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How to Find Zerodha Support Code in 2023?

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Zerodha Support Code is given to in their account details on the official site or mobile application of Zerodha and it is used for customer authorization and a security check on the platform, therefore knowing your support code is an unsaid rule of the platform but if you are having trouble finding it, follow the steps mentioned in the article.

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What is the Zerodha support code?

Support Code is a security combination given to every demat account owner on the Zerodha platform, and it is a must for contacting Zerodha customer care, moreover, it is like a security code for verifying your identity as their registered customer.

But a lot of people find trouble in finding Zerodha support code, however finding it isn’t a herculean task that requires the blessing of God. Instead, it is just a few clicks away from your account.

How to find the Zerodha support code?

You can find Zerodha on the platform itself, however, as the mode of accession differs, the steps to access it also differ vividly. Here are steps to find it in different interphases.


To find the Zerodha support code on the website-

STEP 1 – Open your login page
STEP 2 – Click on ‘My Profile
STEP 3– View your Zerodha Support Code under the banner of the support code.

Note: This page will be filled with your Private Information regarding your account, therefore don’t ever share the page screenshot.

Kite App

STEP 1 – Open the app

STEP 2- Tab on the User ID section.

STEP 3 – Tab on the Profile section

STEP 4 – Click on Manage Account

STEP 5 – View your support code.


For Zerodha Support Code on Console,

STEP 1 – Visit,

STEP 2 – Log in to your account

STEP 3 – Click on the account icon or option.

STEP 4 – Click on view.

How to Use Zerodha Support Code?

Support code is a must for every customer to connect to Zerodha Customer Care for any assistance from the latter to the former.

For any client calling from an unregistered mobile number to connect customer care must enter the phone number followed by their support code.

For e.g. if your support code is 1234 and your registered mobile number is 9876543210 then when calling from the unregistered mobile number you are asked to enter your registered mobile number with trailing support code, i.e. 98765432101234.

Can I reset my Zerodha Support Code?

Yes, you can, in contrast, it is more simple than finding the code itself.

For resetting the support code,

STEP 1- click on the reset option under the support code on various interfaces of Zerodha (website, app, console),

STEP 2- Select the E-mail or mobile number (where you will get OTP for changing the supporting Code).

STEP 3- After which you will direct to a verification page, enter your OTP there and then click on verify, and

Boom! You have changed your Support Code.

If you are not a user of Zerodha but are convinced by their support code security system, give it a try for your trading activities – Click Here

Additionally, you can also try other platforms for the same purpose such as  Angel One, UpstoxGroww, and Paytm Money, every other platform provides its own advantage to you in different aspects.

If you are more interested in Zerodha, check out the video-

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