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What is AutoTrender in SMC?

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If you’re wondering what exactly is AutoTrender by smc global then you are at right page. In this article will get to know about AutoTrender features, how useful is it? subscription charges and more…

What is SMC AutoTrender?
SMC AutoTrender is a trading tool from SMC Global Securities Ltd. designed to help traders with technical analysis and trend identification. It generates trading signals and delivers real-time market information using advanced algorithms.

SMC AutoTrender supports multiple timeframes, enabling traders to observe trends over various periods. This feature-rich tool offers a comprehensive market overview, facilitating informed and timely trading decisions.

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Who is Founder of SMC AutoTrender ?

Mr. Subhash C Aggarwal and Mr. Mahesh C. Gupta, SMC Group’s co-founders, have guided the company to extraordinary success in the financial services market. Mr. Aggarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, has over 29 years of experience and has led SMC to become a premier diversified financial services firm, receiving awards such as Best Equity Brokerage and Distribution House in India.

Mr. Gupta, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, has over 28 years of expertise and ensures seamless operations through his analytical skills and leadership. Mr. Gupta, a Delhi University graduate and ICAI fellow, is in charge of the Group’s policy, vision, and major activities, which have helped SMC solidify its position as India’s leading brokerage and distribution company.


  • SMC AutoTrender improves decision-making by automating market analysis and insights, resulting in informed trading decisions.
  • It enables traders to evaluate market data and patterns, giving them more confidence in their trading tactics.
  • Traders can uncover relevant trading ideas based on current market patterns, lowering trade risks through data-driven judgments.
  • The software provides alerts and notifications about future market patterns, allowing traders to stay informed and make timely decisions.

How Useful Is It?

SMC AutoTrender is a valuable tool for traders and investors due to its robust features and services. It provides thorough market analysis and well-researched investment recommendations through its in-house research team, enhancing the quality of financial advice.

The platform’s spans of industry experience and reputation for dependability make it a trusted choice for traders. Advanced algorithms aid in identifying market patterns for informed decision-making, and the availability of multiple timeframes allows for a comprehensive analysis of market movements and trading opportunities.

Subscription plans

SMC Autotrend offers both free and paid features to its users with various options of subscription plans.

With New Plan

Plan Duration


Discount %

Offer Price

4 months




8 months




15 months




With Renewal Plan

Plan Duration


Discount %

Offer Price

3 months




6 months




12 months




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In conclusion, SMC AutoTrender is a clever trading tool offered by SMC Global Securities Ltd. It is intended to help traders perform technical analysis and trend detection, allowing them to make informed and fast trading decisions.

The platform’s primary features include an in-house research team that provides data-driven investment advice, decades of industry experience that ensures dependability and trustworthiness, low brokerage rates that appeal to budget-conscious traders, and innovative algorithms for detecting market patterns.

Traders can use several timeframes to observe market movements and locate trading opportunities more effectively. Despite minor flaws such as occasional technical issues and an older platform, SMC AutoTrender is still a useful tool for traders looking for dependable market information and support in their trading activity.

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