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Is Kuvera Legit? An Honest Review Reveals the Truth

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Kuvera offers a comprehensive platform for simplified online investing, catering to various financial needs under one app. The assets of this app include mutual funds, fixed deposits, stock market, Employee Provident Fund and Gold. Kuvera seeks to simplify the investment process by offering features such as direct mutual fund investments from several AMCs, online fixed deposits, stock market trading on NSE and BSE, and tools for tracking Employee Provident Fund and gold investments.

Its financial planning tools enable goal setting, family account management, and smart analytics for better decision-making. The platform focuses on cost reductions by offering zero fee on direct mutual funds, tax-saving solutions such as ELSS funds, and tools such as Tax Harvesting to maximize tax benefits. Kuvera’s focus on data security, SEBI registration, and ISO certification adds trust to its services, offering an easy user interface backed by robust safety measures. Kuvera has established in 2016 .By investing in direct plans on Kuvera, you can earn up to 35% more in 20 years because you never have to pay a commission. For a longer explanation, consider some of the benefits of investing through our website/app. Kuvera has 4.2/5 rating with 13.7k reviews along with more than 1 million downloads.

Features of Kuvera

  • 100% free platform:

One of the main reasons why people believe Kuvera to be the greatest investment platform in India is that there are no charges or fees. Kuvera’s web platform is entirely free to use, with no features hidden behind a paywall. There are no fees, hidden commissions, or AUM-related charges.

  • On your side:

Kuvera encourages you to invest at your own speed and comfort. We help you become your own wealth manager. That’s why we designed an investing experience that eliminates FOMO and pressure. You will not find any “hot tips”. Kuvera is a safe place to invest.

  • Switch to direct plans with Tradesmart.

Regular mutual fund plans can be onerous and costly. But what can you do if you already own one? Kuvera provide Tradesmart, which allows you to switch between direct plans inside the same plan. There is no need to continue paying commissions.

  • Achieve your financial goals:

Everyone has a dream, which may include owning a car, buying a new home, sending children overseas for education, or having enough money after retirement. With Kuvera’s goal-based investment, you, too, can make your goals come true.

  • Chat support

Chat support in website is available for Kuvera where users can clear doubts and explore the knowledge or users can send emails for support@kuvera.in.

  • Improved account management:

Kuvera’s automated tracking feature allows you to quickly track your whole investment portfolio. You can also allow your financial advisor to guide your investing decisions by adding him or her as a manager to your Kuvera account.

  • Manage your family’s accounts:

You can link additional accounts to your login ID, allowing you to manage your family members’ assets.

  • NRI Accounts

Non-Residents can set-up a Kuvera account and invest in Mutual Funds in India

Indian citizens can now invest in US stocks and potentially generate a steady income with no risk compared to the Indian stock market. If you want to start investing in US company stocks, Kuvera is the appropriate platform.

  • Zero Commission

Kuvera is a zero commission online investment platform which allows investors to start SIP within seconds. Algo trading is also available which enables traders to buy and sell shares based on complex algorithms that calculate the relative moving average formula. Intraday trading is the process of buying and selling stocks in the same day before the market closes is accessible in Kuvera.

Pros of Kuvera App

  • This is worth noting that Kuvera with extensive variety of investment options including mutual funds, fixed deposits, US stocks and gold provides an excellent opportunity to users to make diversified investments.
  • Many people appreciate the simple and minimalistic interface which Kuvera has; this makes it easy to navigate through and to manage investments.
  • It includes goal planning tools such as retirement planning or saving for a house in order to enable you set up your finances better.
  • Considering asset allocation, portfolio performance, comparing with peers, among other things, Kuvera helps users make smart investment choices by giving insights.Cons of Kuvera App:
  • There have been numerous reports about the app crashes or slow loading speeds as well as issues related to signing into the application; all these have affected its overall user experience.
  • Delays in responses as well as issues that are not successfully addressed are some of the customer support that has been complained about by some clients regarding Kuvera.
  • Some instances reported include failed transactions or delays while processing them.


Feature Description
US Stocks Investment (trading charges) 0.2% commission per trade (up to $20) for investing in US stocks.
Mutual Funds Investment Invests only in Direct Plans of Mutual Funds, guaranteeing no commissions or hidden charges.

Details of Kuvera

Benefits Details
Save 35% over 20Y with direct MFs Invest in direct mutual funds and save 35% over 20 years with zero commission.
Least tax & exit load on switching or redeeming MFs with TradeSmart Use TradeSmart to minimize taxes and exit loads when switching or redeeming mutual funds.


Kuvera is a unique investment platform which is both comprehensive and user-friendly, offering a variety of financial products and services. Its strong points are about direct mutual fund investments with no brokerage charges, Tax-saving solutions such as ELSS funds, as well as tools like Tax Harvesting that helps in optimizing tax benefits. These include the platform’s focus on cost-cutting, simplified investing experience and goal-oriented approach to investments. However, Kuvera has experienced challenges such as app crashes, slow loading speed and customer support issues that have negatively impacted on its user experience. Despite these limitations though, Kuvera offers vast investment alternatives, tool for setting objectives in the light of investment strategies and insights for making informed choices about one’s investments among other things that make it an attractive option for investors looking for a diversified and efficient place to put their money.

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