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Paytm Money Review – Features, Pros, Cons and More

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Paytm Money Features

Paytm Money Pros

Paytm Money Cons


A discount brokering firm, Paytm Money is based in India. It was established by a Bengaluru-based company known as Paytm Money Limited in the year 2017. The Paytm brand is now owned by One97 Communications Ltd, of which Paytm Money is a subsidiary. Today, Paytm Money is approved by the RBI as an e-commerce payment system in India. It is registered by SEBI as an Investment Advisor as well as a stockbroker.

It is also a member of NSE, CDSL, and BSE. Initially, the discount brokering firm used to focus on direct mutual fund investments only. However, in the late 2020s, things started to change and get bigger. The firm expanded and included more things in its offerings, including equity trading, a pension scheme, ETFs, IPO investments, and digital gold. It has also recently introduced F&O trading services on its platform, which helped make its investment options more diverse. Here is a complete Paytm Money Review, including its features, pros, cons and more.

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Paytm Money Features

Take a look at some of the most useful features of Paytm Money:

  1. Free Equity Delivery Trading: Paytm Money offers competitive charges for trading, with the added advantage of free Equity Delivery trading. This feature makes it an attractive option for investors looking to minimize transaction costs while investing in stocks for the long term.
  2. Free Mutual Fund Services: It provides free mutual fund services, allowing users to invest and redeem mutual funds without incurring any charges. This zero-fee model enhances accessibility to mutual fund investments, making it easier for investors to build diversified portfolios.
  3. Trading Platform: The Paytm Money trading platform, available on both web and mobile, ensures a seamless trading experience for investors. With robust security measures akin to bank-level data protection, users can trade with confidence, knowing their sensitive information is safeguarded.
  4. Low-Cost Investing: Positioned as a leader in low-cost investing, it boasts a substantial customer base exceeding 60 lakh users as of December 2020. Its commitment to affordability makes investing accessible to a broader demographic, fostering financial inclusion and empowerment.
  5. SEBI Registered Investment Advisor: While Paytm Money refrains from offering stock trading tips or recommendations, it provides advisory services through investment packs comprising 3 to 5 carefully curated mutual funds. This guidance empowers investors to make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals and risk profiles.
  6. Educational Resources and Information: It enriches investors’ knowledge through informative blogs, announcements, and updates on personal finance, capital markets, and product launches. These resources serve to enhance investor awareness and equip them with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.
  7. Fully Online Account Opening Process: Investors can enjoy the convenience of a fully digital account opening process with this broker. This streamlined procedure eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and allows users to complete the entire registration process online, saving time and effort.
  8. Seamless Switch to Direct Mutual Funds: This discount broker offers investors the flexibility to switch from external regular mutual funds to direct mutual funds effortlessly. This feature enables users to optimize their investment returns by reducing intermediary costs and accessing direct plans, which typically have lower expense ratios.

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Paytm Money Pros

Know about some of the topmost advantages of Paytm Money, and how it stands apart from other discount brokers on the market.

  1. Robust Trading Platforms: Paytm Money offers user-friendly and reliable trading platforms that cater to both novice and experienced traders, ensuring a seamless trading experience.
  2. Simple Pricing Model: With a transparent pricing structure, Paytm Money charges a flat Rs 20 per trade as maximum brokerage across all segments, making it cost-effective for traders of all levels.
  3. Instant Digital Account Opening: It provides a hassle-free digital account opening process, allowing investors to start trading quickly and conveniently.
  4. Direct Mutual Fund Platform: Paytm Money’s direct mutual fund platform enables investors to earn an additional 1% returns by investing directly in mutual funds, bypassing intermediaries and associated charges.
  5. Diversified Investment Options: In addition to stocks, derivatives, and mutual funds, Paytm Money offers online investment options in digital gold and NPS (National Pension System), providing investors with a diverse range of investment avenues.
  6. Online IPO Application: Paytm Money facilitates online IPO applications, allowing investors to participate in initial public offerings conveniently through its platform.
  7. Mutual Fund Investment Advisory Services: It offers mutual fund investment advisory services, providing investors with insights and recommendations to make informed investment decisions.
  8. Margin Funding Facility: The broker provides margin funding facilities for Futures and Options (F&O) trading, enabling traders to leverage their positions and potentially amplify their returns.
  9. Advanced Order Types: Paytm Money offers advanced order types such as GTC (Good Till Cancelled), CO (Cover Orders), BO (Bracket Orders), and Basket Orders, allowing traders to execute complex trading strategies efficiently.

Paytm Money Cons

Here are some of the biggest disadvantages of Paytm Money discount brokering firm:

  1. Equity Delivery Brokerage: Unlike some popular brokers such as Zerodha and ProStocks, Paytm Money charges brokerage fees for equity delivery trades. This can add to the overall cost of trading for investors who frequently engage in delivery-based transactions.
  2. Lack of Branch Support: The broker operates primarily as an online platform, which means it lacks physical branch support. While this setup offers convenience for tech-savvy users, investors who prefer face-to-face interactions or require in-person assistance may find this limitation challenging.
  3. Absence of NRI Trading Account: Paytm Money does not offer trading accounts for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). This exclusion can be a significant drawback for individuals residing outside India who wish to invest in the Indian stock market through Paytm Money.
  4. Limited Monthly Trading Plans: Unlike some competitors that offer unlimited monthly trading plans for a fixed fee, it does not currently provide such options. Investors who execute a high volume of trades may find this lack of unlimited trading plans restrictive in terms of cost optimization and flexibility.

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With its user-friendly interface, cost-effective solutions, and comprehensive investment offerings, Paytm Money emerges as a formidable contender in the online brokerage space. It is catering to the diverse needs of investors across the spectrum.

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