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Zerodha Kite Review – Products and Services, Order Types, Product and Segment, Features, Charts, Trading Products and Fund Transfer

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Table of Contents

Zerodha Kite Products and Services

Zerodha Kite Order Types, Product and Segment

Zerodha Kite Features

Zerodha Kite Charts

Zerodha Kite Trading Products

Zerodha Kite Fund Transfer


Looking for the best Zerodha Kite review? Zerodha, a prominent stockbroker in India, boasts a vast customer base comprising hundreds of thousands of individuals. The company provides its customers with cutting-edge trading software. The flagship trading software of Zerodha is known as Zerodha Kite. This powerful platform is accessible through web as well as mobile versions, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users. Here is our review on Zerodha Kite.

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Zerodha Kite Products and Services

Zerodha Kite is an online trading program that empowers customers to engage in trading activities across MCX, NSE, and BSE. Developed in-house by Zerodha engineers, KITE serves as a comprehensive front-end application. The KITE platform encompasses three primary products, all of which are provided to customers free of charge:

1. Kite Web

This web-based trading application operates within a browser, resembling a standard website. It offers streaming quotes, advanced charts, keyboard shortcuts, an elegant user interface, and supports various order types.

2. Kite Mobile App

Available for both Android and iOS, the Zerodha Kite App is a robust and user-friendly mobile trading application. It provides users with access to all the features available on Kite Web, ensuring a seamless trading experience on the go.

3. Kite Connect API

For developers seeking to create their own front-end platforms or tools for trading, Zerodha offers the Kite Connect API. These APIs are simple HTTP/JSON-based interfaces, delivered as a “platform as a service,” enabling developers to build custom trading solutions.

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Zerodha Kite Order Types, Product and Segment

These include:

Zerodha Kite Order Types

  • Market,
  • Limit,
  • SL-M,
  • SL

Zerodha Kite Products

  • CO,
  • BO,
  • NRML,
  • MIS,
  • CNC

Zerodha Kite Segments

  • MCX
  • CDS,
  • BFO,
  • BSE,
  • NSE,
  • NFO

Zerodha Kite Features

Kite stands out as an exceptional trading platform, surpassing its competitors by offering a wide array of features. Continuously evolving through active development, Zerodha introduces hundreds of new features with each new version release, enhancing the trading experience. Here are some key features that make Kite truly unique:

1. Dashboard / Account Summary

Kite provides a comprehensive dashboard that offers a summary of the user’s account, allowing for easy monitoring of portfolio performance and account-related information.

2. Market Watches

Users can create and customize multiple market watchlists, enabling them to closely track their preferred stocks and securities.

3. Streaming Quotes

Kite delivers real-time streaming quotes, providing users with up-to-the-second market data, allowing for swift decision-making.

4. Browser Notifications

Kite utilizes browser notifications to keep users informed about important market updates, order status changes, and other relevant notifications.

5. Market Depth View with Streaming Updates

Kite offers a market depth view that displays the order book and shows live streaming updates, enabling users to analyze market liquidity and make informed trading decisions.

6. Floating Order Window

Users can access a floating order window, allowing them to easily place trades or modify orders while simultaneously navigating through different sections of the platform.

7. Exit Multiple Orders/Positions in One Click

Kite streamlines the process of exiting multiple orders or positions by providing a convenient one-click option, enhancing efficiency and saving time.

8. Multiple Chart View

Kite enables users to view up to four charts simultaneously on a single screen, facilitating in-depth technical analysis and comparison.

9. Trade from Charts

Users can place trades directly from popped-out charts, eliminating the need to switch between different sections of the platform and providing a seamless trading experience.

10. Order Types

Kite supports various order types, including Regular, Cover Order (CO), Bracket Order (BO), and After Market Order (AMO), providing users with flexibility in executing their trading strategies.

Zerodha Kite Charts

Zerodha Kite Charts excel in providing advanced charting capabilities, offering a wide range of features that enhance the trading experience.

  1. Kite allows users to create and view as many charts as required, facilitating in-depth analysis of multiple securities simultaneously.
  2. Users have the flexibility to view up to four charts simultaneously within the same window, enabling easy comparison and analysis.
  3. Kite offers a diverse selection of chart types, including mountain, bar, candlestick, line, and more, catering to different trading preferences and strategies.
  4. With a comprehensive array of over 20 drawing tools, users can annotate and mark charts, helping them identify patterns and trends more effectively.
  5. Kite allows users to place orders directly from the charts, streamlining the trading process and eliminating the need to navigate to different sections of the platform.
  6. Users can easily search and add indicators to the charts, enabling them to customize their analysis and gain deeper insights into market trends.
  7. Kite enables users to compare the performance of multiple securities on the same chart, facilitating easy comparison and analysis.
  8. By default, Kite charts are set to display 1-minute intervals, but users have the flexibility to adjust the time frame to suit their preferences, ranging from 1 minute up to 1 month.

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Zerodha Kite Trading Products

Zerodha caters to diverse trading needs with a range of order types. These include:

  1. For intraday trades in equity and F&O segments, MIS (Margin Intraday Square-off) orders offer additional leverage.
  2. CNC (Cash n Carry) orders are designed for delivery-based equity trades, requiring 100% margin for share purchases.
  3. NRML (Normal F&O trades) orders facilitate intraday/overnight F&O trades without extra leverage.
  4. BO (Back Order) allows placing intraday limit orders with target and stop-loss.
  5. CO (Cover Order) provides higher leverage for intraday market orders with fixed stop-loss.
  6. AMO (After Market Order) enables placing orders in advance for the next trading day.

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Zerodha Kite Fund Transfer

Kite Fund Transfer offers multiple options for managing funds:

  • Users can link up to 20 top banks for instant fund transfers via a payment gateway. However, a transaction fee of Rs 9 + GST per transaction applies.
  • Alternatively, funds can be transferred through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, although instant availability is not guaranteed.
  • Withdrawal requests are seamlessly handled through Zerodha Console, which is integrated with Kite.
  • Withdrawals for Equity, F&O, and currency are processed at 8.30 PM, while commodity withdrawals occur at 8:00 AM, only once a day, from Monday to Friday.


Zerodha Kite emerges as a powerful and user-friendly trading platform, offering advanced features, seamless functionality, and a range of order types to cater to different trading needs. With its intuitive interface, extensive charting capabilities, and competitive pricing, Zerodha Kite stands out as a top choice for traders in India.

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