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Algo Trading in India: Best Indian Brokers for Algo Trading in 2024

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What is Algo Trading?

Which are the Best Brokers for Algo Trading in India in 2024?

Which is the Best Broker for Algo Trading in India in 2024?


Algo trading, short for algorithmic trading, has revolutionized the way traders interact with financial markets. With the power of automation and sophisticated mathematical models, algo trading allows for the execution of thousands of trades within seconds. To engage in algo trading, you need a reliable broker that offers a robust trading API. Get an idea about the concept of algo trading and list some of the best Indian brokers for algo trading in 2024, based on critical parameters like API subscription charges, platform features, and intraday brokerage rates.

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What is Algo Trading?

Algorithmic trading, commonly known as algo trading, is a method of executing orders using pre-programmed trading instructions or mathematical algorithms. These instructions can be customized to make trading decisions based on various parameters, including time, price, and volume.

Algo traders develop algorithms that are deployed to automatically place buy or sell orders in the financial markets. This approach offers speed and precision, which is essential in today’s fast-paced trading environment.

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Which are the Best Brokers for Algo Trading in India in 2024?

Here is a list of some of the best Indian brokers for algo trading in 2024:

1. ProStocks

ProStocks offers the Prostocks API with its Unlimited Plan, available at a monthly subscription fee of Rs. 999. Traders using this API benefit from a competitive brokerage rate of just Rs. 15 per order.

This is a discount broker in India offering competitive trading and investment services. Its no-frills approach provides cost-effective options for traders and investors who value simplicity.

2. Upstox

Upstox is a tech-driven brokerage platform in India. It offers the Upstox Pro Developer API for algo traders, with a monthly subscription charge of Rs 750. Their brokerage fee is set at Rs 20 per order. This API provides the tools and functionalities needed for traders to create and execute customized algorithms efficiently.

With its competitive pricing and advanced trading tools, the broker caters to both beginners and experienced traders, emphasizing speed and efficiency.

3. Angel One

Angel One, a prominent Indian brokerage, offers a wide array of financial services, including trading, investment, and research. It is known for its extensive network of branches and a robust online platform.

The broker offers the Angel One Smart API, providing algo traders with a valuable tool to enhance their trading experience. What sets Angel One apart is its free trading API, making it an accessible option for those looking to integrate algorithmic trading into their strategies. While the API access is free, the brokerage charge is Rs 20 per order, which is competitive and aligns with the needs of many traders.

4. Fyers

Fyers offers algo traders access to the Fyers API at no additional charge. This Bengaluru-based discount brokerage is known for its transparent pricing and in-house trading tools. It appeals to traders looking for cost-effective options and customizable charting solutions.

With a competitive brokerage fee of Rs 20 per order, Fyers provides a cost-effective solution for those looking to engage in algorithmic trading in India.

5. Zerodha

Zerodha, India’s largest retail brokerage, offers low-cost online trading with innovative tools. Known for its user-friendly platforms, it democratized stock trading by introducing discount brokerage, making it popular among new investors.

A prominent player in the world of algo trading, Zerodha offers the Kite Connect API. It lets traders harness the power of automation. To access this API, traders need to subscribe at a monthly cost of Rs 2,000. Zerodha’s brokerage charge for each order is a competitive Rs 20, making it an attractive choice for those seeking an efficient and cost-effective algo trading platform.

6. Alice Blue

Alice Blue offers algo traders the Alice Blue ANT API, which comes at no additional cost. This broker charges a competitive brokerage fee of Rs 15 per order, making it an attractive option for traders looking to integrate algorithmic trading into their strategies.

An innovative brokerage firm, Alice Blue is reputed for providing technology-driven solutions for trading and investing. It emphasizes low-latency trading, in-depth research, and user-friendly platforms, making it popular among traders.

7. 5paisa

5paisa is a fintech-based discount brokerage offering trading and investment services in India. Its mobile app and low-cost structure attract retail investors, providing an accessible avenue for stock trading. 5paisa provides algo traders with access to the 5Paisa API, providing a cost-effective solution with free trading API charges.

However, it is important to note that they charge Rs 20 per order in brokerage fees, making it essential for traders to evaluate their trading frequency and strategies to ensure cost-effectiveness.

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Which is the Best Broker for Algo Trading in India in 2024?

While all the listed brokers offer algo trading capabilities, ProStocks stands out as the best choice for algo traders in India in 2024. ProStocks offers the Star API at a reasonable subscription fee of just Rs. 999 per month, making it an affordable choice for traders seeking a reliable trading API.

What makes ProStocks even more appealing is its Unlimited Trading Plan, which provides free intraday trading at just Rs. 899 per month. With zero intraday brokerage charges, traders can execute multiple intraday trades across various segments without incurring significant costs.

Additionally, Zerodha and Upstox also provide robust APIs for algo trading, allowing users to develop algorithms in programming languages such as Python, Java, and PHP. These brokers charge a maximum of Rs. 20 per order in brokerage fees for all intraday trades.

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To sum up, the world of algo trading in India offers a variety of choices for traders, and the best broker for you depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Evaluate your needs, consider the API subscription charges, platform functionality, and intraday brokerage charges, and choose the broker that aligns best with your trading strategy. Keep in mind that the world of financial markets is dynamic, and it is essential to stay updated with the latest developments and trends to make informed decisions as an algo trader in 2024. Happy trading!

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