influential figures like Ratan Tata, offers a rapid and feature-rich trading experience, highlighted by unlimited market watchlists, multi-exchange trading, and real-time updates. It goes a step further by enabling IPO applications and mutual fund investments.

Meanwhile, the Angel One App redefines the mobile trading app, leveraging ARQ technology for personalized investment advice. It streamlines portfolio management, providing real-time market updates and enabling direct mutual fund investments. The app also features comprehensive technical analysis tools, with access to over 21 chart types and various technical indicators. Each app has its unique strengths, and the choice ultimately hinges on aligning these features with your specific trading and investment requirements.

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When choosing a mobile trading app, it is crucial to consider your specific trading needs. Zerodha Kite, Upstox Pro, and Angel One App each offer unique features and capabilities. Evaluate which app aligns best with your trading style and preferences, if you want to make the most of your trading experience in 2024.

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