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INDmoney: Stocks, Mutual Funds

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In the highly competitive field of financial management apps, INDmoney stands out as a game changer by providing an all-in-one solution targeted to the demands of Indian investors.

INDmoney is India’s premier super money app, with an extensive number of functions designed to assist with tracking, saving, Planning, and investing. 

Why INDmoney? 

 INDmoney is more than just another financial app; it is a unique platform that allows users to manage their funds easily. Here’s why INDmoney is the best option for savvy investors: 

Comprehensive Financial Tracking

 Say goodbye to switching between apps and platforms. INDmoney consolidates all of your finances into a single, user-friendly dashboard, providing you with a comprehensive view of your net worth, expenses, assets, and other details. 

Seamless Investment Management

Whether you’re interested in the Indian stock market or expanding into US companies, INDmoney provides a hassle-free investment experience. Investing has never been easier because of this free investment and demat accounts, paperless KYC, and access to thousands of stocks and ETFs.

Personalised Financial Planning

 INDmoney goes beyond simple tracking and investment. It allows users to plan and fulfil their financial goals accurately. INDmoney offers a variety of tools, like goal calculators and personalised insights, to help you achieve financial success. 

Educational Resources

 Knowledge is power, and INDmoney gives users the skills they need to make educated financial choices. It also keeps users up to date on market trends and offers free learning classes.

Paperless Investing

Users can easily invest in a variety of financial products without the requirement for physical documentation

Financial advise

The app provides personalised financial advise based on the user’s financial goals and risk profile.

Portfolio Tracking: 

INDMoney enables users to monitor their investment portfolio in real time, providing insights into performance and returns.

Pros of INDmoney

  • The chance to monitor all of their finances, including investments, expenses, and goals, through a single dashboard.
  • The app provides access to a wide range of investment choices, such as Indian shares, US stocks, mutual funds, and term deposits, to meet the demands of a variety of investors.
  • Many users find the app’s UI straightforward to use, which improves their overall experience.
  • INDmoney offers free learning courses and personalised insights, allowing consumers to make more informed financial decisions.
  • The app has stringent data security policies and encryption to ensure the safety of users’ sensitive financial information.
  • Despite some criticism, the app’s customer support team aggressively resolves user complaints and feedback.

Cons of INDmoney

  • The app’s user interface, citing imperfections such as numerous region-defining boxes and chaotic information.
  • Several users have reported lags, glitches, and functional concerns, such as command execution delays and page responsiveness problems.
  • Certain functionalities, such as changing SIPs or creating new accounts, are seen as burdensome and require simplicity to improve the user experience.
  • Some customers have reported difficulty withdrawing funds or creating accounts, which has resulted in dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Indian Stocks pricing in INDmoney

Account Opening Fees0
Account Maintenance Charges0
Equity Brokerage of order value or Rs. 20, whichever is lower0.05%  
F&O Brokerage per executed orderRs.20  

INDmoney Investment in Mutual Funds 

 Invest in Zero Commission Direct Plan Mutual Funds online. Easily switch to Direct Plans at no cost and manage SIPs with full control – edit, pause, or cancel anytime. All your SIPs are tracked on a single dashboard for convenience

  1. Access to 5000+ AMCs
  2. Zero Commission Direct Plans
  3. ₹0 Maintenance Cost
  4. No Hidden Charges

INDmoney Investment in the share market

Invest in the Indian stock market with ease, choosing from stocks and ETFs. Track daily gains or losses on a single dashboard. Manage your investments flexibly with our unique SIP in Stocks feature.

  • 5000+ stocks and 165+ ETFs
  • Option to do SIP in Stocks
  • One Dashboard for Daily P&L Tracking
  • Strong Compliance with Financial Regulations

INDmoneyInvestment in US Stocks directly from India

  • Invest in top US stocks from India with as little as ₹100
  • Upto ₹500 cashback on first deposit
  • $0 withdrawal charges
  • Best Forex Rates
  • $0 Account Opening & AMC


Finally, INDmoney emerges as a leader in the financial management app area, providing an extensive collection of services that meet the needs of Indian investors. With the easy integration of financial tracking, investment management, personalised planning tools, and educational resources, INDmoney offers users a comprehensive platform for savvy financial management. Despite some user-reported faults with the user interface, technical challenges, and account creation, INDmoney’s reasonable price, broad investment alternatives, and high compliance with financial rules make it an appealing option for savvy investors wishing to simplify their financial path. 

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