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What are the trading platforms offered by Angel One? Angel One Mutual fund

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Looking for reliable info on the Angel One Trading Platforms? Angel One Ltd, a prominent member of BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX, offers 6 diverse tools for investment or trading in equities, derivatives, commodities, currencies, IPOs, mutual funds, ETFs, and life insurance. With a strong emphasis on cutting-edge technology, its platforms include Angel One mobile app, website, Angel SpeedPRO, and Trade Angel One. Additionally, it provides the Angel One ARQ as an advisory tool, Angel Bee app for mutual fund investments, and Angel One SmartAPI for seamless trading and investing.

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Open an account in Angel One. Whether on mobile, desktop, or laptop, clients can effortlessly begin online trading, while benefiting from exceptional trading tools that ensure unparalleled performance. Find out about the top 6 Angel One Trading Platforms to use at the moment.

Table of Contents

Angel One App
Trade Angel One
Angel SpeedPro
Angel Bee
Angel One ARQ
Angel One SmartAPI

Angel One App

It offers a seamless mobile trading experience, allowing users to trade on the go and stay connected to the markets at all times.

This Mobile-based trading app is an algorithm-powered advisory tool for investing in top-performing stocks and mutual funds. With a user-friendly interface, it enables traders and investors to trade globally, access financial assistance, and benefit from innovative features like real-time market coverage, advanced charting, and personalized notifications. The app supports trading in equity, F&O, currency, and commodities, offers instant fund transfers through numerous banks, and allows users to create customized watchlists.

It also provides ARQ-based personalized advisory services, portfolio management, live market data, mutual fund guidance, and in-depth market reports. This Angel One Mobile app empowers users to trade anytime, anywhere while staying informed.

Android users can download it from here.

iOS users can download it from here.

Angel One Trade

This is a web-based online Angel One trading platform that allows clients to conveniently trade through the broker’s website on any supported browser. Trade Angel One is the online trading platform that provides a comprehensive set of features for trading across multiple segments. It offers a full range of trading options, including equity, derivatives, currency, bonds, IPOs, mutual funds, futures & options, and commodities.

The platform’s key features include centralized investment management across multiple segments, real-time portfolio tracking, personalized watch lists, advanced technical charting tools, a stock screener, access to research reports and market data, customizable alerts and notifications, user-friendly interface, model portfolio, online calculators, live market streaming quotes, and the ability to manage multiple accounts with a single login.

Stop Loss, GTT order, Cover order, Bracket order and more – With advanced order pad, You get more than 7 types of orders in one place At “Angel one Trade” web trading platform.

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Angel SpeedPro

Angel SpeedPro is the Angel One desktop trading platform, providing clients with a seamless and comprehensive trading experience. This works like an app on your laptop or PC. The platform can be downloaded from the official website, enabling users to log in and start trading. Angel SpeedPro offers a robust trading experience with advanced charting tools and market insights.

The key features of Angel SpeedPro include 30-day intraday charting with 20 years of historical data, over 70 technical studies, real-time market updates, technical charting for informed trading decisions, detailed information on stock prices, daily gains and losses, and profit and loss on portfolio holdings. Additionally, the platform integrates news updates, research reports, and real-time market trends, allowing users to efficiently monitor their investments and perform mutual fund transactions.

This AngelOne SpeedPro desktop trading App is more efficient than mobile app, so the users who trade seriously and wish to earn regular profits should prefer this over mobile app.

You can easily download Angel SpeedPro from here.

Angel Bee

Angel Bee, the dedicated Angel One mutual fund app, offers investors a convenient platform to invest in and track mutual funds across various categories. With options for both SIP and lumpsum investments, the app eliminates paperwork and provides tailored recommendations. For those interested in mutual fund investments, this user-friendly app has been specifically designed for hassle-free mutual fund transactions.

The key features of the app include a comprehensive range of mutual funds, ELSS funds for tax savings, built-in expense tracking, flexible investment options, ARQ-backed fund recommendations, goal-based calculators, seamless investment and redemption processes, customizable alerts etc. And all of this comes at no charge to the users. yes you heard right, this app is totally free of cost.

In recognition of its excellence, Angel Bee was awarded the “Best Mobile App for Mutual Fund Investment” in 2018 by India BSE.

The most important thing to note that on Angel Bee app Direct mutual funds are available which saves your Additional costs and optimize your returns.

Android users can download it from here.

iOS users can download it from here.

Angel One ARQ

It serves as an invaluable investment advisory tool, providing expert insights and recommendations to aid investors in making informed decisions.

This innovative investment engine leverages machine learning, cognitive technology, and deep industry insights to construct efficient portfolios. This automated advisory tool offers personalized advice tailored to individual investment needs, continuously monitoring and rebalancing portfolios to deliver returns that outperform market indices.

The key features of ARQ include providing index-beating returns, utilizing Model Portfolio Theory for optimal asset allocation based on risk preferences, facilitating investments in high-growth stocks and mutual funds, evaluating portfolio health through the ARQ score, generating favorable returns across market conditions, requiring no minimum investment, demonstrating superior performance through back-testing, and offering free access across all Angel One trading platforms, including the app, SpeedPro, and Trade.

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Angle One SmartAPI

The SmartAPI allows users to execute trades using their preferred programming languages, enhancing trading capabilities and flexibility i.e. it is the way for algo trading on angel one. It is a powerful tool that brings algorithmic trading to retail investors, advisors, and startups. It empowers individuals to enhance their investing capabilities by removing the role of human emotions in trading.

SmartAPI supports five programming languages, enabling users to trade using familiar coding snippets. The key features include the ability to create a personalized trading platform without the need for brokerage licenses, easy sign-up and login for seamless trading, access to historical and live market data within your program, and structured data in JSON format for convenient retrieval and manipulation.

With SmartAPI, algorithmic trading becomes accessible and efficient for all.

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Angel One provides a diverse range of trading platforms that cater to the needs of various investors. With these top 6 platforms, investors can have easy access to cutting-edge technology, reliable market data, expert advice, and a seamless trading/investing experience across various devices. Whether you prefer mobile, online, desktop, or algorithmic trading, this broker has a platform to suit your needs and empower your investment journey.

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