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Angel One brokerage Charges 2024 | Updated Angel one Charges list

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AngelOne is the broker which provides full service broker facility in discount service brokerage charges. Read the article to know the Angel one brokerage charges 2024 in detail.

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About Angel One Broker

Angel One Account Opening Charges

Angel One Brokerage Charges

– Angel One Equity Brokerage Charges

– Angel One Currency Brokerage Charges

Do you wish to learn about the Angel One Brokerage Charges 2024? Established in 1987, Angel One (formerly Angel Broking) is one of India’s oldest and most reputable brokerage firms. It is a registered member of BSE, NSE, and MCX and provides online equity, derivative, commodity, and currency trading services. Additionally, it offers mutual funds, margin trading services, and loans against shares.

About Angel One Broker

Angel One provides clients with personalized mutual fund and stock recommendations through its robotic advisory platform, ARQ, which uses smart algorithms. Additionally, clients can access free stock market advisory and research services, including technical and fundamental research reports, for IPO research, as well as investing and trading ideas. Customer queries are addressed through a dedicated customer care helpline number and email support.

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It has an exceptional in-house trading platform, including a website, mobile app, and desktop software. The desktop trading software, Angel SpeedPro, is one of the best in the industry with portfolio management services, high-speed trading execution, instant market updates and advanced charting functionality. The all-in-one mobile trading app, Angel One App, facilitates trade across segments at your fingertips. Clients can also take advantage of the Angel BEE app, which provides paperless mutual fund investment facilities.

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Angel One Account Opening & AMC Charges

To open an Angel One trading account, there are zero charges. However, Angel One charges an annual maintenance fee (AMC) for maintaining your account (amount is given below). Though this AMC charge starts after one year because AMC is free for first year in Angelone demat account.

For the first year, the Angel One AMC is free. For non-BSDA clients, from the second year onwards, the charges are Rs. 20 + gst per month which equals to 23.6 rupees. For BSDA clients, the charges are as follows:

  • No amc charges for holding value less than Rs. 50,000, if you are not trading in that particular month.
  • Rs. 100 + gst per year, charges monthly, for holding value between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2, 00,000.
  • If the holding value increases more than Rs. 2,00,000 in the demat account then the account will be treated as Non-BSDA account and amc will be charged 23.6 rupees per month as described above.
    • Fund deposit charges – Nil.
  • Auto square off charges – Rs 20 per executed order.
  • Call and trade charges – Rs 20 per executed order.
  • DP Charges- ₹20 + GST per Debit Transaction / ₹50 + GST per Debit Transaction for BSDA Clients
  • Margin funding interest rates – 18% per annum or 0.049% per day Standard Interest rate, charged on the amount borrowed.
  • delayed payment charges / debit balance charges- 0.049% per day.

Angel One Brokerage Charges 2024

Angel One is a full service broker that offers a 2 in 1 account type with a maximum brokerage cap of Rs. 20 per executed order. There are additional charges associated with Angel One’s services. which are clearly and transparently mentioned on Angelone’s official website. There are no hidden charges.

Angel One Equity Brokerage Charges 2024

Angel One equity brokerage charges vary based on the type of transaction. For equity delivery, there is no brokerage charged i.e. equity delivery is absolutely free. for those who are beginners let me explain that if you buy shares long term than it is called delivery which is brokerage free in Angel One. So Angel One becomes a good option for long term investors. Click here to open demat account in Angel One.

For equity intraday brokerage charges are Rs. 20 or 0.03% of transaction value per executed order, whichever is lower. For equity futures, and equity options, the brokerage is a flat rate of Rs. 20 per executed order.

Regulatory charges-

There are 6 types of Regulatory charges which are levied on traders/investors while they buy or sell stocks. These charges are not levied by brokers, in fact one of these go to SEBI, another one goes to Exchange, one goes to Depository, one goes to state govt. and last one to central govt as gst. These charges are almost equal in all demat accounts and only govt can abolish them. brokers do not have much control over these. These charges are as below in angelone –

  1. STT (securities transaction Tax)- 0.1% in equity delivery on both buy and sell side, 0.025% in equity intraday, 0.0125% in futures and 0.0625% in options. STT is charged on sell side only for intraday, futures and options segment. This percentage is calculated on total transaction amount.
  2. SEBI Turnover charges– Rs. 10/crore or 0.0001 % on transaction amount in all segments (delivery, intraday and F&O).
  3. Exchange Transaction Charges– it is charged on both buy and sell side and is different for NSE and BSE because this charges is levied by Exchange. This fee is maximum in case of Options 0.0495 % of transaction amount on both NSE and BSE. for Equity delivery and equity intraday it is around 0.00322% on NSE. (BSE data not available in these two segments). For futures it is zero on BSE and 0.00188% on NSE.
  4. DP Charges– Rs. 20 + gst per scrip sold transaction only in case of delivery segment.
  5. Stamp Duty Charges– It is charges on buy side only and this amount goes to state govt. For Equity delivery it is 0.015%, for intraday it is 0.003%, for futures 0.002% and for options it is 0.003%.
  6. GST– 18% on the sum of brokerage + Exchange transaction charges + SEBI FEE

Angel One Currency Brokerage Charges 2024-

Angel One charges clients for currency trading, which includes various taxes and fees in addition to the brokerage fees. The Angel One charges include brokerage fees for currency futures and options, transaction charges for both, and SEBI turnover charges. The rates are as follows:

  1. Brokerage fee of Flat Rs 20 for Currency Futures
  2. Brokerage fee of Flat Rs 20 for Currency Options
  3. Rs 10 SEBI Turnover Charges per Crore. (0.0001%)
  4. Stamp Duty (on Buy only). Rs. 0.003% stamp duty for options on premium value and 0.0001% on futures transaction amount.
  5. Transaction Charges for Currency futures- check on angelone official website.
  6. Transaction Charges for Currency options- check on angelone official website.
  7. 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the Angel One Brokerage and Transaction charges
  8. No Securities Transaction Tax (STT) applicable in case of currency.

Click here to open demat account in AngelOne.

Angel One Commodity Brokerage Charges 2024

To trade commodities with Angel One, clients must pay the Angel One Commodity Trading Charges, which include all taxes and fees charged in addition to the brokerage fee. The fees and taxes include CTT or commodities transaction taxes, transaction charges, stamp duty, GST and SEBI charges.

Woman checking Angel One Commodity Trading Charges

The following are the charges for Angel One Commodity Trading:

  1. Flat Rs 20 for Angel One Commodity Futures
  2. Flat Rs 20 for Angel One Commodity Options
  3. CTT – for futures 0.01% on the sell side for non – Agri commodities only and for options it is 0.05% on sell side for all types of commodities.
  4. Rs 10 per Crore – SEBI Turnover Charges.
  5. Stamp Duty – 0.002% of transaction amount in futures and 0.003% on premium value in options.
  6. 18% on the Transaction and Brokerage charges – GST.
  7. Additional Risk management fee of 0.01% Only on Agri Commodities (overnight positions) is charges for futures and not applicable in case of options.
  8. for Exchange transaction charges please see official website.

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Angel One, with a maximum flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 across multiple segments, is an ideal broker for serious investors who wish to invest in quality stocks for long term. The platform provides free stocks and IPO research, as well as personalized stock market and mutual funds recommendations through ARQ-powered technology, which is an exclusive service provided by full service brokers only, but the affordable discount serive brokerage charges of Angelone just makes the decision to open an account with it easier for you, right? Click here to open demat account in AngelOne. watch the video if you are confused between angelone and upstox.


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